Children’s Hunger Fund Reports Over 22 Million Meals Distributed To Children

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applevectorsmallChildren’s Hunger Fund reports that in 2014 they delivered over 22 million meals to hungry kids in the US and around the world – a new record in the charity’s 24-year history. Not content with that record breaking number, Children’s Hunger Fund has launched a new initiative, ‘Think Inside the Box” which aims to deliver 25 million meals to suffering families in 2015.

“We are so grateful to our supporters, corporate donors, churches, and volunteers who enabled us to distribute such an extraordinary amount of meals to children in crisis. We are humbled by their generosity and sacrifice,” says Dave Phillips, President and Founder of Children’s Hunger Fund.

Children’s Hunger Fund uses a unique method of distribution to get the food and other aid to hurting families. The Food Pak box contains about 20 pounds of non-perishable food, which will create about 48 meals for a family. This food is packed by volunteers (over 25,000 in 2014) who serve at Children’s Hunger Fund’s Distribution Centers in Los Angeles, San Antonio, and Chicago. Food Pak boxes are then hand delivered to needy families by trained volunteers from churches within the families’ own communities, both in the U.S. and in cities around the world.

Children’s Hunger Fund calls the initiative ‘Think Inside the Box’ because food is not the only component found inside the box. Intangibles like hope, love and faith are the built-in components that lead to change lives.

“One aspect of ‘Think Inside the Box’ that I find compelling is that a meal can be sent for only 25 cents,” continues Dave Phillips. “This creates an easy opportunity for American kids and families to reach out and help hungry children. Just 1 dollar sends 4 meals ”

For almost 25 years, Children’s Hunger Fund has delivered over $1 billion in food and other aid to kids across America and around the world. This is done with a lifetime average of 99% efficiency because of corporate donors and willing volunteers.

More information and how to get involved is available at

About Children’s Hunger Fund

Children’s Hunger Fund was founded 24 years ago in Los Angeles to serve needy children. Since then, 99% of total contributions—over 1 billion dollars in food and other aid—has been distributed through programs serving more than 20 million children across America and 72 countries around the world. Over 25,000 volunteers are utilized each year to maximize their reach and impact while minimizing overhead. Children’s Hunger Fund strives to operate with total financial integrity and efficiency and is listed by, and as one of the most cost-effective charities in the nation. More info can be found at

How To Improve Your Control Over Troubled Teens

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By Katrin Deres

teensAdolescence is considered to be a time of both discovery and disorientation. An average child goes through a lot of physiological and psychological changes as he journeys through teenage years. Oftentimes adolescents go through serious problems owing to certain internal or external pressures, which may take the form of poverty, parental issues, failed relationships, bullying, child abuse, pornography addiction, teenage pregnancies or drugs. Parents are mostly unable to appreciate the mental anguish their child might be going through. This is mostly because after entering teenage, children hardly share any of their personal issues with their parents, fearing possible consequences or their parents’ inability to understand their situation.

All kids, teenagers especially, deserve a certain level of privacy, and parents need to appreciate this when dealing with their children’s problems. Many a time children seek independence, while parents demand obedience, which can lead to serious consequences including verbal abuse and even violence. This is a difficult and emotionally traumatizing situation for both of them, especially the parents since they find themselves responsible for their shortcomings in raising their children.

Finding the cause

Instead of fretting over it and not doing something about it, try to find out the reason for this abnormal behavior of your child. Take him/her out for a walk or to a restaurant and try to bring up the subject. Be frank with your kids. Is he/she tense about academics, being bullied at school, having a fight with his/her best friend, mourning over a lost crush, keeping bad companies, etc? Do not be alarmed by your child’s response if it is in the affirmative or if he/she simply refuses to accept that something is amiss. As parents you need to be extra patient and forbearing.

You need to be there for your kids when they are going through troubling times, and do your best to help them find a way out. Teenage is a time when kids start to feel like grown-ups and in some instances might go out of the way to prove that they are. By reprimanding them for not taking care of their own affairs, you will only be provoking them into such immature behavior.
How to deal with it

girlapple• Try to counsel your children yourself, by taking the help of a relative whom your kids trust, or by referring to a specialist. You may also try to approach your child’s friends and ask them about whatever issue he/she is going through.

• Let your children know you love them and their happiness is more important to you than anything else. Make them realize you are only trying to help them out.

• Try to look for some healthy pastimes for your child, like going to a library, joining a sports club or gym, doing some social work etc.

• Praise them for their achievements, be it academic success or helping with household chores. Let them feel appreciated and not give them the chance to complain about their deeds going uncredited.

• To keep an eye on your child in order to ensure he/she is not taking part in suspicious activities, keeping bad companies or associating with potentially dangerous people, install some spyware like mSpy on his/her cell phone and keep track of his call logs, text messages, internet usage, and where he/she likes to hang out. If you sense anything noteworthy that is out of the ordinary, try to talk to your child by approaching the subject indirectly, without revealing the presence of your spy software (that could lead to more trouble). Having your child voice his own concerns to you is the best way to deal with it, instead of having a direct confrontation.

– Katrin has two years experience in blogging. Writes mainly about mobile spy software such as mSpy and cell phone security features. She has been contributor to many magazines and blogs.

Conquering The Cookie Jar: Mind Over Munchies

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By Kac Young Ph.D, ND, DCH’ve had a stressful day. You’re anxious about tomorrow. You just had words with a friend or a spouse. Your desk is piled high with “to do’s.” You’re feeling tired. There doesn’t seem to be a light at the end of your tunnel. What do you do? Instead of reaching for the candy box or the cookie jar make a different decision. Whatever you decide in this moment will show up as a positive or a negative on your body.

Comfort food will not change the situation. Only management and delegation will reduce your stress. Here are seven tips for coping with the stresses of your day without overeating or indulging in bad food choices.

1) Think before you drink. Your challenges will still be there after the drink. Choose seltzer, water or iced tea instead of something with side effects that could prolong your anxieties or even worsen them.

2) Hydrate all day long. Drink plenty of water and you will find your urges for fats, salt and sweets are less when you are satiated with water.

3) Just a taste is your secret key. If you crave sweets, then have “just a taste” and don’t eat the whole slice of cake or pie. Eat is slowly, savor it and then put it away. One taste is all you really need to satisfy most cravings.

4) Employ mindful munching in the form of nuts (unsalted), dried fruits, whole grains and veggies. Snack frequently. This keeps your blood sugar even and balanced throughout the day helping to quell those surges of insulin that crash and create cravings.

5) Watch your portions. Serve your food on smaller plates and reduce your helpings to save calories and extra weight gain. Eat slowly to appreciate the flavors and textures.


6) Silence temptation and mute your commercials. So many ads on television feature ooey-gooey, sauce-dripping food items that bubble and sizzle in front of your eyes. This is temptation on a stick. Mute the sound and you’ll be less likely to phone out for a pizza.

7) Take a hike. Instead of sitting down in front of the TV with a box of Oreos, take a walk. Hike around the block at a brisk pace and by the time you get back you’ll have forgotten about the cookies and grab a nice glass of water instead.

There are many alternative ideas for your health and for your snacks that you can choose. See what we have for you at Heart .

– Kac Young , a former television director and producer, has earned a Ph.D. in Natural Health and is a Doctor of both Clinical Hypnotherapy and Naturopathy. She is the author of 10 books. Heart Easy is a system of nutritionally sound, delicious meals that promote heart health, long life and taste great. Traditional recipes are turned into heart healthy meals that anyone can make. The health results are outstanding.