Do You Need A Thyroid Test?

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seniorwoman2Low levels of thyroid hormone, which might not cause symptoms, can still raise “bad” cholesterol and cardiovascular disease risk.

Many people know of the common symptoms of low thyroid hormone (also known as hypothyroidism) — fatigue, fuzzy-headedness, weight gain, cold hands, and dry skin. But many people who find their cholesterol levels and weight are creeping up are more likely to blame their diet and exercise regimen instead of their thyroid, especially if they don’t have any of the other symptoms.

Thyroid hormone plays a major role in regulating metabolism — the process by which body cells convert nutrients into energy — and thereby helps regulate body temperature, heart rate, and even brain function. So when thyroid hormone levels fall, the body slows. “Symptoms are often nonspecific, and since women over 60 generally have more of these nonspecific symptoms, their doctors may not think to test for hypothyroidism,” says endocrinologist Dr. Jeffrey Garber, associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and author of The Harvard Medical School Guide to Overcoming Thyroid Problems.

Women of all ages are more likely than men to have low thyroid hormone levels. By some estimates, almost a quarter of women over 60 have inadequate levels. However, many of their symptoms are attributed to other conditions or written off as a consequence of aging.

The only way to tell if a person’s thyroid hormone levels are too low is through a blood test. However, as many as 60% of people with low thyroid hormone aren’t aware anything is wrong because they haven’t been tested. The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) doesn’t recommend routine thyroid screening because it hasn’t found sufficient evidence that testing thyroid hormone levels in large groups of people without symptoms is cost-effective.

Dr. Garber agrees, and suggests a different approach — testing asymptomatic people who are most likely to develop the disease and benefit from treatment. Treating people in the earliest stages of hypothyroidism with synthetic thyroid hormone reduces the likelihood that they will develop more serious problems in the future, especially cardiovascular disease. In fact, low thyroid hormone can often be the cause of high cholesterol, and treatment with thyroid hormone may make statin therapy unnecessary.

Read the full-length article: “Do you need a thyroid test?”

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Harvard Women’s Health Watch is available from Harvard Health Publications, the publishing division of Harvard Medical School, for $20 per year. Subscribe at or by calling 877-649-9457 (toll-free).

What You Need To Know When A Filter For Your Shower Head

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By Wilfred Weihe

washhandsBuying a shower head filter may look somewhat daunting but you would be shocked to find out the difference it will make. If you reside in a big city or town chances are your water quality could be less than pure. Several years ago I made a decision and bought a water filter for my walk in shower after numerous moments of dry skin and colleagues telling me my skin smelled of chlorine.

It may seem like a needless purchase

It may sound like a needless shower room purchase but they are not that pricey and their functions are worth everything. I can personally confirm that after the set up my skin felt less dry, my hair softer and making use of one cuts down scale build in the shower. The best outcome though is not smelling like a common pool when you take the shower.

Once you started getting the results, you will become captivated by the filter and will be something that you won’t live without. According to the Plumbing Magazine shower filter reviews they last six months before a new one is required and are priced around $10-$50 each. Their installation is easy and some come packed with several water pressure configurations. As you will come to notice having a shower with a filter in place will give you a moment of luxury you never experienced before.

Benefits of shower head filters:

Healthier shower

Less chlorine and less dangerous disinfection. Research indicates that a human body can soak in harmful by products in the shower water via the pores and the skin. In addition you can inhale them through the shower steam. Eliminating these products will make you to experience a healthier shower.

Better looking skin and hair

Chlorine is an alkaline or basic while your hair and skin are by natural means a bit acidic. The acid and alkaline reaction attempts to dry the hair and skin eliminating natural oils. For this reason it’s important to have a filter in place if you want to keep chlorine out of the shower thereby leaving the hair and skin looking perfect.

Smells much better

The days of smelling like you have just taken a shower in a public swimming will be long gone. You are already accustomed to the present chlorine smell in your shower but trust me you will see an instant difference as soon as you eliminate the chlorine.

Less irritation

A high amount of chlorine in the shower water irritates the skin and eyes and for eczema patients and children, eliminating the chlorine in the shower will be such a welcome relief.

Availability and cost of replacement filters. Before you commit to a certain brand/type of filter, check that the replacement cartridges are cost effective to replace every 6 months (or however long they claim to last on the pack). You want to make sure they are readily available as well; you don’t want to have to buy a full new filter system every time you need to change the cartridge.

Reputable. You don’t want a filter filled with ordinary sand or marbles! Check the product reviews and you’ll quickly find out whether the product does what it claims to do or not.

Tips to help you find the best showerhead filters for your needs:

Costs and available of replacement filters

Experts recommend that before you decide to purchase a certain type/brand of filter always confirm that replacement cartridges are affordable to change every sic months. Ensure that they are also available since you do not want to be trapped with a unit that you can’t service order completely or want a new filter unit anytime you require replace the cartridges.

Water filter pressure

Top on your list when hunting for a fresh water filter is making sure that the filter you opt for has the kind of pressure you want. As you have already noted the market is flooded with thousands of shower head filters to choose from most which promise the sun but come short when it to comes to doing the actual job. For this reason it is important to know what each model offers before you fall for it.

Likewise some models are intended to work in a low-flow threshold which means that the shower head pressure will be fluctuating quite significantly. Ensure that you only go a for a water filter that delivers superior pressure to provide the kind of relaxing and restful shower you are looking out for.

Go Vitamin C or KDF

These two kinds work best to eliminate chlorine from the shower water. Already backed by proven research, it will surely meet your needs by giving chlorine-free water which is ideal for your skin.

Is it long lasting?

Although no single filter will last a lifetime but you do not want to be changing your filter now and then. Industry experts reckon that the average life time for these devices is around six months but there are some that last longer. That said the life of your filter will be dependent on how long and how many showers you take. In case the filter remains unused (maybe when you are a trip) it does not fill up and degrade hence you do not need to factor this time.


This is a no brainer since you do not want a filter stuffed with regular marbles or sand. Before you make the final decision to buy one take your time to check customer reviews on Amazon and find out whether the filter you have settled on does an excellent job or not.

Flexibility feature

The finest filtered shower heads available in the market offer lots of flexibility including a shower want and a conventional showerhead which is fastened to a flexible hose. This will offer you a chance to relish superb showers with total control, the type of complete control absent in traditional solutions. Experts recommend that you go for this unique feature when you are ready to buy a new showerhead.

Moms Need Mom Friends

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By Mary Jo Rapini, MEd, LPC

happyteensWhen you were in college, you may have gone through a season of your life where you had as many guy friends as girlfriends. It may have been easier, less drama and better parties. But every woman needs a good girlfriend, especially after she has kids. Not only do you need a girlfriend after kids, but you need a mom friend. Moms give other moms what no one else can: emotional support for those days you’re sure you’re losing it; physical support when you need an extra pair of arms, legs or a spare car seat; and spiritual support when you need to hear, “Keep the faith; this too shall pass.”

Mom friends understand when the house smells like dirty diapers, or will talk over a colicky baby without batting an eye. Mom friends understand you crying in the middle of the afternoon because you can’t button your favorite dress, and they listen while you vent about your partner coming home late or being on a business trip leaving you alone with the kids. Mom friends are the backbone of every mom at some time or another.

Throughout every mother’s life–from the birth of her first child to her 80th birthday–she will have friends who have walked the journey with her. Those friends remember her children when they were babies. They become like a tapestry interwoven within the children’s lives. I recall every one of my mother’s dearest mom friends, and although several of them died before my mother, they were as much a part of my family as my brothers and sisters.

With life’s fast pace, it’s easy to get busy and not take time to develop friendships with other moms like our moms did. However, this is a big mistake, because a daycare or babysitter can never fulfill the role our mom friends can.

Here are some simple ways to foster friendships with other moms. You don’t need a group, but you do need a mom friend.

1. Get yourself out there and take your baby for a stroll or go to the park. Having toys other children can play with will help draw kids and moms to you. Begin the conversation.

2. After you meet a mom you’re comfortable with, share contacts on Facebook or phone.

3. Organize play dates at your home.

4. Turn naptimes into coffee times with other moms.

5. Find kid friendly restaurants to meet or other kid activities and invite another mom and her children.

exerciseball6. Join an exercise class at the Y. They are inexpensive and many have babysitting where you’re sure to meet other moms.

7. Sign up for a baby-and-me class and reach out to other moms.

8. Be willing to help another mom when you see a need.

9. Find a church that has activities or baby classes.

10. Send encouraging emails or notes to other moms. This will make you feel better, and they will be more receptive to reaching out and contacting you.

My children are grown, and my mom friends have become their surrogate moms. My best mom friend hosted my daughter’s baby shower and so we began again….

– Mary Jo Rapini, MEd, LPC, is a licensed psychotherapist and co-author with Janine J. Sherman, of Start Talking: A Girl’s Guide for You and Your Mom About Health, Sex or Whatever. Read more about the book at and more about Rapini at

Do I Need A Root Canal?

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By Jake Andersen, DMD

toothDeep within you tooth is a layer of tissue knows as the pulp. Your pulp contains blood vessels and nerves, and is the only true “living” portion of your tooth. Sometimes bacteria find their way inside, most often due to cavities and trauma, When the bacteria penetrate, your pulp may become swollen. This swelling can cause pressure, and your body interprets that pressure as pain, or a toothache.

The swollen tooth may require a root canal. But it still may be ok. You will need to make a trip to the dentists office, where he will do several tests to identify the source of your toothache. Knowing the problem will help your dentist to come up with the best solution.

One of many steps that will be taken to find the correct diagnosis is an x-ray. It is possible that the problem is invisible on the radiograph. This is a good thing because if the dentist can see the problem, he will probably be treating your tooth with a root canal.

Your dentist may also perform a test known as the percussion test. This test is done by tapping the handle end of the mirror on your tooth. A pained response to this signals to the dentist that your periodontal ligaments are injured. These are tiny ligaments that surround your tooth and help anchor it to the surrounding tissues. If these ligaments are damaged, there’s a pretty good chance that you have a root canal in your near future.

Another test the dentist can do is to probe your gums with his finger. Any sensitivity or raised area above a tooth would suggest whatever is causing your toothache has worked its way into your bone. Sensitivity to touch also indicates that you will most likely be needing a root canal.

An additional common test is the cold sensitivity test. A cold spray is applied to a square of cotton and placed on the tooth. If the cold temperature does not cause you any pain, it means that your pulp is dead and you need a root canal. If pain comes and goes quickly, there is damage but it is more than likely reversible damage. A pain that lingers for a decent amount of time when the cold cotton is no longer there again suggests that a root canal will be necessary.

To ensure proper treatment, the dentist needs to identify the cause of pain, which means altering the pain in his office. This could be done removing that pain, but it could also be done by briefly intensifying the pain. This alteration of your symptoms ensures that the dentist has located the right tooth along with the right source of pain, meaning he can accurately treat your tooth.

Please visit the site of author Jake Andersen, DMD.

Mums ‘n’ Dads Need To Keep Healthy And Exercise Too

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By James Helliwell

familyrunFor parents, a great way to ensure that your children are keeping fit and exercising weekly, is to lead by example and exercise regularly yourself. There’s no point suggesting to your beautiful but slightly overweight offspring that they need to get into regular exercise and referring them to a local leisure center’s activity day, if you could do with shifting a few pounds yourself. You are someone they look up to, and setting a good example yourself can do wonders for the natural progression of your child’s fitness levels.

While fitness is a personal journey, surrounding yourself with professionals who understand the science behind fitness can help you reach your goals. The team at Heroic Fitness believes that fitness routines centered around the individual will help you achieve success, and with that in mind, let’s look at four fantastic exercise styles to set you on the right path to being a shining example of health and fitness for your children.


Kicking off with one of the finest and most graceful (when done perfectly) forms of exercise, the ancient spiritual art of Yoga. Yoga unifies the body and mind through the practice of physical poses that are known as ‘Asanas’. This in short sounds simple and easy, but in reality they push your body to its limits, make you sweat and tone you up completely. Doing Yoga often releases the tensions of the body and can make you stronger, have more stamina and achieve much greater flexibility. They also help your mind, giving a great boost of mental clarity and general feelings of well-being. All very useful when you are a stressed, over worked, and time-stretched parent of young children!


Boxercise is an on-trend new exercise that is rapidly gaining in popularity. It is boxing for fitness and is the perfect exercise to release your tensions that unavoidably build up when looking after your children. You can smash and bash your way to a calmer being and a fitter body with increased stamina. As you can imagine, it is based on the fitness routines that boxers use.A session can take different formats, but could include skipping, hitting pads, kicking pads, shadow-boxing, shuttle runs and the classic press-ups and sit-ups. It’s worth noting that this covers all fitness bases and you will not be punching each other! Boxercise is extremely fun and a real challenge, so give it a go.

Weight Training

Weight Training is the father of all exercise. Lifting weights will make you strong and develop your muscle structure better than anything. If lifting weights is included in your fitness routine you can be sure that you will be getting a proper work out every session with a variety of different exercise to do. You can literally work every muscle in your body! Weight Training works by undergoing morphological muscle changes to get stronger. Any muscle asked to do more that it is used to, will grow using the proteins in your body. Remember not to overwork your body and train in an appropriate way so that you avoid hurting yourself.


joggersRunning is a perfect way to lose weight and gain stamina. Top fitness centers will have running machines that you can use to track progress and give you some great runs. You can always try setting a long term objective to aim for. Training to participate in a marathon or half-marathon is a great long-term goal. This may sound like a hard target to reach, but with a proper disciplined training routine, and personal motivation, you can set up a fitness routine that can help you complete this goal. Remember, however, that this goal doesn’t have to be about finishing in a certain time unless you’re an experienced runner; if you’re a beginner simply completing the event can be your goal.

Healthy Living

As an additional note, it is advisable that you also look at your diet in tandem with your exercise routine. Here are two big changes you can make:

Give Up Processed Foods

Processed foods play a large role in obesity rates and contain a lot of empty calories. If you know that you consume a lot of processed foods throughout a week, set a goal to give them up for different periods of time. Start by going a week without processed foods and then increase it until they’re mostly gone from your diet.

Eat a Fruit or Vegetable with Each Meal

In a similar way to the processed foods goal, you should try to add at least one fruit or vegetable to each one of your daily meals and snacks. It has been reported in medical journals that you should eat anywhere from five to ten fruits and vegetable servings each day for a healthy diet, so try to aim for this goal.

So remember mums and dads, all this should be great motivation to get active and increase your fitness levels. Make sure you set a shining example to the little people in your life!

Do Older Women Need A High-Dose Flu Vaccine?

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From the web master…..Although this is from the September issue of the Harvard Women’s Health Watch, it still valuable information…..

The high-dose flu vaccine may trigger a greater immune response against the virus in adults ages 65 and over and may increase protection against the flu.

seniorwoman2For some older women, the flu is far more than a fever and sniffles that sidelines them for a few days. It can lead to serious complications like bronchitis and pneumonia. The flu can also worsen existing conditions such as heart disease, asthma, and diabetes. A higher-dose flu vaccine has been available since 2009 for adults 65 and over, but questions remain as to whether it can protect better than the traditional vaccine, according to the September 2014, Harvard Women’s Health Watch.

The high-dose vaccine is called Fluzone High-Dose. Like the regular-dose flu vaccine, it contains the three flu strains experts believe will be most abundant in the upcoming flu season. But it also contains four times the usual amount of immune-stimulating antigens against the virus.

Should people over 65 get the high-dose vaccine? It’s an area of debate and discussion, and so worth talking about with your physician, says Dr. Elisa Choi, a clinical instructor in population medicine at Harvard Medical School and an infectious disease specialist at Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates.

Some studies have found that the high-dose vaccine stimulates a higher immune system response in the lab, but it isn’t yet clear whether that translates into better protection against the flu in the real world.

The high-dose vaccine also comes with some downsides worth considering: more pain, redness, and swelling at the injection site, as well as body-wide side effects like muscle pain, headache, and fever. Most of these effects are mild and short-lived.

There are currently no official recommendations advising seniors to switch to the high-dose flu vaccine.

The type of vaccine isn’t nearly as important as getting vaccinated as early in the flu season as possible. Flu outbreaks can start in October, and it takes two weeks after getting the shot for the body to produce antibodies against the virus. Some people hold off on vaccination out of concern that the protection wanes over time, but the shot should provide protection for the entire flu season.

Read the full-length article: “Time for your flu vaccine: Do you need a higher dose?”

Also in the September 2014 issue of the Harvard Women’s Health Watch:

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* Tips to improve memory

* What to do about thinning hair

Harvard Women’s Health Watch is available from Harvard Health Publications, the publishing division of Harvard Medical School, for $20 per year. Subscribe at or by calling 877-649-9457 (toll-free).

– Courtesy of PRWeb

Rough And Tumble: Why Kids Need To Be Involved With Sports

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By Katherine Smith

boyssportsI have to start out by admitting to a little bias. I grew up rough and tumble. There were no contact sports that I didn’t try. Any type of ball and any size field was provocation enough to make a friend, and invent a game. Though I knew kids who had fallen and broken an arm or twisted an ankle, the thought of personal injury never really crossed my mind as a serious possibility. I was well-trained and very lucky.

That admission aside, I still believe it is vital that kids be allowed, encouraged, and maybe even cajoled into taking up a sporting activity. Sports offer too many benefits to be ignored. Not only should kids be encouraged to try a sport, they should try several. Different sports offer different benefits at different stages of physical development.

While more experienced young athletes may enjoy a few innings of hardball, younger kids just starting out will benefit more from slow-pitch softball. It is easy to look online and find the right equipment at the right price for your kids, whatever the sport. Online resources make it easy to locate specific equipment that is well suited to your kid’s size and abilities. There are almost no barriers to entry. Countless baseball diamonds, football and soccer fields, basketball and tennis courts are waiting for the arrival of your kids.

Here are a few reasons why you should help them get there:

Athletes Are More Durable

girlsoccerCounterintuitively, one of the best reasons to get your kids into rough and tumble sports is that it makes them more durable and less accident prone. In contact sports such as wrestling, football, and marshal arts, one of the first things a student learns is how to fall. That is because over the course of her training, there will be a lot of falling and being thrown. No one will last very long in a sport if they have not mastered the art of falling without getting hurt.

Athletes are also highly motivated to stay healthy. You don’t get to be in the lineup if you are in a cast. The kids that learn how to fall early, are far less likely to do so. When they do, it is far less likely to result in injury. It all comes down to learning how to control one’s body. Few things outside of sports and a good coach can do that job better.

Athletes Learn Teamwork

We are both physical and social creatures. Team sports teach us how to make the most of both those aspects of our humanity. Harmonious society is not a natural thing. Kids are lousy at it. There is nothing more selfish in all the universe as a newborn babe. We have to learn to recognize and respect the needs and wants of other people. It is not easy and takes a long time.

Team sports, for many kids, is one of the first real lessons in society. They learn to trust and share and sacrifice for something bigger than their own stats. They learn how to share both victory and defeat. They also learn that tribe is not limited to gender, ethnicity, or creed. Prejudices do not thrive in a team dynamic.

Athletics Provides Physical and Mental Challenge

boysoccerIt is a pitiable human being who lives his entire life without ever being pushed to his limits. How strong are you? If you do not push against a heavy weight, you will never know. How far can you run? How fast? For how long? Without physical challenge, you can never fully know yourself or your capabilities.

The same applies to mental challenges. Currently, chess is considered a sport. But all sports push us to solve problems rapidly. The mind and body have to work together in concert to shake the tackle or slide into Second. Whatever you are trying to accomplish, there is someone else who is trying just as hard to stop you. Learning how to meet the challenges in sports prepares us to meet those challenges in life.

Becoming rich and famous is no part of why sports is valuable. Becoming more durable, a better team player, and a more effective problem solver are, however, excellent reasons to size your kid for a new pair of cleats.

AMA Sports Medicine Confirms Need For Cross-Training Among Young Athletes

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By Warren Potash

boyssportsYouth sports participation over the past 20+ years has resulted in more sports injuries than ever before – not due to more female athletes playing sports. Obviously, this has caused the American Medical Association [AMA] take a hard look at what can be done to reverse this trend. The AMA issued a Position Paper in November 2013 that broadly reflects their concerns. This is a few of the points made:

* Sport specialization may be considered as intensive, year-round training in a single sport at the exclusion of other sports.

* There is concern that early sport specialization may increase rates of overuse injury and sport burnout…

* Diversified sports training during early and middle adolescence may be more effective in developing elite-level skills in the primary sport due to skill transfer.

Reference found here…..

These points are very important issues. What’s interesting is that I wrote They’re Not Boys – Safely Training the Adolescent Female Athlete [2012] to provide quality information about the too high injury rate in female sports participation. The AMA’s Sports Medicine division almost two (2) years later came to identical recommendations. So, what can adults who are volunteer coaches learn from this valuable information?

Cross training, using the body in different ways, during early ages is best accomplished by having youngsters play more than one sport. I discourage real training to play sports at early ages and encourage youngsters to have FUN and performing movement patterns that lead to rhythm and coordination. Therefore, the one sport athlete should not be encouraged despite what is happening in youth sports today.

Even though burnout and overuse injuries do not have evidence-based research to prove out the recommendation about early sport specialization, it stands to reason that if the same muscle groups are used the same way over time – the possibility of injuries and burnout are greater; it’s common sense.

teensElite-level skill development is just that. How many elite-level athletes are there who can demand the type of attention from college coaches? Not many!! About 4 million youngsters are in a pool from their youth sport days and less than one percent (1%) obtains the offers. So, for the vast majority 99%+, it’s far better to train to play sports after trying different sports. This allows each athlete the opportunity to decide in early adolescence whether they want to specialize in just one sport; i.e., the one (or two) sports they most enjoy.

Let’s be clear about the carrot and stick approach in youth sports today. Volunteer coaches tell athletes and parents that if you play with my team, you will gain more exposure from college coaches leading to a scholarship offer. While this has truth to the statement, the facts are that very few female athletes receive scholarships just based on their athletic ability.

Did you know that an athlete who has very good to excellent grades will get money from a D III school than an athlete without top grades? How can that be? D III doesn’t offer scholarships. Coaches are seeking “coachable” athletes and those who excel in time management for academics and sports, etc. The admissions departments often work with coaches to provide scholarship dollars to help these athletes matriculate at their schools.

Youth sports and adolescent sport participation is really life skills training that an individual realizes many years after their sport participation days are completed. Learning responsibility for their own actions and in team sports understanding how a group of athletes needs to work together for the common good helps young women mature into adulthood.

The emphasis needs to be on movement, fitness, sport, and life skills training. A leading trainer of professional, elite athletes puts it this way: “Based on the statistics, we have failed in our physical education and physical fitness programs for youth.” (SkillFit – A Blueprint for Building Physical Skills, Youth Edition. Kent Johnston; 2013)

Make certain you understand why your child(ren) is playing sports and make sure that sport participation provides opportunities for FUN and fitness first – not winning from an early age that can be detrimental to long term success. Youngsters need a program where they have FUN, develop movement patterns and sport skills that are safe and age-appropriate so they are minimizing their risk for injury and becoming the best student-athlete each can be.

Warren J. Potash, Specialist in Exercise Therapy and Sports Nutrition and Sports Performance Coach Author: They’re Not Boys – Safely Training the Adolescent Female Athlete (2012) and co-author Your Lower Back (1993)

What You Need To Know About Laser Skin Tightening

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seniorwoman2It happens to all of us as we get older. We look in the mirror and see the bags, wrinkles, and loose skin changing the face that was once so easily recognizable to us. In a desperate attempt to continue to look as young as we feel, we start looking for remedies: moisturizers to smooth out wrinkles; morning creams that claim to get rid of the bags under our eyes; specialized lotions that tighten the skin over time.

The problem with turning to these remedies is that few of them are truly effective. Since 2010, more and more people have turned to laser skin tightening treatments to help do away with the problem. Like any medical treatment, it is important to know what you are getting yourself into in terms of your long-term health.

Before turning to laser skin tightening treatments, it is important to educate yourself on the following:

• What is laser skin tightening?

• Can I get the treatment?

• How do I find a doctor?

• How is the treatment done?

• Does it require multiple treatments?

• What is the recovery period?

• How long does the treatment last?

• What are the risks and side effects?

What is laser skin tightening?

As people age, they lose elasticity in the skin, which causes fine lines and wrinkles. Laser skin tightening is a non-invasive alternative to having a complete face lift. The treatments are designed to stimulate collagen growth to create smoother skin and a more youthful appearance. There is very little down-time with this treatment, which is part of what makes it so popular.

Can I get the treatment?

Typically, the ideal age for laser skin tightening is between 30 to 60 years of age. Patients with major health issues are advised against the procedure because of potential risks involved with the treatment for skin tightening vs. the treatments that the health issues may require. The treatment is also ideal for patients who are only looking to resolve small problems. If there is a lot of sagging, you may be advised to consider the treatment with a face lift, or just to do the face life procedure to gain the best results.

The only way to be sure if you are a good candidate for the treatment is to schedule a consultation, be honest about your health and your goals, and let the experts decide.

How do I find a doctor?

doctorThere are facilities all over the US that are approved to complete the procedure. When looking for a doctor, make sure that they are using treatments that are FDA approved. The office should have no problem providing you with the information, and if they refuse it is a pretty good sign to look elsewhere. During your consultation, ask the doctor for references from previous patients, and ask to see a portfolio of before and after photos. These should give you a good gauge of his/her work.

How is the treatment done?

Infrared laser and radio-frequencies (RF) are emitted from a device that looks akin to a vacuum head against the skin. There is no suction involved. Instead, the skin is treated with the infrared and RF waves, which is designed to stimulate collagen growth that tightens the skin. Patients tend to experience a warm sensation on the skin where the treatment is applied, and in some cases there is minor discomfort, much like a rubber-band snapping lightly against the skin as it tightens.

Since the treatment is non-invasive, no anesthesia is required. There is only minor discomfort, which only lasts for a few minutes after the procedure is complete. The treatment itself takes between 30-60 minutes depending on individual treatment needs.

Does it require multiple treatments?

Not necessarily. Depending on the level of treatment required, you may need more than one treatment. Generally, only those who have more lines and sagging in the skin require more than one treatment to complete the skin tightening process.

What is the recovery period?

Since the treatment is non-invasive, recovery is generally very quick. Patients are out the door the same day they walk in. The doctor will give you a home treatment that is generally necessary for 2-5 days after the treatment. This regimen includes applying specialized SPF lotions to the skin to prevent the sun from damaging the collagen cells before they get a chance to fully recover. Results can take anyway from 3 to 6 months to come to complete fruition.

How long does the treatment last?

The length of effective time for the treatment after the procedure is complete depends on the individual. Exposure to the sun changes the lasting effects by individual and intensity of the original treatment. Typically, patients will return every 6 to 12 months for follow-up procedures that are not as extensive as the initial treatment.

What are the risks and side effects?

The treatment is FDA approved, and there are no significant risks involved. Some patients report minor side effects, such as redness and swelling of the skin, but these only last for a few days after the procedure. In rare cases, patients may experience mild pigment discoloration, bruising, or blisters.

– Submitted by Katherine Smith

Steps You Need To Follow To Make Your Kids Self Reliant

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By Diana Maria

twokidsunYou often would come across certain parents that linger over their kids and jump over even at some of their slightest things they do in their daily chores. They simply do not expect and forgive their simplest mistakes they commit and such parents are in large numbers. On the other side you have powerful parents who very well understand that their children would learn while they commit any small or big mistake in their lives. Speaking in terms of development it is fair to see kids becoming more and more reliant and independent with their growing age. Parents need to find midways and balance their lives to up bring their kids in order to make them self reliant. If you are worried as a parent as to what steps you need to follow to make your kids independent, check out these steps as discussed below:

Let your kids take some decisions

Even kids have the power of making good decisions provided you give them some opportunities. For instance, allow them to decide between the blue and red shirt or in between the cheese sandwich or the butter sandwich. As kids grow you can ask them to take few decisions with certain small or without any guidance. They can even express their desire to get engaged themselves for instance they can easily decide on hiring a math tutor for them or to which friends they should stay together, etc. You may be discouraged to allow your kids taking these decisions; however, allowing them sometime can really help them to grow. Even though if they commit mistakes while taking such decisions but doing this will certainly help them in learning from the same.

Motivate your kids to try out certain jobs on their own

Though it may sound a big strange but kids are supposed to get engaged in some responsible tasks as well. In this way they would learn from the given responsibility. This could include things like packing their own bags and making their own beds. These things could be the best ways to begin with. The older kids can be given bigger tasks as well, like cooking or making them responsible for doing their own homework without the parents checking. With these things you can see children coming one step ahead and asking to participate in different things you do, however, you need to be smart enough to decide which tasks to allocate and which one to avoid. By adding responsibility over their shoulders can really help them to grow and even learn from their mistakes.

Become your kid’s coach instead of being his sage

If you see your kids asking questions about certain things to do or asking the action plan for any particular situation, at times instead of replying them certain answers, asking questions can prove fruitful to you. You can pose the same question to your child and just try to know how they would react at that particular situation. By doing this, you can certainly help your kid to unlock a number of answers in the brain of your kid. Hence the next time when you see your kid approaching you with certain situation, he would certainly try to use his brain and put his step forward to become self reliant.

Try to be a good support system of your child

groupkidswbgAt times this can prove out to be a cheering thing for your kids while rest of the time it can mean to motivate them to try once again. Indeed the kids when they really need your help should realize the fact that they can easily count on you. So make sure you teach them to seek your help whenever they feel they really require it. This is only possible when you make them as your friend, which can help them to share all the things they do in their daily chores. At such junctures, they will never hesitate to share even something challenging and dangerous things as well with you. So, when they finally come to ask your help you are supposed to be their perfect support system as it helps in making them feel more protected.

Motivate them for healthy risk taking things

Assure your kid that making certain decisions on their own is okay to you. We all know doing certain things the first time may not be a perfect thing at one go, which even applies for the adults. However, it shouldn’t deter you to allow your kids to try out the healthy risk taking things. It may be natural to see parents shielding their kids for certain risky taking tasks, however, if you do so you are actually snatching away the opportunity to become confidence and self reliant.

Final words

Seeing a self-reliant child in this fast and busy world has become a compulsion rather than obligation for the modern day parents. The above steps can really help them in becoming a self reliant kid.

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