Hearing Loss In Musicians, Not Just Rock And Rollers

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humanearPicture a rock and roll concert, with music blaring out of giant speakers on stage. Now imagine a sophisticated symphony performance. Which group of musicians would be more likely to suffer hearing loss? Surprisingly, it’s classical musicians who may be most at risk, according to an expert at Baylor College of Medicine.

“We don’t generally think of musicians as being at risk for hearing loss,” said Dr. Ross Tonini, an audiologist at Baylor. “Generally, it’s assumed that rock and rollers are at greater risk for hearing loss, but it’s actually classical musicians that have higher rates of noise-induced hearing loss.”

Whether they are in a symphonic orchestra or a marching band, trained musicians over time may begin to suffer from noise-induced hearing loss caused by close proximity to loud instruments. Loud music from almost any part of the orchestra or brass band can cause hearing loss. Increased tinnitus, or ringing in the ears, which may be associated with hearing loss, is reported as a significant occupational hazard for professional musicians, Tonini said.

“The thing that destroys our hearing is prolonged exposure to loud sound,” said Tonini. “As musicians, if we can separate our loud, bring-down-the-house music and intersperse it with softer music in rehearsals, we can give our ears a rest.”

Hearing protection such as ear plugs specially made for musicians are recommended for those who participate in a band or symphony. “These ear plugs filter sound so that musicians are able to hear their music without damage,” said Tonini. “They protect their ears and make the music a little softer so that they can get their ears out of that danger zone, down to a level that is safer for their ears.”

Hearing loss can start in musicians in middle-school and high school who participate in band or orchestra. Tonini suggests that directors and teaching professionals should be more aware of their musicians’ hearing risks and have their musician’s hearing screened.

“From an audiology point of view, we need to be more involved in working with the public schools to provide awareness, and musicians must be mindful that they are at risk for hearing loss,” said Tonini. “Noise induced hearing loss from music is something that is completely preventable. No musician wants to lose their ability to make music because they have lost the ability to hear the music.”

Everlast Climbing Brings Rock Climbing Information To Conference

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groupkidswbgEverlast Climbing provided a climbing wall training for physical educators at the TAHPERD Summer Conference, helping to enhance physical education instruction for Texas students.

The 31st TAHPERD Summer Conference was held at the Embassy Suites Hotel & Conference Center in San Marcos by the Texas Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance (TAHPERD). Professional educators for health, physical education, recreation, and dance from all points in Texas and from grade levels kindergarten through university, gathered to exchange innovative teaching ideas, recent research, and to discuss important issues facing Texas children. The epidemic of childhood obesity continues to be a concern. Conference attendees discussed the latest research showing the more physical fit a student is the better they perform academically, have fewer absences, and are less likely to have discipline problems. Other attendee programs addressed quality instruction, exemplary health and physical education programs, and the new innovations in teaching tools.

The teachers and administrators reaffirmed their dedication to the important task of educating Texas children for the 2015-16 school year. The professional attendees created strategies and exchanged ideas and activities to assure their students would receive quality instruction to build healthy life habits in physical activity and nutrition.

Dr. Debbie Rhea, Associate Dean and Professor at Texas Christian University and President of TAHPERD, unveiled her theme for 2015, “Igniting the Spark.” She explained, “Children lead healthier adult lives when they receive quality physical education, health instruction, and opportunities to be physically active during their school years. The relationship between being physically fit and academic achievement is evident and must be implemented in our schools.”

Jeremiah Neville, Director of Outside Sales for Everlast Climbing was a featured speaker at the two-day event which offered over 70 different presentations. Neville’s education session was entitled “School of Rock…Climbing: How to ‘Rock’ Your Traverse Wall” and provided best-practice protocols and activities for using a horizontal climbing wall in a K-6 physical education program. “Attendees appreciated learning new ways to use their climbing walls to help improve student engagement and fitness levels.” Everlast Climbing provides numerous education sessions every year at state AHPERD/SHAPE America Conventions as part of its quest to improve youth fitness in partnership with physical educators.