The Modern, Sluggish Brain

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brainThe recent revelation that that 84 out of 85 undergraduates failed to reproduce the iconic Apple logo, despite the majority being Mac users themselves, highlights the unique ways in which our brains process information, according to Dr. Sandeep Grewal, author of the book “Dementia Express.”

In the study conducted at UCLA, participants were asked to recreate the logo on paper by memory, while others were asked to simply pick it out of a logo line-up consisting of similar, slightly-altered versions. Despite how confident many of the volunteers felt about their own familiarity with the brand before the test, fewer than half were able to successfully identify the correct one.

“People had trouble picking out the correct logo even when it was right in front of them,” said senior author of the study, Dr. Alan Castel, associate professor of psychology at UCLA. This is the same Dr. Castel who in 2012 demonstrated how unfamiliar most people are with fire extinguisher locations where they work, despite, in many cases, passing them every day.

The results were published in March in the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, and were attributed to the ways in which the mind retains data. Some data is more roughly retained, the study explains, and perhaps our brains learn to discern between which memories are more crucial, and which are more disposable.

“It’s also a reflection of how muddled the modern mind has become,” Dr. Grewal adds. “Our brains are so bombarded by data, much more than with earlier generations. We lose our concentration much easier, and sometimes we think we’re paying far better attention than we actually are.”

Grewal is an internal medicine specialist practicing in both Carolinas, and author of the book “Dementia Express” which deals specifically with keeping our minds more sharpened as we age.

“Like any other muscle, the brain needs an occasional workout – if not a regular routine,” he explains. “To stave off dementia, to keep yourself sharp and keep motor function in top working order, that’s why we exercise our minds.”

Grewal’s book was designed to be a mental workout of its own. The text utilizes backwards logic and frequently contradicts itself as an exercise in decoding its true meaning. Readers are encouraged to forget what they’ve learned, and to not worry about trouble signs, all while suggesting the exact opposite.

“It’s a fun way to your brain on its toes” the doctor adds. “It’s a real page turner, as you literally never know what’s on the next page.”

Dr. Grewal’s book, “Dementia Express,” is available on amazon.

The Health And Well-being Benefits Of Modern Rhinoplasty

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By James Helliwell

newsRhinoplasty is not just used for increasing your aesthetic appearance. Rhinoplasty can help with a wide variety of health problems and can be used to increase personal well-being. You should always go to a reputable practice. We spoke with Sam Becker, who runs The Rhinoplasty Center based in Philadelphia to outline some of the health benefits that this procedure can have.

Alleviating respiratory sleep problems

Many sleep problems can be linked to breathing issues such as sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a potentially dangerous condition in which sufferers stop breathing in the middle of sleep. The condition may lead to heart problems, and, when it is severe, it may increase the risk of stroke and cancer.

This is important because sleep apnea often stems from an underlying physiological problem, which, in some cases, stems from a malformed or misshapen nose. In these cases, getting rhinoplasty may significantly alleviate, if not cure, the underlying cause of the sleep apnea, as changes may be made to the size and shape of the nose, thus facilitating easier breathing.

Correcting injuries stemming from sports or accidents

A number of people suffer with body image issues as a result of damage done while playing sports or being involved in an accident, as nose injuries are common. A broken or fractured nose can seriously affect the appearance of the nose, as well as cause respiratory problems that may not have existed previously.

Getting rhinoplasty can remedy both the aesthetic and health-related consequences of a nose injury, which will boost feelings of confidence and well-being.

Increasing self-esteem and feelings of psychological well-being

Many people don’t understand the extent to which unhappiness with facial features can lead to feelings of diminished psychological and emotional well-being. If looking in the mirror causes someone unhappiness to the point of withdrawing from work or social activities, it may be time to consider examining the cause and exploring solutions that will enhance feelings of happiness and self-esteem. The nose is a very common source of unhappiness for a number of people, making rhinoplasty instrumental in solving longstanding problems.