Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Stay With Two Apples A Day

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applevectorResearch Reveals Simple Solution to “Get Healthy” Pledges: Eat More Apples.

Sticking to your health-related New Year’s resolutions is hard, but eating more apples a day can make it easier, according to mounting research on the health benefits people realize when eating at least two apples a day. For example:

* Resolving to lose weight in 2015? Studies have found overweight women who ate three apples a day lost more weight than those who didn’t.

* Committing to cutting your cholesterol count this year? A Florida State University study reports eating two apples a day for six months can reduce artery-blocking LDL by 23 percent.

“We all know the adage, ‘An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away,’ but why stop at one when studies show eating multiple apples daily can help you be even fitter?” said Wendy Brannen, Director of Consumer Health & Public Relations for USApple. “As we set our New Year’s resolutions for a healthier 2015, we suggest ‘Eating Two Apples a Day’ be at the top of your list as the easiest, tastiest way to reach and maintain your New Year’s goals.”

“Plus, unlike the often-expensive fitness gadgets, diet books and club memberships we purchase to keep fit in the New Year, apples are always affordable, portable, easy to find and fun to mix into any nutritious meal,” Brannen added.

Looking for more inspiration to eat more apples in 2015? USApple offers more reasons eating apples can help you meet your New Year’s Goals:

* Resolving to keep muscles healthy? Studies find ursolic acid found in apple skin may prevent muscle wasting.

* Wanting to get that beach body by springtime? People who eat apples have trimmer waistlines (and lower blood pressure).

* Building a better immune system? Research from University of Illinois suggests soluble fiber, like pectin from apples, may strengthen the immune system.

* Working toward better bone health? A study from American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests older women who eat plenty of fruits (including apples) may have a lower chance of bone fractures.

* Keeping the cardiologist away? Ohio State University reports eating one apple a day for four weeks lowered blood levels of oxidized LDL, the “bad” cholesterol, by 40 percent.

Want to keep up with the latest on apples’ health and taste benefits throughout the year? Follow for the latest.

About USApple

U.S. Apple Association is the national trade association representing all segments of the apple industry. Members include 40 state and regional associations representing the 7,500 apple growers throughout the country, as well as more than 400 individual firms involved in the apple business. More information on the organization is available at

Keeping New Year’s Fitness Resolutions

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partycelebrateIt’s that time of year again. Every January 1, millions of Americans make resolutions in an effort to make the upcoming year a success. Two of the most popular New Year’s resolutions—lose weight and work out more.

After months of holiday feasting on seasonal desserts, bubbly cocktails and comfort-laden casseroles, losing weight and getting back in shape seems to be at the forefront of minds come the new year. But sticking to this goal as the year progresses can be a challenge, and oftentimes frustration, a setback or lack of immediate results can cause one to simply give up.

According to, only 8 percent of Americans actually achieve their New Year’s resolutions when nearly 40 percent commit to making them. How do the 8 percent keep it up all year?

“The secret to sticking to New Year’s Resolutions is keeping it simple and specific,” says Reina Offutt Pratt, founder and president of Potomac Pilates. “Potomac Pilates historically sees a spike in new client purchases in January,” she says. “However, these clients tend to drop off by mid-February.”

Setting small and achievable goals is key. Don’t use New Year’s as an opportunity to make a drastic and quick change or you will get overwhelmed, Reina says. “Instead of saying, ‘I will work out more;’ say ‘I will attend three Pilates classes per week.’ Or instead of saying, ‘I will lose weight’ say ‘I will cut out carbs with dinner and add a salad.’”

In an effort to help with your New Year’s resolution or give a great gift to someone hoping to get into a new workout routine, Potomac Pilates is offering a limited-time offer TWO-month introductory package, on sale now through January 31. It is our goal to help you stick with your New Year’s fitness resolutions, so give the studio a call today or visit and become the best version of you in 2015.

Plus, be sure to check out Reebok FitHub Georgetown (1251 Wisconsin Avenue Northwest #3120a, Washington, DC 20007) for a free Pilates mat class on Sunday, January 11 at 10:30am.

Happy New Year’s from Potomac Pilates!

Source: Anderson, Erika. “4 Simple Ways To Have A Better Shot At Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions.” Forbes. Forbes Magazine, 1 Jan. 2014. Web.

New Year’s Resolution Roadblocks – Strategies To Stay Fit

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celebrateOdds are that you’re one of the 66% of Americans who made a New Year’s Resolution to get fit. We are months into the New Year and for most, this is the time that those resolutions being to fade away. There’s an inner voice telling you it’s okay to skip the gym, give in to that tempting dessert, or just give up entirely. According to a recent online study conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of, by now nearly 50% of people have given up their resolutions and a total of 73% of people will give up prior to reaching their goal. The Miriam-Webster online dictionary defines willpower as the ability to control yourself: a strong determination that allows you to do something difficult.

Willpower is a finite resource and draws from the same resource pool as self-regulation. That is to say, decisions you make throughout the day-big or small-gradually chip away at your self control. By the end of the day it’s natural to find the couch more mesmerizing than a set of dumbbells.

Use these five strategies to redirect your focus on the things that matter most:

* Find the right workout schedule – Does it feel stressful to squeeze in a workout? If so, take a hard look at your schedule and find that sweet spot to avoid conflicts.

* Match your workout and nutrition with your current goals – Most people will agree that any exercise is better than none at all. However, you ideally want a workout and nutrition program, which drive you to your goals.

* Hire a trainer – This could be one of the best investments you make for yourself. They help make realistic goals and keep you motivated.

* Remember to reward yourself – We are all hardwired to look for positive payouts. Work hard and get rewarded.

* If all else fails, reevaluate your goals – In the end it comes down to your goals. Is it realistic or concrete? An unattainable goal can cause you to quit. Instead make micro-changes to what you already do.

Few people can be 100% committed, 100% of the time. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you slip. Remember that a setback is only a setback; don’t let it derail you completely.

– Submitted by Allison Kim,

Keeping Healthy After Your New Year’s Resolution Fades

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exerciseFrom Your Health Journal…..”A great article from EmpowHER by Joanne Sgro called ‘Press or Click To Stay Fit: Technical Advances To Keep You On Track.’ The author begins by discussing how many people’s New Year’s resolutions have slowly dissipated to nothing, as many people simply say ‘we just don’t have the time’ pertaining to healthy lifestyle. According to the CDC, greater than 50 percent of American adults do not engage in the required amount of physical activity for health benefits, and 25 percent are not active at all. So many people are not getting enough aerobic exercise or muscular strength exercise – – while spending too much time using technology. Please visit the EmpowHER web site (link provided below) to read the complete article. It continues to discuss ways people can use technology to help them stay fit and active, rather than sedentary.”

From the article…..

Just a little over a month into your New Year’s Resolution, it is time to re-evaluate your fitness goals. It is at this point that many are adopting unhealthy excuses.

The number one excuse that I hear is, “I just do not have the time.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 50 percent of American adults do not engage in the required amount of physical activity for health benefits, and 25 percent are not active at all.

If you couple this with a sedentary lifestyle or occupation then disease and overall health deterioration is destined to set in at a younger age.

Cleveland Clinic outlines what healthy exercise should consist of.

“Strengthening which entails using repeated muscle contractions until the muscle becomes tired. Stretching or flexibility encompassing slow, sustained lengthening of the muscle is also important.”

And finally, cardiovascular or “aerobic activity, a steady exercise using large muscle groups,” is also vital.

With so much time spent in front of a television or computer screen, we need to get creative and integrate fitness into our screen time.

According to, “One way to redeem your screen is to buy some workout DVD’s and exercise at home. These workouts can be lots of fun and many have their roots in popular television shows, such as NBC’s The Biggest Loser or even ABC’s Dancing with The Stars.”

Instead of being an armchair jockey or a couch potato, you might as well reach and stretch for the remote. DVR technology has made it easy for us to keep up with our favorite shows.

Hop on the treadmill or bike while you watch your favorite shows. If you need some help there are plenty of exercise shows which can be recorded.

Nintendo’s Wii is also a good way to get moving.

According to, “The Wii Fitline of products are games and accessories aimed at allowing people to exercise at home and track their fitness progress online.”

To read the full article…..Click here

How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution To Lose Weight

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From Your Health Journal…..”Adam C. Powell did an excellent post with the Huffington Post this week which I wanted to share with you. As many of you know, I do love stories from the Huff Post. Dr. Powell wrote about how to keep your New Year’s resolutions to lose weight. Weight loss is the most common resolution on New Year’s, yet many people are unable to keep there promise to themselves to lose weight. Our collective failure to do that has made America the world’s fattest nation, and has added needlessly to our healthcare expenditures. Dr. Powell discusses how weight loss is not really hard, just exercise more, eat less. But, many Americans do make poor choices, and do not help themselves lead healthier lifestyles. The article concludes with Dr. Powell giving some great suggestions on how to keep your New Year’s resolution. Please visit the Huff Post web site (link provided below) to read the complete article, and many other interesting health articles.”

From the article…..

If you hope to lose weight in 2013, you are not alone. Polls have shown that weight loss is the most common New Year’s resolution. Yet few people actually succeed in meeting their weight loss goals. Our collective failure to do that has made America the world’s fattest nation, and has added needlessly to our healthcare expenditures.

In theory, losing weight isn’t hard. You simply eat less and exercise more. However, cultural, environmental, and social barriers lead people to make poor choices. Plus, many folks tend to underestimate the calories in their food and overestimate the benefit of exercise. While weight loss companies have existed for decades, the growing popularity of smartphones gives us innovative approaches that were not feasible during the era of boxed meals and public weigh-ins. Here’s how high-tech tools can hep you succeed with this year’s resolution.

1. Know how many calories you are really eating. A Starbucks coffee can range from being a healthful beverage containing only 5 calories to a dietary monstrosity of 700 calories. (Venti Iced Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha with whipped cream, anyone?) Likewise, while Subway sandwiches were the key salvation for company spokesman Jared Fogle, had he made the poor decision to regularly pick the Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt, he might have ended up even fatter.

Now you can use apps to avoid such errors. Restaurant Nutrition provides nutritional information for meals at most chain restaurants. If you prefer to cook at home, MyFood offers nutritional insights about your groceries.

2. Don’t fool yourself into thinking ketchup is a vegetable. It’s a lot easier to reduce the number of calories going in than it is to increase the number going out. For example, you can slurp down a mocha in minutes, but would have to walk for over three hours to burn off the calories you just injested. To make matters worse, people systematically underestimate the calories they are consuming, particularly in the case of meals combining healthy and unhealthy items.

While precise measurement is admittedly not for everyone, sharing photos of meals with friends can provide a reality check. An app called The Eatery lets you photograph meals and have friends rate them as either “fit” or “fat.”

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Starting The New Year Off Right!

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By Diane Lang

newyearsWe all want to start the new year off right. We think to ourselves, this will be the year: I lose weight, start exercising, eat better, reconnect with old friends, get a new job, etc. These are all great goals, but why do we wait until Jan 1st to form a new habit and make positive changes in our lives? This year, let’s make a promise to ourselves that the changes we make this year will be permanent and meaningful life choices leading to a balanced, happy, healthy and abundant year. These 12 steps will set the year off to a positive start and help you accomplish your goals in 2013.

Here are 12 steps to have a great year all year long and beyond:

1. I will make myself a priority this year. I will learn to say “no” to others when I feel overwhelmed and stressed. I will say “yes” to my needs and wants. This year I will learn it’s okay to put myself first and take care of myself. This year I will learn that selfish isn’t always a bad word; I realize that if I take care of myself, I will be there for others.

familytv2. I will be grateful for what I have. I will take the time to pause and think about all I have. This isn’t about my material objects. This is about my abundance of love, warmth, comfort, care and empathy I receive on a daily basis. This year I will make room in my life for gratitude checks where I spend a few minutes each day thinking about all I have in this life and just being thankful I have my life.

3. I will pay it forward constantly. I will give more of myself every day. I will inspire, help and empower others on a daily basis.

4. I will step out of my comfort zone this year. I will take risks, add variety and become more creative. This is the year I won’t be stale or stagnate. The word “bored” will be removed from my word list this year.

5. This year I will be a great role model. This will make me a better parent, mentor, friend and educator. I will teach others by my actions.

6. This year I will become fully aware of my negative thoughts, comments and actions towards myself and others. I will make a conscious effort to be more positive and respectful of others and myself. I realize positive energy, actions and thoughts are all contagious.

crosscountry7. This year will be the year of action plans. Not only will I set short and long term goal lists, but action plans on how to get there. I will write down each detail of my list and follow each step. I will feel a sense of accomplishment because I have taken action.

8. This year I will live in the present. I will let the past be in the past because the past doesn’t equal the future. I will stop worrying about the future because it doesn’t exist. I will not waste my energy being stressed about something that hasn’t happened yet.

9. I will spend less time this year trying to control others and being perfect. Neither one is possible and even though I have known this for many years, I never listened. This year I vow to let go of my controlling issues and perfectionist traits and learn to enjoy life in its messy existence. I will learn to enjoy the unorganized, the messy, and not planned life. I will realize at the end of each day – everything works itself out.

10. This year I will say “thank you” to everyone I love; not just on New Year’s, birthdays and holidays. I will say “sorry” when needed, thanks when it’s deserved and I love you just because I do.

11. This year I won’t try so hard to be something/someone I’m not. I will not keep up with the Jones’, compare myself to celebrities or wish I was someone else. This year I will learn to spend time alone with myself. I will learn what my likes/dislikes, strengths/weaknesses, dreams and hobbies are. I will become fully aware of who I am. This year is the year of me!

12. This year I will let go of all the expectations of what could be or should be, but instead just live my life. Sometimes, we get so caught up in our unrealistic expectations that we forget to just enjoy the life that is here right now: our present life…our present situations, environments and family. We forget to be clear and aware of our surroundings: the love, the warmth, the caring, the friendships, the affection…I forget to enjoy those simple things, but this year and moving forward I will not.

Diane Lang – Positive Living Expert and psychotherapist – is a nationally recognized author, educator, speaker, therapist and media expert. Lang is extremely mediagenic and offers expertise on a variety of health and wellness topics about creating balance and finding happiness through positive living. Lang offers expertise in multiple mental health, lifestyle and parenting needs. In addition to holding multiple counseling positions, Diane is also an adjunct professor at Montclair State University and Dover Business College.

13 Tips For Stress-Free New Year’s Eve

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From Your Health Journal…..”Two of my favorite publications teamed up for the article being reviewed ‘here’ today – The Huffington Post and The Times Of India – please visit both sites for some amazing health articles. Today’s review discussed relieving stress on New Year’s Eve. The give 13 tips to help you out – from not worrying if you do not have plans, how to handle being alone. staying up too late, or even gaining some extra weight during the holidays. New Year’s eve for many is a time to reflect – on the bad and good times of the year, and changes you should potentially make for the following year. There are many who feel a lot of pressure on New Year’s socially, when in fact, you don’t need to. Having great plans or quiet plans should not impact your life so much causing you stress or aggravation…..and all those things that disappointed you in 2012 should be a thing of the past, and move on forward. Of course, there are some things we have a hard time letting go, that do cause us stress – but hopefully over time, we heal to some extent. To all the readers of Your Health Journal, I hope you have a stress free New Year’s Eve. Please visit the Huffington Post and Times Of India web pages to read this complete article, and other great stories.”

From the article…..

For many people, New Year’s Eve is one of the most stressful nights of the year as they are under the pressure to execute out-of-the-ordinary, over-the-top plans, find the perfect person to kiss at midnight and welcome the new year with an enthusiasm that we hope will foreshadow the next 364 days.

The HuffPost Healthy Living editors have pointed out 13 things that just aren’t worth stressing about this New Year’s Eve, so that people can welcome 2013 with less stress.

1. Not having plans – You don’t need to plan to enjoy. Ordering takeout, buying champagne and watching the ball drop in your warm living room can actually be fun, especially if it’s with the people you love, they said.

2. Being alone – Just because you’re solo for one night doesn’t mean you’re doomed to a lifetime of loneliness. Don’t give New Year’s Eve any more significance than any other night of the year.

3. Staying up past midnight – Sleep early so that when you wake up you can send all your loved ones happy New Year texts in the morning.

4. The extra few pounds you’re carrying from the holidays – Don’t think much about it because everyone has it. Let it go, then resolve to resume your healthy lifestyle in 2013.

5. Having no one to kiss at midnight – It’s better than having the wrong person.

6. Spending hundreds of dollars – If money’s tight, don’t blow a month’s (or more) worth of going-out money on one night. It’ll be over in a few hours.

7. Drinking champagne – Pick a drink you actually like, and enjoy.

To read the full article…..Click here

Guest Post – Helen M. Ryan, How To Make New Year’s Weight Loss Resolutions Stick

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newyearsDo you remember when you were a child excitedly waiting for your birthday to arrive? But when the actual date rolled around, you didn’t really feel much different, did you? You might have even thought to yourself, “I feel the same as I did yesterday. Huh.”

New Year’s Day has that same feel.

It’s the “day of good intentions’—that one day of the year we believe will be special and magical. The day we will have more willpower, more self-control and an easier time with weight loss. Maybe the HCG diet will work (we think.) Maybe there’s an online weight loss program that will help us succeed (we hope.) Maybe there is a new simple weight loss solution out there that burns tons of fat (we wish).

seniorcoupleexercisesmallAs New Year’s Day arrives we feel full of power, energy and determination. As the weeks start to tick by, though, our desire to exercise fades. Our ability to say ‘no’ to poorer food choices weakens. Before we know it our New Year’s resolution to lose weight is once again broken.

It doesn’t have to be that way. There are some really easy things you can do to make this coming year your most successful ever with weight loss. The important thing is to change the way you think about it.

How to make your weight loss resolutions work this time?

1. Start today. Don’t wait until January 1 to start taking care of yourself. If you can, begin now, today, this moment. Give yourself a head start, and don’t tie yourself to a specific date.

2. Change your focus. Don’t try to lose weight, but try to become healthier instead. Trying to aggressively lose weight puts a lot of pressure on you, and it’s easy to feel like a failure if you don’t reach your imagined goal. Think in terms of better health. What does that second cookie do for you? How does that third glass of wine make your body better or healthier? What internal processes are happening when you overeat? How is your body handling the extra fat and sugar?

3. Hide your sweatpants. A big, roomy waistband is the worst thing you can do for your diet. The extra wiggle room makes it easy to forget you are trying to lose weight, and hinders you from seeing when you’ve lost (or gained!) a few pounds. Wear your pants snug—even around the house—and especially when you eat out. Feeling the waistband squeezing your middle is a constant reminder to take it easy on the portion sizes or the second helpings. I know it’s uncomfortable, but when I was losing weight (82 pounds worth), I bought two pairs of pants the next size down. I wore them tight until they fit…and then I bought two more pairs of pants the next size down. And down. And down.

4. Be bland, and eat the same meals often. Most successful dieters have “staple meals” and foods because it reduces the amount of thought that goes into it. Eating the same foods all the time helps you think less about food in general, removes the obsessions, and also takes some of the “pleasure factor” out of eating. Let’s face it. If you’re going to seriously lose weight, food has to become less important to you than it is now.

5. Feel glad that you can exercise. Instead of dreading going to gym or heading out for a walk, remember that there are people out there who can’t get out of their beds. Your goal is to strengthen your muscles, your heart, and your lungs, and lubricate your joints, so you can live an active and healthy life playing with your kids and grandkids. Your body was meant to move. Use it and enjoy it.

It’s entirely possible to lose weight and become healthier. Really, it is. It’s not a pipe dream. But you have to want it more than anything, and you have to truly want to take care of your health—more you want momentary pleasures. Once those two things fall into place, you will lose the weight.

Have a great—and successful—year.

helen– Helen M. Ryan is fitness writer and certified fitness pro. She is the author of the Amazon best-seller “21 Days to Change Your Body (and Your Life),” and the mother of two awesome teenagers. Helen uses her own struggle, and eventual success, with weight loss to help others. Visit her blog at, or the book web site at