Four Ways That Watching TV Can Kill You Prematurely

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By Dr. Michael Wald

familytv1. The average American wastes years in the seated position. This can lead to increased death risk from heart attack and stroke. People should be mindful of standing periodically when watching TV; doing jumping jacks; push-ups; sit ups; stationary bike – anything that promotes circulation and involves increasing ones heart rate.

2. Sitting increases the risk of developing clots in the legs called deep vein thrombosis or DVTs – a condition that can result in death of lung tissue (pulmonary infarction), cerebral stroke and death. While sitting raising ones heels off the floor (both feet), either at the same or alternately, promotes venous drainage of blood in the feet and legs improving blood flow towards the heart; sluggish or pooled blood in the lower extremities can cause blood to coagulate (stick) forming clots (DVTs). These clots then can go to the heart, lungs and brain and cause life threatening health problems. Sitting with the feet elevated also decreases the risk of developing potentially deadly DVTs.

3. Sitting also promotes weight gain from a slowed metabolism. If one must sit, raising the arms above head alternately, or each arm one at a time, will speed up metabolic rate, burn calories and reduce all causes of premature morbidity and mortality. Sedentary living leads to increased cardiovascular risk; loss of muscle mass and tone; fat and water retention and even memory loss just to name a few hazards.

scale4. Prolonged sitting while watching TV promotes weight gain associated with increased cholesterol and triglyceride levels by increasing insulin levels. Hyperinsulinemia is a major cause of cardiovascular disease when associated with blood sugar problems. Eventually, prolonged inactivity such as TV watching will fatigue the ability of the pancreas to produce insulin, causing hypoinsulinemia (low insulin levels). This raises blood sugar and causes diabetes. Diabetes is a leading cause of death and disability in the United States.

– Dr. Michael Wald, aka The Blood Detective, is the director of nutritional services at Integrated Medicine of Mount Kisco, located in Westchester New York. He has appeared on ABC World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer, Channel 11 PIX, Channel 12 News, CNN, The Food Network and other media outlets. Dr. Wald earned the name Blood Detective for his reputation to find problems that are often missed by other doctors. He earned an MD degree, is a doctor of chiropractic and a certified dietician-nutritionist. He is also double-board certified in nutrition. He has published over a dozen books with three additional titles due for release late 2013 including: Frankenfoods – Genetically Modified Foods: Controversies, Lies & Your Health and Gluten-A-Holic: How to Live Gluten Free and the Blood Detective’s Longevity Secrets. Dr. Wald can be reached at: or or by calling: 914-242-8844.