Lose Weight And Feel Healthy By Cycling

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By Michael Peggs

BikingCycling is a fun and healthy exercise for all the family. Not only is it a great way to get everyone together and outside in the fresh air, away from their iPads, but it can also improve your family’s fitness, and help your children to lose weight and feel healthy. There are so many benefits to cycling but let’s start with the most important. As one of the easiest aerobic exercises, cycling burns a ton of calories and can help to combat obesity.

With nearly 78 million adults and 13 million children dealing with obesity problems every day in the US, this real health issue has been exacerbated by our sedentary lifestyles, computer games, processed foods and activities that replace physical exercise. While you may be no Martha Stewart in the kitchen and struggle to provide nutritious balanced meals for your kids every day, getting them on their bikes, even just two or three times a week, will be a great help. Nearly one in three kids in the US today is overweight or obese; don’t let yours be one of them.

Cycling also causes our hearts to beat steadily and improves overall cardiovascular fitness, which can decrease the risk of developing heart diseases by as much as a half. So, not only will you be helping your kids lose weight, but they will also be warding off potentially life threatening conditions later on. What’s more, while it’s rather an exaggeration to say that cycling will ensure your kids don’t smoke or drink later on, it may well be a deterrent, as the lung capacity needed for constant stamina on a bike is significantly affected by smoking and most people who cycle have a lower desire to smoke or drink.

Cycling is also a relatively cheap way of keeping your family fit. Once you buy the bike and the helmet, the cost of maintenance is very low and you don’t have to pay regular subscriptions. You also have the bike at your beck and call 24 hours a day and don’t have to fit in with a gym timetable or soccer practice dates. Fixies are currently hot right now and that’s good news for parents, as these fixed gear city bikes are inexpensive and provide endless customization possibilities that let your kids identify with their bike and give it a color and personality of its own.

Cycling to school instead of taking the bus, or instead of you having to drive them can also save you considerable money on bus fare or gas. If you want to set a good example for your kids, you can even think about cycling to work. Not only will you feel better and set a healthy pattern for your kids to follow but it will help you to lose weight and help save the environment in the process.

Last but not least, cycling can also make your children feel happier. The released endorphins from regular exercise, combined with being outside and enjoying nature will help them to study and sleep better, let off steam and be happier. So, the next time you see bikes for sale, just think about all the benefits you could be bringing yourself and your family.

– Michael Peggs is the founder of digital marketing agency Marccx Media, where they specialize in SEO and Content Marketing. Before Marcxx, Peggs worked at Google in business development, forming digital media and advertising partnerships. He is also a blogger and podcaster, hosting the iTunes Top 10 New & Noteworthy podcast You University – The Personal Branding Podcast.

Study Shows That Teens Lose Sleep After Change To Daylight Saving Time

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This article is courtesy of PRWeb and the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, please share your comments below…..

SleepingWomanA new study shows that high school students lose sleep on school nights following the change to daylight saving time that occurs in March. The loss of sleep during the school week was associated with a decline in vigilance and cognitive function, which raises safety concerns for teen drivers.

Results show that the average objectively measured sleep duration on the weeknights after the spring time change declined to 7 hours, 19 minutes, which reflects a mean loss of 32 minutes per night compared with the school week prior to the implementation of daylight saving time. Average cumulative sleep loss on weeknights following the time change was 2 hours, 42 minutes. During school days after the time change, students also displayed increased sleepiness and a decline in psychomotor vigilance, including longer reaction times and increased lapses of attention.

“For many years now, sleep researchers have been concerned about sleep deprivation in adolescents,” said principal investigator Dr. Ana Krieger, medical director of the Weill Cornell Center for Sleep Medicine at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital and associate professor of clinical medicine, of medicine in clinical neurology, and of clinical genetic medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City. “This study unveils a potential additional factor that may further restrict their sleep in the early spring.”

Study results are published in the August issue of the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine.

According to the authors, this is the first study to quantify the detrimental effects of daylight saving time implementation using objective measurements of sleep duration and vigilance in students attending high school.

The study group comprised 35 high school students with a mean age of 16.5 years. Nightly sleep duration was measured at home by actigraphy during the weeks prior to and after the change to daylight saving time. Participants also completed a sleep diary to report subjective sleep measures. Measurements of daytime sleepiness and vigilance were collected using the Karolinska Sleepiness Scale (KSS) and the Psychomotor Vigilance Test (PVT).

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine recommends that adolescents get a little more than nine hours of nightly sleep for optimal health and daytime alertness during the critical transition from childhood to adulthood.

“Getting adequate sleep is key for many facets of an adolescent’s development,” said Dr. Nathaniel F. Watson, president of the AASM. “This study raises significant concern about the consequences of impeding their already hectic sleep schedules with Daylight Saving Time every spring.”

To request a copy of the study, “Adverse Effects of Daylight Saving Time on Adolescents’
Sleep and Vigilance,” or to arrange an interview with the study author or an AASM spokesperson, please contact Communications Coordinator Lynn Celmer at 630-737-9700, ext. 9364, or lcelmer(at)aasmnet(dot)org.

The monthly, peer-reviewed Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine is the official publication of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, a professional membership society that improves sleep health and promotes high quality patient centered care through advocacy, education, strategic research, and practice standards (http://www.aasmnet.org). The AASM encourages patients to talk to their doctor about sleep problems or visit http://www.sleepeducation.org for a searchable directory of AASM-accredited sleep centers.

Top 10 Indian Spices That Help You Lose Weight

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By Shishir Rao

weightlossballtextIt is indeed surprising that so few of us turn to Indian spices for combating weight loss (or other problems for that matter), especially considering that Indian medicine has pre-existed its western counterparts for many hundred years in the form of ayurveda. Though the knowledge probably has little value today in the field of applied medicine, it is not so when it comes to the diet and healthy nutrition. With that in mind, here is a list of 10 Indian spices that have proven great for weight loss. Many have benefited from this knowledge for centuries; it’s your turn to reap the advantages now.

1. Black Pepper (Kali Mirch): The hot and spicy pepper is a great way to lose weight since it contains piperine, which speeds up the body’s metabolism, meaning that fats and carbs which are eaten get burned faster by the body to release energy instead of getting stored as fat. Besides, it also improves digestion, which results in better absorption of nutrients by the body.

2. Cardamom (Elaichi): Renowned for its ability to prevent gas formation and the consequent bloating of the stomach that it brings about, cardamom, like most other ‘hot’ spices, also increases metabolism in the body.

3. Turmeric (Haldi): Besides the usual speeding of metabolism, turmeric proves extremely beneficial towards treating indigestion, gallbladder troubles, high cholesterol (it reduces bad cholesterol in the blood stream), inflammations, etc. It is sometimes also believed to help with diseases like arthritis, Alzheimer’s, asthma, dermatitis, psoriasis and yeast infections.

4. Mustard seeds (Sarson): Mustard seeds have the x-factor when it comes to boosting metabolism since it is shown to have thermogenic properties that ensure that your metabolic rate stays high even after several hours of consuming the spice.

5. Asafoetida (Hing): A common ingredient in traditional Indian medicine, asafetida is well known for its anti-spasmodic properties, besides aiding digestion and being a sedative. Not only do these properties make it a weight loss agent, but it is also a strong antioxidant and may help in combating cancer.

6. Cloves (Laung): Like other hot spices, this thin long spice, with a slight bulge on one end, is a great way to increase the body’s metabolism rate, which means you burn calories quicker and stay in shape longer.

spice7. Cinnamon (Dalchini): Consumption of this delicately sweet and spicy spice proves healthy nutrition since cinnamon controls blood sugar levels (i.e. maintains the balance of insulin levels) in the body and thus in turn reduces the desire to eat fattening sugary foods.

8. Coriander seeds (Dhaniya): Sometimes also known as cilantro, this spice is a great way to improve digestion and also controls bad cholesterol in the blood, which not only does a ton of good for your heart health, but aids in weight loss as well.

9. Cumin seeds (Jeera): Cumin seeds too boost metabolism and improve the working of the digestive system; not only this, but they also strengthen the immune system and help in flushing out toxins, which provides for better nutrient assimilation.

10. Fennel seeds (Saunf): A spice that is often chewed after Indian dinners, fennel seeds aid in digestion and quicken metabolism. It is one of the oldest known spice for weight loss in the west, and was introduced as such as far back as 1650 by William Coles in ‘Nature’s Paradise’.

– Shishir Rao is a contributor at LeanOnLife.com. He is a fitness aficionado, and has been writing articles on health and fitness since he was 18. Shishir believes in doing his bit to spread awareness about healthy living, and he does it through his writing, one article at a time!

Bariatric Surgery As An Ideal Approach To Lose Weight

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By Francis Gropose

weightlossballtextBariatric surgery is a weight loss surgery that has been popular throughout the years. It works by changing the anatomy if the digestive system to decrease the amount of food that you can consume. Bariatric surgery has different kinds. These may include adjustable gastric banding, gastric bypass, vertical sleeve gastrectomy and duodenal switch. It is very important that you are emotionally, mentally and physically ready for the procedure. Social workers are doing counseling to people that wants to undergo the procedure. This will prepare the patient on the changes that he will have to face after the procedure.

The Initial Diet

For the first few weeks following the surgery, all-liquid diet is recommended. The stomach becomes really sensitive so it must not suffer excess pressure. But you have to know the difference between sipping and gulping. You have to sip the liquid and not gulp them. Your body needs the right amount of calorie which makes nutritional shakes perfect. You have to make sure that your body is getting the vitamins, proteins and minerals that it needs. This may require taking multivitamins. You have to take in a lot of protein so your body shall use it as a building block for cell repair.

Important Reminders

You may speak to your nutritionist before you decide on a particular bariatric surgery weight-loss product. There are important factors that will determine the kind of diet that you have to have. These may have something to do with your health, metabolism, appetite and the kind of bariatric surgery that you had. Dosages and the regularity of use can differ among diverse products and bariatric patients so it is advisable that you use them under medical supervision only. This will avoid any complication on your part.

Possible Risks and Complications

Bariatric surgery may result to risks and complications like bleeding, leaks and infection. You may also develop blood clots that can travel to the heart or lungs.

Bariatric surgery may result to risks and complications like bleeding, leaks and infection. You may also develop blood clots that can travel to the heart or lungs. Hernias are another difficulty that can occur at the location where the incision or scar is located in the intestine. The hernia may result to a bulge that can block the digestive tract. These are serious risks but with the right team that should perform the surgery for you, there is nothing that you shall worry about. You have to locate the best hospital for weight loss surgery to make sure that you are getting professional assistance. And also, you have to follow your diet well. Malnutrition may occur if you do not take the prescribed vitamins and supplements.

– Francis Gropose has been a dedicated writer for two years. His goal is to educate people about the different ways to lose weight without being confined with the traditional approaches like balanced diet and regular exercise. Francis has created two blogs that discuss problems on weight loss; the factors that contribute to obesity; weight loss treatments like bariatric surgery and other related topics. For the past two years, he wrote various articles and posted other contents over the web hoping that it will change one’s life in the aspect of health. Francis may sound so simple with his endeavors yet he finds happiness in continuing his commitment of promoting good health through blogging.

Dr. Michael Wald’s List Of 30 Ways For Kids To Lose Weight

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By Dr. Michael Wald

obeseboyvectorbelly1. Identify and address psychological issues associated with eating too often and/or too much.

• Overweight adolescents are more likely than normal-weight children to be victims of bullying, or to be bullies themselves

• Adolescents are extremely reliant on peers for social support, identity and self-esteem

• Being overweight isolates adolescents from their peers

• Depression, anxiety, and obsessive compulsive disorder could also result from overeating

2. Get sufficient sleep.

• Sleep allows an adolescent’s body to rest for the following day and is important for brain function, growth, and immune system strength

• When the body doesn’t have enough hours to rest, many consequences can occur such as:

– Feel tired or cranky

– Being unable to think clearly

– Having a hard time following directions

– Tasks that are normally easy seem hard

3. Be realistic about weight loss goals as weight loss does not happen overnight and weight loss efforts vary considerably among children and adults.

• Setting unrealistic goals may lead to frustration, and frustration may lead to giving up on goals all together

• Make a comprehensive plan that is gradual and easy to follow so that the child can feel accomplished!

4. Use music for motivation during exercise or to precipitate exercise.

• Exercising to music they like will make it more fun for your child so that they will be more likely to participate in exercise

5. Consider keeping a food and calorie log.

• This will make you, and your child, more aware of what they are eating, and how much they are eating

6. Get friends and family members to join in your exercise and healthy eating efforts.

7. Try and sweat a lot during exercise.

8. Exercise for 15-minute intervals each day.

9. Drink water before all meals.

• Doing this will help to fill the stomach, making your child less hungry

10. Don’t skip meals.

• Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all very IMPORTANT!

11. Do not NOT eat!

12. Kids should not attempt adult weight loss programs

13. Eliminate all soda

14. Eliminate all fruit juices

15. Switch from regular milk to fat free or 1-2% as a beverage or in cooking

16. Chew food thoroughly

17. Serve food on smaller plates

18. Do not eat fried foods.

• Eat baked and broiled foods instead

19. Replace refined carbohydrates with non-refined carbohydrates

20. Make a chart and reward your children for specific goals.

• Use a star chart with small rewards

21. Have your children drink lots of water as it promotes weight loss.

22. Remove all unhealthy foods from the house.

23. Encourage children to eat fruit as in-between snacks.

24. Cook healthy meals with your children

25. Avoid eating anything within 2 hrs of bedtime

• This will contribute more to weight gain as calories are burned more slowly in the evening.

26. Play at Bounce or another athletic facility on a regular basis.

27. Children should eat smaller portions of unhealthy foods (but not as a reward)

28. Find another sport that your child likes.

• Vary the activities for better results

29. Have your child do push-ups and sit ups everyday.

30. Create an exercise schedule that is reasonable for your child.

– Dr. Michael Wald, aka The Blood Detective, is the director of nutritional services at Integrated Medicine of Mount Kisco, located in Westchester New York. He has appeared on ABC World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer, Channel 11 PIX, Channel 12 News, CNN, The Food Network and other media outlets. Dr. Wald earned the name Blood Detective for his reputation to find problems that are often missed by other doctors. He earned an MD degree, is a doctor of chiropractic and a certified dietician-nutritionist. He is also double-board certified in nutrition. He has published over a dozen books with three additional titles due for release late 2013 including: Frankenfoods – Genetically Modified Foods: Controversies, Lies & Your Health and Gluten-A-Holic: How to Live Gluten Free and the Blood Detective’s Longevity Secrets. Dr. Wald can be reached at: www.intmedny.com or www.blooddetective.com or by calling: 914-242-8844.

Smart And Effective Steps To Help You Lose Weight With Hypothyroidism – Part 2

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By Avelina Kongoi

Continued from part 1 of this article…..

broccoli2. Start To Eat More Healthy, and Nutritious Meals That Are Rich in Vegetables and Protein

After getting yourself checked out by your local doctor the next most important thing you are ever going to do is make sure that you begin to eat really healthy meals. This means that every meal you make should contain a good portion of vegetables and also a good portion of protein.

You might be surprised to hear that protein is the most satisfying of all the macronutrients out there… even more than fats and carbohydrates. But the other benefit of protein is that it will help to maintain that muscle mass which is very important to keeping that metabolism revved up!

But as with anything out there, not all protein sources have been created equal. The best out there is Whey protein and the one that I’d recommend simply because it contains a lot more branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) which are very, very good for your muscles. On top of that this protein is a lot more satisfying to your hunger than the others that are out there.

3. Begin To Eat Foods High in Fiber and Avoid Foods Filled With Sugar

If you’re absolutely serious about losing that excess weight then you’ll want to do whatever you can to avoid eating sugary foods because they will completely destroy your chance of losing weight! On top of that they are just bad for your overall health, which is never good!

Instead of consuming junk foods you should instead focus your time and effort on eating foods that are high in fiber. The reason for this is because not only are they far more satisfying but they will also help to prevent any sort of constipation to come about as a result of your hypothyroidism.

4. Exercise As Often As Possible

joggersEven if you’re the busiest person in the world you don’t have any excuse because you can still dedicate 10 minutes a day to doing some form of exercise. You literally only need 10 minutes a day, every single day to help boost up your metabolism. Do so consistently and you will begin to shed those excess pounds in no time at all.

Not only are you going to start to see the benefit of shedding weight from completing your fitness routine but you will also notice that your muscle mass will begin to increase slowly but surely. And as a lot of you already know the more muscle mass you have on your person the higher your base metabolic rate will be.

And of course the higher your metabolism is the more calories you are going to be burning over time. On top of that you are going to start to look really amazing too, so much so that you will begin to notice that people will start to compliment you on how great you look.

So you see, while it may be a little harder for you to lose weight when you have hypothyroidism… it isn’t at all impossible and if you just stick with the process and put in the hard work every single day!

Guest article written By Avelina Kongoi of hypothyroidismdietplan.org

Smart And Effective Steps To Help You Lose Weight With Hypothyroidism – Part 1

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By Avelina Kongoi

scaleFrom personal experience I can tell you with confidence that you are only ever going to be able to truly appreciate how hard it is to shed weight when you have hypothyroidism is when you’re actually suffering from the disease yourself. You won’t just be limited to weight related issues when it comes to having an underactive thyroid. In fact you’ll more than likely end up suffering from many other symptoms too.

There are an estimated 30 million individuals across America right now who are actually suffering from the disease right now. But even more shocking that this fact is that there are many, many more individuals across America and the world who have yet to be told officially that they have the condition.

Another disease that is getting even more common among normal people is something that is known as subclinical hypothyroidism. A person who has this condition will experience a lot of the symptoms of hypothyroidism without actually suffering from the disease itself. This usually occurs because of poor nutrition, and simply improving their diet will totally change things around.

If you have hypothyroidism it essentially means that your metabolism will have slowed right down which means that you will burn far fewer calories than a normal individual. It really is as simple as that.

You will basically run into weight related issues when you have thyroid glands that aren’t working as they should be. The reason that this happens in the first place is because your thyroid glands are not producing enough thyroid hormones (T3 and T4) which are largely responsible for maintaining your bodies metabolism and also making sure that every cell in the body gets the energy that it needs to get through the day properly. So you can say that these hormones are largely responsible for helping your body burn the calories they need to burn.

Not having enough thyroid hormones basically means that you will not burn as many calories as a normal individual. This is the very reason why people with an underactive thyroid find it so difficult to lose excess weight.

Easy To Follow Tips To Help You Shed Weight With Hypothyroidism

1. Ensure Your Local Doctor Officially Tests, Diagnoses and Treats You

The most important step of all is to make sure that you get yourself down to the local doctor to get officially tested and given a proper diagnosis. This is the first and most essential step of all to get your health back on track.

The most important step of all is to make sure that you get yourself down to the local doctor to get officially tested and given a proper diagnosis.

Your doctor will basically give you a blood test, which will measure the amount of T3 and T4 in your system. On top of this, the blood test will measure the amount of thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) that is running about in your body. If the final results that come out show that you have high levels of TSH and low levels of T3 and T4 then it’s a good sign that you may be suffering from hypothyroidism.

If it is known that you’re actually suffering from hypothyroidism then your doctor will more than likely prescribe you with something that is known as levothyroxine. In essence this is a synthetic form of T4, which will help to slowly but surely build up your thyroid hormones back to the level they should be.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this articles shortly…..

Guest article written By Avelina Kongoi of hypothyroidismdietplan.org

How To Stretch Like A Cat And Lose Weight Instantly

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By Natasha N. Deonarain, MD, MBA

catstretchingBella had attitude. She’d slip inside the screen door whenever she felt like it, not when we called. She’d toss us a deprecating glance as if to say, “What are YOU doing here?”

Then, sliding into the living room, she’d stretch her leg high in the air, arch her back and drop onto the carpet, barely lifting her head. Her expression all but said, “What are you STILL doing here?”

She didn’t care who was watching, or what we thought. And she certainly couldn’t give a rat’s behind if we judged her, or not. She was at home in her own body.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all be like cats and learn how to lose weight instantly by starting from a different perspective than what modern medicine has taught us?

For some time, we have been made to believe that health is the absence of disease. But nothing could be further from the truth. Somehow, using this as the benchmark, we’ve learned that we are not perfect, just as we are.

And so, we’ve been made to feel guilty about our weight and subsequently about our state of health. We are told to ‘diet’ and ‘exercise.’ When we follow doctor’s orders, we often end up sabotaging our efforts and fail at our goals. We may then get punished by the medical system and told that we must lose weight. Going home, we exist in state of self-loathing, still desperate to do what our doctor told us to do.

For some time, we have been made to believe that health is the absence of disease.

Nothing will lead us to failure faster than this paradox we have created in medicine.

So what if we did something radically different? What if we began exactly where we are right here and right now, and simply worked on reconnecting our minds to our physical bodies, exemplified by Bella? Could we then lose weight without even trying hard?

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how to do just that and create a new paradigm from which to find optimal health.

• First, decide that this is ‘ME’ time. Close the door of a room that’s got enough space for you to move around. Turn on some sexy, slinky music.

• Then, promise yourself that you will stop ALL thinking. Promise again.

• As the music unfolds, begin to move your body very gently. Swivel your hips. Shift your shoulders. Curl your arms up and out. Begin to feel what it’s like to move without thinking.

• Keep moving until the music stops, or until you feel complete.

Despite what our current healthcare system wants you to believe, you are not a victim. Nor is your health a liability. There is absolutely nothing to fear in this moment, despite a system that thrives on your fear. You are perfect in this moment, just as you are.

Now, once you have come to this new starting place, you can begin a different journey that will help you to lose weight instantly….long before those doctor’s scales tell you otherwise!

– This article is based on the book The 7 Principles of Health: Your Call to Health Consciousness by Natasha N. Deonarain, MD, MBA. She is a medical doctor of 20 years and founder of the Health Conscious Movement at Facebook.com/TheHealthConsciousMovement and www.health-conscious.org.

Adult Diabetes Drug Helps Severely Obese Youths Lose Weight

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exerciseFrom Your Health Journal…..”A very interesting article today from one of my favorite site to promote called NewsMax Health called Adult Diabetes Drug Helps Severely Obese Youths Lose Weight. A drug that was originally approved to treat and help adults with diabetes could possibly also help severely obese youths lose some weight. The researchers of this study state there are few treatments available for severely obese children outside of lifestyle changes and surgery, and they wanted to see if the weight loss seen in adults would also happen in children with a drug called Exenatide. Between 4 and 6 percent of American teens and children under 18 years of age are severely obese. Severe obesity in children is classified as a body mass index (BMI), a measurement of weight in relation to height, of 35 or more on the adult scale. That’s the BMI of a 12-year-old girl who is five feet tall and 155 pounds. BMI is not 100% accurate, but is just an indication of whether someones weight falls within a healthy range. Please visit the NewsMax web site (link provided below) to read the complete article. It will be interesting to see if this will be approved sometime in the future for obese children to lose weight. Right now, the doctors in the study do not recommend usage by children to lose weight.”

From the article…..

A drug originally approved to treat adults with diabetes may also help severely obese youths lose some weight, according to a new study.

“We’re encouraged by these trial results because there is potentially a role for this class (of drugs) to be useful in terms of weight reduction and cardiovascular risk control,” said Aaron Kelly, the study’s lead author from the University of Minnesota Medical School in Minneapolis.

Exenatide, which is marketed by Amylin Pharmaceuticals Inc. as Byetta, was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 2005 to boost production of the hormone insulin in adults with Type 2 diabetes. People with the disease do not produce enough of the hormone, or their body is resistant to it.

The drug, which is injected in a person’s belly twice a day and costs about $2,000 per year, was also found to reduce body weight by slowing down how quickly food moves through the body, which gives a person the feeling of being fuller longer.

The researchers write that there are few treatments available for severely obese children outside of lifestyle changes and surgery, and they wanted to see if the weight loss seen in adults would also happen in children.

For the new study, Kelly, who also works at Amplatz Children’s Hospital, and his colleagues recruited severely obese participants between 12 and 19 years old from around Minnesota, and separated them into two groups.

Between 4 percent and 6 percent of American youths under 18 years of age are severely obese, according to the authors, who published their study in JAMA Pediatrics on Monday.

Severe obesity in children is classified as a body mass index (BMI), a measurement of weight in relation to height, of 35 or more on the adult scale. That’s the BMI of a 12-year-old girl who is five feet tall and 155 pounds.

To read the complete article…..Click here

Low-Fat Foods Help People Cut Cholesterol, Lose Weight And Stay Slim

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From Your Health Journal…..”This is an excellent article to read, and very good points. The study used a very large control group, so it may be more conclusive with its results. In a nutshell, cutting back on fatty foods can lower cholesterol and slim down. But, remember, always talk with your doctor before changing your diet too much. For many people, they do need some fat in their diet, as many of the unsaturated fats have positive effects on the body including regulating hormonal levels, regulating temperature levels, insulates the body, protects body organs, and assists with the absorption of vitamins A,D,E, & K.”

From the article…..

Forget fad diets pushing cabbage soup, weight-loss shakes or maple syrup. Swapping fatty foods for low-fat alternatives will keep you slim – and now there’s World Health Organisation-backed research to prove it.

A review of 33 trials involving 73,589 men, women and children in America, Europe and New Zealand found that choosing low fat foods helped people lose around 3.5 pounds, slim their waist-lines and cut bad cholesterol – all without dieting.

Researchers who led the study said its results prove for the first time that people can lose weight without trying to.

“The weight reduction..when people ate less fat was remarkably consistent – we saw it in almost every trial. Those who cut down more on fat lost more weight,” said Lee Hooper from the University of East Anglia medical school, who led the work.

“The effect isn’t dramatic, like going on a diet,” she said, adding that the research specifically looked at people who were cutting down on fat, but didn’t aim to lose weight – so were continuing to consume a normal amount of food.

“What surprised us was that they did lose weight, their BMI (body mass index) decreased and their waists became slimmer,” Hooper said. The lower fat eaters also kept their weight down over at least seven years.

The review – commissioned by the WHO’s Nutrition Guidance Expert Advisory Group (NUGAG) after a request to update their guidelines on fat intake – will now form a crucial part of global recommendations, the researchers said.

To read the full story…..Click here