Summer Diet Plans For Big Results

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By Michelle George

sunSummer means short shorts, bikinis and lots of skin. The hot weather dictates that you shed the extra layers to stay cool and comfortable. However, for some this also brings dread and thoughts of hiding from the sun. This does not have to be you. There are several healthy eating plans that you can incorporate into your daily routine to shed the extra weight and stay looking great all summer long.

One of the most important things you can do is to stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water, especially if you are spending a lot of time in the sun. Use the following summer diet suggestions to look and feel great for the warm days ahead.

Eat Light

Instead of eating three big, heavy meals focus on lighter selections when you eat. For example, have a yogurt with granola for breakfast, a chicken Cesar salad for lunch and fish or chicken for dinner. This will keep you from packing on extra pounds and help you stay active all summer long.

Revamp your Desserts

While that chocolate molten cake may be tempting, opt for a seasonal selection instead. Take advantage of all the fresh summer fruits and make delicious desserts that will still satisfy your sweet tooth. One example would be to make a strawberry dish with a light whipped topping. You can substitute the ice cream for a frozen yogurt. This is a great way to keep your weight down and enjoy summer favorites.

Focus on Healthy Snacks

Instead of grabbing a handful of greasy potato chips, opt for pita chips or pretzels. There are several healthy options you can choose for summer that will help you keep the weight off. Also try to incorporate several smaller snacks throughout the day instead of three big meals. These smaller meals will help to keep your metabolism up and give you energy to enjoy your summer.

Avoid Alcohol

Sugary alcoholic drinks can quickly lead to dehydration in the summer. They also lead to excessive weight gain. You should avoid all of these drinks is possible and opt for light selections if you just have to have a drink. There are a world of light beers to choose from that can help you beat summer weight gain.

Grill Smart Selections

scaleThere is no doubt that you will be breaking out the grill this summer. Instead of eating fatty hamburgers and hotdogs, opt for healthy turkey franks or turkey burgers. These taste practically the same and save hundreds of unneeded calories that make you fat. The summer is the perfect time to grill, making smart selections can help you keep extra pounds at bay.

Do not Eat Directly before Bedtime

You should eat your last meal or snack at least two to three hours before bedtime. If you choose to eat right before you go to sleep, chances are that you will pack on the pounds fairly quickly. When your body is at rest you do not burn as many calories, which means that they are stored as fat leading to extra layers of fat on your body.

There is no doubt that you will want to spend a lot of time outdoors this summer. However, the hot weather may make you hesitant to wear the skimpy clothes of the season. With the tips found here and diet suggestions you can lose unwanted pounds and ensure that you look and feel great all summer long. Be sure you also implement some type of exercise in your regimen. When you do, it helps to have the right clothing. There are countless Fabletics Coupons to help you save money on your fitness apparel so be sure to take advantage of these.

– Michelle George has been writing for us for several months now, always providing great insight and useful tips for our readers on everything relating to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, keeping active, and staying fit! Don’t forget to check out her author profile to see more of her great contributions to our blog.

How Gardening Can Keep You Fit While Producing Beautiful Results

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By Sarah Smith

motherdaughtergardenDeveloping and sticking to an exercise routine is one of the hardest parts of becoming physically fit. Making that trip to the gym and applying yourself becomes harder to do as your life becomes filled with more responsibilities, which is why many people fail when they try to become fit. These tips comes from Urban Outsource, the gardening experts.

The good news is that there’s one activity that you can perform at your home using a shovel, spade, or pruning tool. You need only have the patience and the mindset to become a gardener to enjoy the fruits of your labors.

Why Does Gardening Aligns with Physical Fitness?

Gardening is an accessible, enjoyable activity that produces tangible benefits that you and everyone whom views your garden can enjoy.

The reason garden care aligns so well with trying to become physically fit is that gardening is physically demanding in the first place. You’re working with the dirt, moving it, planting sprouts and seeds, and doing every other activity that goes along with building and maintaining a beautiful masterpiece.

Even when you go to clean up your tools, you’re still burning a good amount of calories. It only takes a few changes to make your gardening experience a few degrees more intense to begin burning just as many calories as light to moderate cardiovascular exercise might.

Getting into the Exercise of Gardening

Becoming a gardener is one thing, but moving a fond activity to become one that burns serious calories is a slightly different thing.

healthillustratedThe first thing you need to do with your gardening to turn it into an aerobic exercise is to begin by stretching. You need to go through the same stretching that you would in the gym to promote blood flow, to raise your metabolic rate, and, above all else, to minimize your chance of accidental injury.

You’ll then need to start with the typical garden maintenance activities you’re already familiar with. The only difference is that you should greatly exaggerate your movements while you care for your garden.

For example, take an activity that’s as simple as digging. You should make your motions wider while placing a greater emphasis on lifting the shovel higher or making your movements more explosive. The idea is to burn extra calories by making your gardening more active.

Digging the same foot-deep hole, covering it up, then digging it up again is a practice known as double-digging. The beauty of this is that it aerates the soil, which helps your plants while giving you an incredible workout.

An important principle to keep in mind is that your gardening workout should be structured. You only want to spend 30 minutes or so doing aerobic gardening before you take a break

When you’re ready for clean up, take the time to wind down while you perform maintenance on your gardening tools. Appreciate what you’ve done for both your garden and your own body by being active.

As time progresses, you’ll end up with a beautiful garden and a physically fit body by enjoying your role as an aerobic gardener.

10 Ways To Boost Race Results When Training In A Polar Vortex

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jogsnowWith resolution time scheduled right in the middle of an annual deep freeze, we’re really not setting ourselves up for success—at least when it comes to popular fitness aspirations like running a marathon or triathlon. Right as we’re most motivated to hit the ground running, the ground’s suddenly covered in a foot of snow. But, short of switching our goal-setting holiday to Arbor Day, there is actually a solid list of training tactics you can employ indoors that go miles towards improving power, speed, and allover race performance, says Joel Ramirez, director of the Bay Club Company’s BreakAway Performance program. And no, they’re not all about spending mind-numbing hours on the hamster wheel.

With its first Pro Lab now open at Bay Club San Francisco, the race training program headed by Ramirez offers coaching and strategies to clients looking to take their swimming, biking or running performance to the next level. (Lucky for them, BreakAway’s recent acquisition by the Bay Club family of active lifestyle resorts means that athletes and beginners alike can take advantage of this elite-caliber training from the comfort of a full-service club, with amenities ranging from childcare to spa to wine club.) Here are Ramirez’s top ten tips for coming out of blizzard season on track to achieve a PR:

1. Keep off the ice. Unless you’re cross-training in skates. Running or biking in poor conditions isn’t hardcore; it’s just a good way to fall and sideline yourself from the spring race you already registered for. Yes, this is the one tip telling you to hit the treadmill or stationary bike. Try a set of 10 x 400 intervals; intervals train the body to buffer lactic acid, improving recovery times. Make sure to rest adequately between sets.

2. Hire a coach. “Even if you think you know everything, a trained set of eyes can find hidden opportunities for improvement,” says Ramirez. A good coach will make sure you train your weaknesses and race your strengths. Plus, you can do your initial consultation and diagnostic sessions from the cozy warmth of the gym.

3. Establish a baseline. Speaking of diagnostics, they’re not just for congratulating yourself upon looking back at how far you’ve come. A coach will use them to determine the optimal steady-as-she-goes program for you to achieve the results you want. Winter training is a critical time to rack up base mileage in order to build a solid foundation from which you can later build up your speed without injuries.

4. Plan your attack. Work canceled? A snow day is the perfect time to hammer out your macro cycle program—that is, your master training plan for the year. Include several preliminary races (your “B” and “C” events) before the big one and plan out your season so that you peak just at the right time for your “A” race.

womanweights5. Pump you up. Contrary to the stereotype of the muscle-bound lunk who can barely move, strength-training actually boosts horsepower and quickness in racers. Just twenty minutes of strength training a couple days a week will develop the fast-twitch type 2 muscle fiber you need to shave minutes off your PR.

6. Bend it like Buddha. Yoga (especially “power yoga”) improves flexibility, stabilization and range of motion, which are crucial for proper swim, bike and run biomechanics. And, it’s done in a toasty studio.

7. Cross the aisle. To the rowing machines. Cross-training with different cardio, kickboxing, racquetball—whatever—can help keep fitness levels up in the off-season and and burnout levels low. “Olympians and professionals do it; so should you!” says Ramirez. Polar vortex bonus: Shoveling snow works in a pinch.

8. Find Zen (or just the art of cycle maintenance). Plug in a space heater in the garage and bone up on bike mechanics so you’re not caught with your spandex down during the race. “What good is a super-fast swim-to-bike transition if rubbing brakes are robbing time?” says Ramirez.

9. Preheat your kitchen. It’s all too common to gain weight during the off season, especially if you follow every training session with enough food to feed the Olympic village. Higher-end health clubs may have an on-staff nutritionist (as the Bay Club does) who can help you design an eating plan focused on losing weight if appropriate and maximizing your power-to-weight ratio.

10. Take a load off. Don’t wait till you literally cannot get to the gym (because your car is still on the interstate where you abandoned it during an ice storm) to take a break. Regular rest days are absolutely required for progressing in your sport. Recovery periods are when muscles repair themselves and grow stronger. So kick off your sneaks, make some cocoa, tune in to the round-the-clock weather coverage…and know you’re right on task with your training goals.

About The Bay Club Company

Founded in 1977, The Bay Club Company (formerly Western Athletic Clubs) owns and operates six regional campuses from Marin County to San Diego, The Bay Club Company provides its members with the finest quality active lifestyle experiences. For 35 years, the Company has maintained the highest standards of professional service, earning a reputation as one of the leading private club companies in the United States. The Company employs approximately 2,000 people and is headquartered in San Francisco, California. For more information, visit

A Guide To The Use Of Chinese Herbs For Effective Results And Treatment Of The Disease

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By Lauren Hill

herbThe use of herbs for treatment has become the most demanded form of treatment today. A large number of people go for herbs and plants for treating all kinds of illnesses ranging from mild ones to severe fatal ones. These people confide in this form of treatment for all times. They are entirely devoted to this form of treatment, and they have the patience and courage to go through the slow but effective process and come out of it. Most importantly it is the importance given to the herbs in the health industry that is more astonishing. All over the world they are accepted by various cultures and religions. So now why are the herbs, an extremely small abundantly found element, so important in this industry? How are herbs used for different ailments?

How did the herbs change the face of the earth?

Herbs are used for medicinal purposes in every culture of the world. They have a deep-rooted history in every culture. There are different types of herbs used for treating ailments. All cultures have their own herbs and plants that are used for treating diseases in the same culture. These herbs were identified and its uses were listed in the century when man made his first step in the medical field. Even when people all over the world started using alternative methods of treatment and medicines, herbs have always existed in the field. Though the significance given to herbs diminished over the years, their uses and benefits remained the same in their cultures. With the turn of the century, more diseases have come to light. This called for the use of all kinds of treatments and medicines. This is when the use and importance of herbs came back into the limelight.

How are the herbs used?

healthywordsBy using herbs for the treatment of ailments, one includes the employment of various seeds, berries, roots, bark, leaves and flowers of different medicinal plants. Every part of the medicinal plants has various different purposes. Each country and geographic region has its own unique type of herbs which have immense benefits and are specialized in treating various ailments, which have few or no other cures. One among these regional herbs used for medicinal purposes are the herbs used in the Chinese communities. These herbs are used to create a balance and repair and support the immune system. The immune system is strengthened, and the disease is encountered and neutralized.

Using the herbs:

These herbs are not only used to treat a particular ailment, but also to create a balance of energy and body which has its own effect on the diseases. There are hundreds of remedies that uses these herbs. These herbs need to be used under the guidance of a trained person or a professional. Medicines are extracted from the herbs that go through several processes. These Medicines need to be taken with care and caution. There is a systematic method to take the medicines. The medicines prove best and effective when taken under the guidelines. There are specific diets that need to be followed while taking the medicines. Another important criterion for taking up the treatment is the adoption of a disciplined lifestyle.

Chinese herbs provide treatment for various fatal diseases and various long standing health issues as well. They have very minimal side-effects and significant positive impacts. These herbs need to be used by following guidelines for the required effect and to avoid reverse impact. The herbs have their own way of treating the diseases and so needs to be taken up in the prescribed format.

– This article written by Lauren Hill who shops at Solstice Medicine, considered one of the most reliable and successful Chinese herbal supplement distributors in the world.