Ways To Look After Your Smile

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By Steve Barker

malesmileOur teeth are obviously an important part of our bodies, so looking after them is a top concern for most. There are many benefits to a bright smile, aside from just appearance. With the job market more competitive than ever, having good first impressions can be the difference between getting a job and losing it, or between securing a client and losing one. A well looked after set of teeth can help you give the best possible first impression.

A friendly smile is also a benefit if you are looking for love – it is often said that potential partners make a judgment of you within the first 15 seconds of you meeting! We’re not so sure how true that is, but there is probably some merit in the broader point, if you’re looking for love, care for your teeth first! Not least of all, having a healthy mouth can give you a boost of personal confidence by making you feel better about yourself. If you are wondering what you can do to improve your dental health, you’ve come to the right place!

Dental Treatments that Can Enhance Smiles

No matter what your age, you can always do something to improve the health of your smile. Below we look at some of the most common treatments, their benefits, and general information.

● Cosmetic Procedures – These come in a wide variety of options and can be both restorative and purely cosmetic (i.e. there are no underlying problems that need fixing). Treatments like bonding are an attractive solution for those that do not like the gap between their teeth. Cosmetic procedures aren’t only for fixing appearance imperfections, but also to repair the damage done by dental conditions such as gingivitis.

● Teeth whitening – A very popular procedure that can give you a Hollywood smile! One of the most common types of cosmetic dentistry, this is a quick method that gives tremendous results at a cost effective price point. Whitening is an excellent choice if you’re preparing for an interview or trying to impress that special someone!

● Restorative care – Carried out when there has been a severe dental condition like tooth loss. This type of treatment is more common among senior citizens but applies to people of all ages. Typical treatments include dental implants and dentures.

Protect your Smile with Insurance

Dental insurance can save you a lot of money in the case of emergency care for you or your family. At the end of the day, the decision is a financial one which you are best placed to make, but we can advise on some of the pros and cons. One of the biggest advantages is the reduction in cost if you do require emergency dental treatment. An often overlooked factor is that having a dental plan can reduce your financial worries about going to see your dentist, and this means that you get the right advice and care as soon as you develop a problem, rather than putting off a visit to the dentist’s because you are concerned about the cost.

In the long term, putting off any healthcare complaint can seriously impact your long term health outcome and also cost more money than it would have done to get the problem sorted early on. The drawbacks to having dental insurance is that you may never need it but always have to pay for it. Naturally, this is obviously how any insurance works and can be a risky strategy to go without some kind of backup plan. Also, it is essential that you understand the terms of your insurance paying particular attention to what conditions/treatment it covers and any additional charges you may incur. It could be that some treatments aren’t more expensive than on a plan, but this all depends on the nature of the plan you take out. It is because of this reason that we advise you to have a good read and speak to someone with experience to help you make the decision for yourself.

Enjoy Your Smile!

The most important point of this is article is easily summarized: enjoy your smile and maintain a healthy mouth! Don’t suffer with teeth that you aren’t happy with, because life is too short. There are many dental companies out there, exceptionally experienced with hundreds of satisfied customers, such as VSP Dental. Whatever dental treatment you choose, always remember that if you look after your health, it will take care of you!

Tips To Improve Your Smile

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By Dr. Pat Crawford

smileOur body has a number of ways or expressions to communicate and smile is one such expression. When we smile, we flex our facial muscles to convey the message. In most of the cultures smiling is perceived as a positive emotion. Well, we do tend to smile at people because it is believed to increase attractiveness and likability. Some even believe it makes us look younger and attractive. It is worth mentioning that smiles do affect interpersonal cooperation as it is one of the trust building factors. Smiles have the power of setting messed up things in place.

Do people really need to improve the way they smile? Well, study has shown that many people are unhappy with their smile – some may have problems with their teeth (symmetry or color or space) while there are people who are shy of smiling. Many indivduals have missed their goals (personal or professional) owing to bad smile or shy of smiling, which affects their self-confidence.

Listed below are some of the tips to help improve your smile:

1. Maintain oral hygiene
Bad breath or something stuck in your teeth can make you hesitant to smile. Make sure you brush your teeth and tongue regularly. Brushing removes germs and a toothpaste rich in calcium and fluoride helps keep gums and teeth healthy meaning you can smile longer!

2. Flossing
Always keep floss with you as it is very handy in removing food particles hence the germs that feed on them. Floss can reach between your teeth where even a toothbrush is hard to reach. Dentist worldwide recommend that you should make it a regular habit to floss your teeth.

3. Choose healthy diet
Choosing a healthy diet for your teeth and gums is very important. Foods rich in calcium like kale and citrus fruits help in keeping your teeth and gums fit. However, avoiding certain foods like sugary foods is as good as eating a healthy diet. Foods rich in calcium and vitamin C boost health of your gums and teeth while foods too much of sugar content aid in the growth of bacteria thereby resulting in complications. Apart from this, it is also improtant that don’t smoke as smoking leads to bad breath, stained teeth and increases the chances of getting oral cancer.

4. Visiting a dentist
Dentists are the specialists in any case and they can track any deformity or any sign of infection, which may lead to any disease later on. Visiting a dentist every six months is preferred and in case someone is prone to any disease visiting thrice a year is recommended. Dentists can also guide you for your diet with respect to your teeth and gums.

5. Cosmetic procedures
Cosmetic dentistry has advanced remarkably, which has given people many options (effective and proven options) to fix their cosmetic dental problems. Today, people undergo this treatment to correct their crooked teeth , improve their stained teeth, some go for straightening oddly shaped teeth or even close gaps between the teeth.

6. Teeth whitening
Though, over the counter teeth whitening products do not harm your teeth as long as products used are genuine and your teeth are health otherwise but it is better to take advice of your dentist before going for any whitening procedures. This is an easy practice to improve the look of your teeth and hence give you a more attractive and confident smile without spending a lot of money.

These are some of the practical tips that can help you to improve your smile. For the number of benefits a smile has, the above mentioned smile improving tips are worth a shot.

– Pat Crawford is an experienced dentist who gives advice on mouth care, dental implants, and fitness. To get free consultation, visit his web site.