Top 6 Super Foods For New Mothers

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By Mike Chapman

pregnantSummary: Congratulations to the new mommies there! While you have entered the new phase of life, with your happiness, you responsibilities have multiplied to a great number. Now you need to be very careful with everything, especially with your diet. Let’s find out what kind of super-food can make you feel better and healthy.

Hope you are enjoying this time. You have just brought a new life in the world and now most of your time goes with him. Your world revolves around the little baby and this at times leaves you wondering where your energy and time fly away. It is something what every new mom worries about. If you are also in the same dilemma, what to have and what not to, for increased energy level, here is the solution.

Have a look at the 5 super-food which can do wonder to your and the baby’s health together. Check out:

1. High-fiber cereal: The new mothers make sure you take a bowl at breakfast daily. This will surely satisfy your hunger and prevent you from a common problem in new moms, i.e. constipation. Due to breastfeeding hormones, the process of intestines slows down. You can take any general multi-bran cereals along with a dollop of low-fat yogurt. This combination serves your body with the right amount of calcium. Also you get probiotics (a good bacteria), which aid your digestive system.

2. Eggs: This one is a boon for the moms who really worry a lot about their post pregnancy weight. Having eggs in your daily diet helps you to shed baby weight. You can add it to breakfast and then you can cut down the high calories for rest of the day. Do you know that a single egg has 5 or 6 grams of filling protein approximately? Thus, it will stop those munchies you are forced to have after few hours. Along this, eggs are known to be one of nature’s best sources of choline. As all nutrients are passed to your infant through the breast milk, this will be greatly helpful in building the memory center of a baby’s brain.

3. Salmon: It has been known for its amazing nutritional value. Containing a high amount of a fat, docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), salmon helps in development of your newborn’s nervous system. It is a rich source of protein and vitamin B12. Thus, it will prevent you from postpartum depression. You can add two main servings of salmon in a week. In addition, add wild and fresh salmon rather than the frozen one.

4. Brown Rice: You are in love with the rice. No problem, but you need to switch to the brown option. These are healthy whole-grain carbohydrates, and are something very important for all new mothers. Include them to your diet as it helps you keep your energy level high and make your blood sugar level consistent. As compared to white rice, it has more fiber and other essential nutrients which help in increasing the breast milk supply and quality.

5. Nuts and seeds: Packed with high nutrition, they serve as a great source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, protein, fiber, and monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. You need to add them to your daily need. It will protect you from heart diseases. Also it works as an anti-aging agent, which is highly useful for your skin. Always keep a handful of almonds or an apple with almond butter with you.

fruitswhite6. Blueberries: New mothers need to add blueberries to their diet. Being a rich agent of antioxidants, these fruits help you to destroy the free radicals. It is beneficial for you and your baby, and protects you both from several diseases. Having vitamins and minerals in abundance, a nursing mother needs healthy dose of carbohydrates and blueberries are the most apt food. You can include two or more servings of the juicy berries daily.

Consuming them in the right amount will get the energy to look after your newborn and also help you retain your figure back. Isn’t that all you have been looking for!

Mike Chapman is Health and fitness consultant associated with Dr. Scabies providing professional advice to seekers on dermal issues. He is also passionate about writing on Health, Fitness and Natural remedies. He love to shares his experience in his words with online followers, visitors and friends.

How New Tech Is Changing Dental Care For The Better

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toothbrushpasteThe world of dentistry is changing fast and it’s in no small part due to new advancements in technologies. Patients and dentists alike are seeing real advantages with new dental tech. Here are some of the best new dental technologies changing oral care.

1. Tooth brush

Finding the right toothbrush is the first step to good oral care. The tooth brush has been around for almost a hundred years. While most toothbrushes resemble the original design, some have made real advancements. Today’s dental experts recommend using an electric tooth brush. Electric toothbrushes come in a wide array of choices and price points. Some have basic electric oscillation, while advanced brushes add additional vibration, and rotation.

Some of the best electric tooth brushes are loaded with options like, settings for sensitive teeth, gum massaging and extra whitening capabilities. Some have pressure sensors which alert the user to overly hard brushing, while others even have built-in sensors which let you know when it’s time to replace the brush head. Most come with chargers to ensure your brush is fully powered and ready to go even when on the go.

Prices can vary from a few dollars to over a hundred dollars. This may sound like a lot for a toothbrush but the costs can even-out over the life of the brush, as most electric brushes last longer than other traditional brushes. Be sure to consult with your dentist on which toothbrush is best for you.

2. Laser Dentistry:

Nothing sounds more futuristic than lasers. While it might seem crazy to imagine lasers and oral care in the same sentence, laser tech is changing dental care for the better. Dental laser tech is proving to be more efficient for both the patient and the doctor. Laser tech is helping to eliminate oral discomfort in many procedures which were traditionally long and painful. Lasers are being used to help fill cavities, mitigate tooth sensitivity, whiten teeth, and even remove oral tumors.

The process is proving to be really fast, reducing patient care time. This is good for both the patient and the doctor. Laser care is not only faster but nearly painless, which is a very good thing. Laser tech is also very good at eliminating all forms of bacteria, which is the leading cause of plaque, tarter, and dental complications. Laser treatment is ensuring patients avoid future problems and keeping patients’ teeth and mouths clean and healthy for longer periods of time.

3. Digital solutions and online support:

The world of dentistry is going digital. Dentists and patients are seeing digital tech driving the industry and making oral care simple and effective. Online resources are allowing easy communication between doctor and patient.

New digital dental practice solutions are helping doctors reach patients through automated systems over email and cell phones for updates, reminders and more. Solutionreach, a leading voice in dental practice solutions, writes that digital platforms increase revenue and reduce cost. These new tech systems are allowing more efficient doctor/patient communication through, patient outreach, automated reminders, unlimited custom messaging, and built-in appointment confirmation. Digital solutions can make the hassle of scheduling appointments much easier. Online support systems are making it easier for doctors and patients alike.

tooth4. Intraoral Cameras:

This new dental tech is allowing doctors and patients the ability to better see, in real time, what’s going on inside the mouth. This camera resembles a wand-like device that can take images from inside the mouth and project them onto a screen that can be seen by both the doctor and the patient. These images can show fractured teeth, gum disease, broken fixes and damaged fillings.

This new tech is allowing doctors to better assist potential problems and gives the patient the ability to see for themselves any potential issues. This means the doctor can see the problem first hand taking the guess work away from the solutions and treatment options. These images are so good they can even be used as documentation for insurance claims meaning more patients are ensured better and more reliable insurance coverages.

5. Air Abrasion:

Air abrasion is a fast and painless way to remove tooth decay and/or prepare a tooth for a fixing procedure. Using compressed air to gently blast teeth with aluminum oxide for better cleaning and preparation of the tooth surface. The procedure is fast a relatively painless and can be done without the use of anesthesia.

This is a great new option for patients who dislike needles, the sound of the drill, or tooth vibration. While this procedure cannot be used for every issue it can be used in many situations that previously required more painful treatments. Air abrasion means less pain, less fear, and better oral health.

– Submitted by Katherine Smith

Children Reach New Heights With Adaptive Climbing Walls

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Adaptive climbing walls help children of all abilities improve physical fitness and feel successful.

kidsjumpingAn Everlast Climbing Adaptive Climbing Wall was installed at Lincoln Elementary School in Pryor, Okla. to enable students in the special education program to conquer the climbing wall right alongside their typically developing classmates.

“We felt we needed to do it for our students in special education so they could feel that they could do things all the other children do,” says Laura Holloway, physical education teacher and director of health and wellness for the Pryor School District. “When they see themselves going across it, in their minds, they are just as equal as everyone else.”

“Seeing those students do an activity they might not normally get to partake in is really great,” she adds. “The children feel that success and tell their teacher they did it with smiles on their faces. They want to do it again and again.”

The Adaptive Climbing Wall features grab-bar style hand holds and ledge-style foot holds to provide stability and extra support for children with physical disabilities. The wall also features other color-coded Groperz hand holds designed just for children that offer additional variety and levels of challenge. Green climbing holds are the largest and easiest to grab. The yellow holds are a little harder and the red holds are the smallest and most challenging. The climbing wall also has a dry-erase surface that can be written on and accepts magnets to provide learning opportunities for children with cognitive or communicative disabilities.

“Our Adaptive Climbing Wall is perfect for adapted or inclusive physical education, occupational therapy and physical therapy because it provides opportunities to simultaneously develop muscle strength, balance, body awareness, motor planning and more,” said Mertyce Mrvos, Coordinator of Programs & Partnerships for Everlast Climbing. “And it’s also really fun, so children want to do it. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.”

At Lincoln Elementary School, students in pre-kindergarten through sixth grade use the Adaptive Climbing Wall during physical education classes, working on improving balance and decision-making and building upper body strength and self-esteem.

“There’s a lot more to it than climbing,” says Holloway. “It’s as much a brain challenge as it is anything else. You have to process things as you are going across, like which rocks would be better to grab. You can also have your students do math, or make sentences, as they’re climbing across.”

One of the school’s goals is to use the wall, which was purchased through a federal Carol M. White Physical Education Program grant, for an after-school climbing club.

“I think it reaches kids that don’t always find their place,” she says. “Maybe they’re not your sports kid, or your band kid. A child who is not connected to anything else can feel success in doing this.”

The Adaptive Climbing Wall at The Pediatric Place in Libertyville, Ill., adds an element of fun for children receiving physical, occupational and speech therapy, according to Myla Teemer, PT, clinic director.

“It’s something different. It does not look like exercise,” Teemer says.

The Pediatric Place serves children with neurologic and orthopedic conditions, sensory disorders and fine motor deficits, speech and language disorders, and feeding disorders. Many have coordination deficits and muscle weakness.

groupkids“There are a lot of benefits to the wall: Strengthening, increasing range of movement, enhancing motor planning, improving body awareness,” Teemer says.

Teemer added that the size of the wall make it less intimidating for children at the clinic, most of whom are 6 years old and younger. The wall measures 8 feet by 8 feet.

“We have a few kids that are either weak, have low tone, or have postural insecurities that meant in the beginning it was a whole clinic production for them to climb the wall. We had to call the parents and or another therapist for added reassurance,” she notes. “So we asked the kids to just do the first level of rocks and start from there. It seems like when they complete that first level, they gain confidence and are more willing to complete to the top.”

For added incentive, therapists often put toys or other treats on the top climbing holds for children to retrieve.

“They have big smiles on their faces, especially when they reach the top,” Teemer says. “Parents almost always take pictures or video of the kids while climbing or when they reach the top.”

New Menu Labeling Regulations By FDA Are A Huge Step In Calorie Awareness

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scaleThe U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has finalized ruling requiring that calorie information be listed on menus and menu boards in chain restaurants, a ruling that will provide consumers with the information they need to make smart decisions for themselves and their families.

This FDA ruling is the next step in the long-awaited implementation of the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’s national requirement for all restaurant-type chains of 20 or more establishments to clearly post the calorie information for each standard item on their menus or menu board.

The FDA’s menu labeling initiative is in line with the thinking of Catherine Jones, award-winning cookbook author and chef, and Elaine Trujillo, MS, RDN, nutritionist, who are the authors of The Calories In, Calories Out Cookbook. “We believe that providing accurate nutrition information to consumers who are interested in weight management can have a powerful effect on food selection and is a step in the right direction for overall calorie balance,” said Jones and Trujillo.

Calorie information will be required to be posted in restaurants and similar retail food establishments if they are part of a chain of 20 or more locations, doing business under the same name, offering for sale substantially the same menu items and offering for sale restaurant-type food.

The ruling comes in light of the fact that Americans eat and drink about one-third of their calories away from home. Making calorie information available will help consumers make informed choices for themselves and their families.

Restaurant-type establishments selling prepared foods for immediate consumption, such as movie theaters, bowling alleys, convenience stores and grocery stores also will be required to comply with these new guidelines. “If we can influence Americans when they are choosing popcorn at the movie theater or a sundae from an ice cream store, we can potentially make great strides in fighting obesity,” says Trujillo.

The posting of calorie information for standard menu items on menus and menu boards will be required, in addition to a succinct statement about suggested daily caloric intake. Other calorie information, such as total calories, calories from fat, total fat, saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, sodium, total carbohydrates, fiber, sugars, and protein, will have to be made available on request.

CATHERINE JONES is the award-winning author or coauthor of numerous cookbooks including The Calories In, Calories Out Cookbook, Eating for Pregnancy, and Eating for Lower Cholesterol. She is the co-founder of the nonprofit Share Your Calories, an app developer, blogger, and a freelance journalist. ELAINE TRUJILLO, MS, RDN, is a nutritionist who has years of experience promoting nutrition and health and has written numerous scientific journal articles, chapters and textbooks.

Launch Of New LEGO Marketplace

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groupkidsBrick Classifieds gives resellers a new marketplace to sell their LEGO items and offers no fees or commissions for a limited time.

Few collector communities are growing more quickly than the exciting world of LEGO buying and reselling. However, for the true collector and seller, online marketplaces with knowledgeable members and premier LEGO sets are few. Now, there’s a new, cost-effective alternative that promises to be a conduit for some of the best LEGO items available –

Brick Classifieds was created by the same team that developed, one of the Internet’s premier LEGO communities. Considered a definitive source of information on LEGO pricing, investing, deal finding and general information, BrickPicker has a membership approaching 40,000 that relies on the site for the best up to date information. Hearing their members’ lament for the need for an alternative marketplace that would cater to the most discerning collectors, investors, and resellers, brothers Jeff and Eddie Mack set to work. The result is Brick Classifieds.

The first advantage Brick Classifieds users will experience is the site’s connection to BrickPicker. Its thousands of users are highly experienced collectors and resellers that whose business depends on keeping impeccable reputations. These types of sellers will ensure the very best in complete LEGO sets, parts, and minifigures are available. Collectible boxes, books and even manuals are also showcased for the hardcore collector. Meticulously categorized and featuring intuitive sorting tools, Brick Classifieds makes searching for LEGO items easy – be it a simple polybag minifigure or harder to find, highly collectible sets like those belonging to the Star Wars Ultimate Collector’s series. With every item, real photos of the actual item are required – no stock photos allowed which helps buyers know that the seller actually has the item and shows the condition. The site also boasts innovative features to make listing items easier than ever. With the eBay import feature, for example, users can instantly import a listing directly from eBay rather than having to make a new one. It’s the type of marketplace where a seller will be able to sell a 10179-1 Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon set without hassle or back-and-forth haggling – because the buyer knows the asking price will be fair and appropriate for what’s being offered.

Not satisfied to be ‘just another’ secondary LEGO marketplace, Brick Classifieds is bringing a new level of visibility to its users. Both the site and its listings will be posted on major LEGO websites, social media platforms, and search engines. This exposure will result in everyone from the casual hobbyist looking for a deal to the most savvy investors that are scouring the web heading directly to

One of the largest complaints from sellers in the community is the ever increasing commission fees being levied. In other marketplaces, fees often increase with the price of the item, and at times there are even combination fees that sharply decrease the amount the seller receives in the end. In contrast, Brick Classifieds has a set, very low commission fee. This doesn’t only benefit the seller – due to not having revenue lost through high commission fees, sellers will offer lower prices to the buyer. And now, for a very limited time, Brick Classifieds is offering zero commission sales. While this exciting new marketplace is being perfected, sellers will be charged no commission fees at all.

With its knowledgeable community and structure designed to save buyers money and provide sellers with more revenue than ever, is poised to become the ultimate online LEGO marketplace.

Dentist Weighs In On New Trend Of Overbleaching Teeth

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malesmileDr. Ronald Receveur, a New Albany dentist with worldwide training and experience placing dental implants in a day, has written a blog cautioning the public about the effects of overusing teeth-whitening treatments.

In his blog published Dec. 23 to his website,, Dr. Receveur writes that overusing teeth-whitening treatments can lead to tooth decay, gum disease and even irreversible damage to enamel.

“Because teeth-whitening treatments are available in every drugstore or grocery store, people assume they are harmless,” Dr. Receveur said. “But we’re seeing a new wave of patients who overuse teeth-whitening treatments and create serious dental issues for themselves. In some extreme cases, the bleaching treatments make the teeth appear translucent.”

Teeth-whitening products have become so popular that Americans are spending about $1 billion on over-the-counter treatments every year, Dr. Receveur said.

“With a dentist by your side or in moderation, teeth-whitening products can be very safe and incredibly successful,” Dr. Receveur said. “But misusing these products can lead to serious oral health issues. At our office, we provide safe cosmetic dentistry services that can brighten your smile.”

Dr. Receveur offers New Albany cosmetic dental procedures and general dentistry such as teeth cleanings, X-rays, fillings, extractions, root canals, crowns, teeth whitening and veneers.

Dr. Receveur also has vast experience with All On 4 dental implants, All on Six dental implants, One Day Smile Solution, dental implants in one hour, bone grafting and sinus lifts, all with IV sedation dentistry. He has been restoring implants with prosthetics and complex dentistry for 25 years and surgically placing implants since 2008.

To read the complete article…..Click here

New Relaxation App Helps Relieve Stress

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smartphoneProduct Designer and Entrepreneur Tim de Jardine has launched a unique app designed to help executives make a transition back into work and manage stress through a daily mindful relaxation practice.

The app “Inner Citadel” is available on the iTunes App Store and features a program thats gets users into the habit of daily focused relaxation in just a few minutes a day.

de Jardine said, “The holiday season is over and as workers return to their jobs, they need to think about their stress levels. Too often, workers find themselves tired and burnt out before the first quarter ends. One of the best ways to manage and reduce stress is through daily focused relaxation”.

“There are already dozens of relaxation apps, and most of them quite honestly are too complicated and uninspiring. Users have to get through the hurdles of too many options, levels and settings. What makes Inner Citadel stand out is its simplicity, focus on habit formation and continuous improvement. It is suitable for users of all levels”.

de Jardine says that he got frustrated with all the unnecessary complexity in many other relaxation apps. He wanted an executive focused app to help manage his own stress levels. Something to just “open and go” and then to want to do it again, so he created Inner Citadel.

The app is easy to use, with users selecting a relaxation soundtrack, setting a duration and tapping play. After each session they provide one tap feedback on how it went. The app automatically reminds the user to relax, helping the creation of a new relaxation habit. Users can then view their results from each session and improve through the guide within the app.

The “Inner Citadel” app, marketed by de Jardines TUTO company, is free to download and use with one soundtrack for sessions of up to 20 minutes, and then for just $2.99 access the full program.

The App includes:

* 10 relaxation soundtracks

* Weekly / Monthly Progress graphs

* ‘Nirvana Score’ a metric to record the quality of each relaxation session.

* A reminder system, set by the user, to create a relaxation habit

New Study On The Hassles Vs. The Benefits Of The Home Cooked Meal

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Thank you to PRWeb for supplying this article discussing how the blog examined a study from sociologists at North Carolina State University regarding the hassles and benefits of planning, creating and serving a family meal daily.

healthyheartDetermining whether or not families who sit down together for at least one daily meal are healthier than families who eat on the run has weighed heavily on busy parents for decades. In a new blog dated Oct. 1, 2014 titled “Benefits vs. Hassles of Home Cooked Meals,” blogger Liz Ernst addresses a new study titled “The Joy of Cooking?” that finds the chore of cooking family meals might be asking too much of already overstretched parents.

The study, written and published by North Carolina State University Sociologists Sarah Bowen, Sinikka Elliott and Joslyn Brenton, finds that time limitations, financial constraints, and the “feeding challenges that shape the family meal” might make the chore of cooking a family dinner too burdensome for parents, or more specifically, women.

The research findings show that the ideal of home cooking and family meals place undue stresses on many families, and are simply unachievable to others.

According to Bowen, an associate professor of sociology at NC State and co-author of a paper on the ongoing study, the study’s purpose is to understand the relationship between the ideal (of the family meal) that is presented in popular culture and the realities that people live with when it comes to feeding their children.

Study researchers interviewed 150 female caregivers in families with children between the ages of 2 and 8, and conducted in-depth observations of 12 of these families for a total of 250 hours. Their findings conclude that middle-class, working-class and poor families face some similar challenges, and that mothers from all backgrounds reported difficulty in finding time to prepare meals that everyone in the family would be willing to eat.

Input from mothers involved in the study include the struggle some say they feel between their desire to spend quality time with their children and the expectation to provide a home cooked meal routinely. Financial concerns also play a prominent role in meal planning, as many middle-class mothers often worry about their inability to afford fresh and organic foods for their meals.

Poor families face the toughest limitations, citing an inability to afford items like fresh produce or the kitchen tools they need to prepare meals, and to obtain transportation to and from the grocery store.

According to Bowen, poor mothers often skip meals and stand in long lines at non-profit food pantries to provide food for their children, which makes the idea of home cooked meal making seem unrealistic.

In her eHealthPath blog, Ernst offers suggestions from these and other study authors for overcoming many of the barriers modern families face in incorporating the family meal into their daily routines, and the many benefits doing so can provide. To read the blog in full, visit blog.


Designed by a team of passionate foodies and healthy lifestyle devotees, offers a fresh outlook on meal preparation, nutrition and the virtues of eating well. Armed with a firm belief that the kitchen is the most important room in the home, the eHealthPath team provides online on-demand cooking courses for everyone—from fast food junkies and kitchen skeptics to serious cooks. Real food for real life, presented in a bright, structured curriculum and packed with exciting new ways to think about food, flavor and nutrition.

New Book, ‘Stop Dying Fat,’ Delivers Insight On Obesity As A Disease

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booksDr. Eleazar Kadile Offers Prescription for a Successful Diet: Enjoy Change.

In “Stop Dying Fat: Doctors Healing the Disease of Obesity,” Dr. Eleazar Kadile, who specializes in treating patients with obesity and associated chronic disease, gives readers and clients a prescription for a successful diet plan, which works best if you’re comfortable with change.

“I call it the KadileAtric Power Principle®, a comprehensive lifestyle program requiring those who need it most – the severely obese – to learn how to embrace change,” says Dr. Kadile, director of the Center for Integrative Medicine.

“Change is an inevitable fact of life, so why not enjoy it and become fascinated with the amazing things a body can do as it becomes rehabilitated for a better life?”

“Stop Dying Fat: Doctors Healing the Disease of Obesity” is the definitive prescription for a successful diet for the hard to lose obese with medical complications. Kadile, an M.D., advocates that obesity must be treated like any other life threatening disease: immediately and aggressively. His Slendergenic meal plan emphasizes losing dangerous fat, by replacing all synthetic and processed food with natural and organic alternatives.

The book consists of four power principles as part of the prescription for a successful diet that serve to repair and revive the body through rapid weight loss with a Slendergenic meal plan that is low in carbohydrates and high in protein and healthy fat intake.

“Again, it all begins with a reader’s mentality,” he says. “The severely obese need to cultivate a new relationship with food, which is inherently pleasurable, but it should also be nourishing. Food is the body’s medicine; the more healthy and balanced your intake is, the better the medicine will work. Highly processed junk food, on the other hand, leads to obesity and a laundry list of chronic diseases.”

“I have lost a total of 80 pounds. I am very, very happy with the success that my mother and I have had with Dr. Kadile’s weight-loss program. My emotional state is much improved. My energy level is also greatly improved. All I can say is that the KadileAtric Power Principle is an awesome program!” – Dan Sickinger, an accountant and husband from Brillion, WI.

About Eleazar Kadile, M.D.

Dr. Eleazar Kadile is a complementary physician who specializes in treating patients with obesity who may suffer from heart disease, hypertension, type-2 diabetes, arthritis, depression or ADHD. With decades of medical experience throughout the United States, he has been developing a comprehensive and systematic approach to battling obesity. He is the director of the Center for Integrative Medicine in Green Bay, Wis. (

New Drug Found To Cure Rheumatoid Arthritis

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newsBeverly Hills rheumatologist Dr. Susan Baker comments on a new drug trial that could revolutionize treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis for patients.

The findings from a promising drug study for treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis in mice is set for human trials this year. Published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), the researchers, lead by Teresa Hemmerle of the federal technology institute ETH Zurich in Switzerland, discovered a compound that cleared the affected mice of their symptoms.

Using one of the body’s own immune cells, interleukin 4 (IL-4), and fusing it with an antibody found in certain disease specific inflamed tissue and tumors, the researchers found that the combination of the two elements used together completely eradicated the arthritis induced swelling and inflammation in the toes and paws of the affected mice within days.

“The implications for human uses of this study are very exciting,” said Dr. Susan A. Baker, a rheumatologist in Beverly Hills. “The treatment for Rheumatoid arthritis up to this point has mainly focused on managing pain and slowing long term joint damage and deterioration for as long as possible. The potential for a drug with curative effects would be a watershed moment in the treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis.”

Rheumatoid Arthritis, an autoimmune disorder that causes painful swelling and inflammation in the joints and can lead to long term joint damage and deterioration currently does not have a cure. While the trajectory between human trials and the availability of a cure can be long and complicated, the researchers are very hopeful that their findings will lead to a viable treatment option for humans down the line.

“Any research or new information that can enhance our treatment options for patients is always a welcome addition,” added Dr. Baker.

The researchers found that when used separately, the components worked to slow the progression of the RA symptoms in the mice, but it was the combination of the two that produced the breakthrough results.

Board certified in both internal medicine and rheumatology, Dr. Baker has been practicing medicine in Beverly Hills since 2003. In addition to her primary practice, she holds teaching position at Cedars Sinai Hospital. and is a clinical instructor of medicine for UCLA, David Geffen School of Medicine. Dr. Baker has been recieved numerous awards including the “Patient’s Choice Award” and the “Most Compassionate Doctor” award.

To contact Susan A. Baker MD, Rheumatology & Internal Medicine please visit, or call (310) 274–7770.