Five Personal Hygiene Habits Your Kid Must Have

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By Terrie Dawson

washhandsHygiene facilitates good health and prosperity. Every generation passes on some habits to the next generation to promote hygiene. It also increases social acceptance as unhygienic people are regarded as unhealthy for the society. Often parents start off with the education early on with their kids which in itself is a good practice. Though there is a long list of habits that must be inculcated but here we will talk about 5 most vital personal hygiene habits that your kids must have.

Take a look:

Hand wash

The careless attitude is the cause behind majority of infections (gastro and colds). Kids lay their hands on a lot of contaminated places and eat with the same hands without washing them. The first and the foremost hygiene habit that every kid must practice is to wash hands before eating and after coming from outside. It is also important that they follow the right technique. They should use an antibacterial soap or a hand wash, lather and then rinse for about 15 seconds starting from wrists to the nails. This drains off the potential germs.


Bathing should be followed like an everyday ritual. Bathing not only checks bad body odor but it also protects them from many diseases. There should be regular bath time. Many kids can shower on their own from the age of five. Parents can supervise so that they clean themselves well. The teenage is the most vulnerable age. With the anatomical changes happening to the life getting active, the teen’s body goes through a lot. Infections thus become commonplace. Athletic teens may encounter some fungal or bacterial infections, it is important that they control the spread by using best anti-bacterial or anti-fungal body soap. Regular hair-wash is also essential to check any dirt and germ build-up.

Brushing teeth

brushteethBrushing facilitates a fresh breath, checks gum diseases and is good for your pocket as well, I mean no dentist required. Sometimes it’s difficult to make kids brush their teeth. Parents must tell them how bad breath can make their friends shoo off. This will motivate them. Flossing for a minimum of three minutes and swishing with clean water will furnish a healthy smile. Brushing at night will check the bacterial growth by night which may be caused due to the food particles remaining in the mouth, if kept unclean.

Cover sneeze and cough

Sneezing and coughing in an appropriate manner is a good practice as doing the same at somebody’s face may annoy him. Therefore, it is important that the kids learn to block the passage with the elbow if there is no tissue available. It would be even better if they wash their hands using an antibiotic soap.

Hygiene of the genital parts

Both the girls and boys must keep their genital parts clean. This becomes even more important when the hormonal changes kick off during the puberty stage. Even before they enter this stage, they must know the importance of changing their inner garments regularly and keeping the parts clean and dry. Keeping them wet for long can cause fungal infections. Though using anti-fungal body soap may help, but prevention is better than cure. Hence personal hygiene habits are recommended.

Remember, kids learn from their elders. Therefore lead by example. Parents must practice these personal hygiene habits by themselves so that the kids learn and follow them.

– Terrie Dawson is a freelance writer by profession and fitness enthusiast at heart. Her passion is to encourage others to rediscover their lifestyle and get inspired for organic living. She is a contributor at Defense antifungal body soap which advocates curing skin problems. Besides this she contributes for various online health publications that mainly cover health guides, fitness and yoga.

Seven Responsibilities Parents Have Today (That Our Parents Didn’t)

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By Katherine Smith

familywalk2Parenting doesn’t just seem harder these days; it is harder. If you’re a new parent now, chances are you grew up in the 1980s, when “latchkey kid” was still a common term and nobody had yet heard of “cyberbullying.” Now, us parents have a whole host of new responsibilities that our own parents never had to contemplate!

Do any of these sound familiar?

Here are seven big responsibilities we have to our kids, that our own parents never had to think about.

1. Paying for college. This is the big one, right? Our parents didn’t have to take out student loans, we’re still paying off our own loans, and we’re going to make sure our kids have as few loans as possible. That means, for some of us, starting 529 plans before our kids are even born.

2. Preschool and elementary school admissions You know what else we do before our kids are even born? Start putting them on waiting lists for preschools. Our parents just sent us to the preschool down the block; we have to figure out which neighborhood public, private, or charter school is best for our families, and how to negotiate the admissions process to make sure our children get one of the limited slots.

3. Playdates. The word “playdate” was first coined in 1984, but it wasn’t until the next decade or so that it became the predominant form of entertaining young children. Now it is our responsibility as parents to organize, chauffeur, and entertain our kids during one-on-one “playdates” with other families — a far cry from sending a group of kids out into the backyard and telling them not to come in until dinner.

familywalk24. Making sure our kids aren’t left alone — ever. In the last 20 years, kids who walked to school or met friends at the local park were practicing independence. Now, if you let your kids play in the park alone, you might get a police officer knocking on your door. I support “free range” kids, but my local ordinances make it very hard for me to give them the independence I think they need. It makes sense that we’re no longer hanging keys around kids’ necks and teaching them to microwave their own after-school snacks, but I don’t like that I’m not allowed to let my two kids walk to school by themselves. Of course, I could have it worse off — some schools don’t even allow children to walk from the school building to their parent’s car un-escorted!

5. Using the internet. Here’s a challenge: Teaching kids how to behave on social media without bullying each other or posting information they may later regret. Teaching kids how to use the internet responsibly, without falling prey to scammers or malware pushers. Luckily, parents get a bit of help in this area. For their Titanium product, Trend Micro internet security notes that multiple device protection is the best way to detect phishing threats.

6. Protecting the environment. The first Earth Day was in 1970, right before a lot of us new parents were born. I don’t remember my parents ever talking to me about recycling or composting. Now, recycling is the law in many states, and it is our job as parents to prepare our children to treat the earth as a non-renewable resource.

7. Preparing for our own retirement. Many of us, including my family, are part of the “sandwich generation.” Now, I’m thinking about my own kids. As life expectancies grow, I want to make sure I’m not a burden on my children after I retire, and I want to set aside enough money for my own medical care in old age.

What about you? What responsibilities do you have to your children, that your own parents did not have?

How To Avoid The Flu If You Have Asthma

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By Zoe Camp

girlappleBad news, folks – Flu season is here. As usual, experts are urging consumers to get vaccinated, but between school, work, and everything else, it can be difficult to find time to get a flu shot. Indeed, it’s easy to fall into a “hope for the best” mindset, which usually works pretty well – that is, until you’re bedridden with all the miserable flu fix ins’.

If you have asthma, however, you’ve got a lot more to worry about. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, asthmatics face an increased risk of complications from the flu, including acute asthma attacks, a worsening of symptoms, and even pneumonia. Blame biology – people with asthma have swollen, sensitive airways, which doesn’t pair well with an inflammatory disease like the flu. Therefore, if you have asthma, COPD, or any other respiratory condition, it’s imperative that you take extra precautions to keep yourself healthy. Here are four steps you can take to reduce your risk.

Get a Flu Shot

The CDC urges everyone with asthma who is six months and older to get a flu vaccine every year. The vaccine drastically reduces the chances of contracting the flu virus, and is available pretty much everywhere, including the doctors’ office, pharmacies (including those found at large chains like Target), and schools. Although the Flu-Mist nasal spray vaccine is becoming more popular, the CDC recommends that it not be used by asthmatics.

Limit Your Contact With the Virus

Wash your hands. A lot. If you can, try not to touch your mouth, eyes or nose (major germ highways). And if you’re sick (and can’t stay home), cough into your sleeve and (surprise!) wash your hands even more.

Revisit Your (Or your Loved Ones’) Asthma Action Plan

While you’re at the doctor’s office (getting your vaccine, of course), go over your (or your child’s) Asthma Action Plan – and if you don’t have one yet, make one. Asthma Action Plans are essential for ensuring you receive the proper treatment in case symptoms develop.

If You’re Sick, Take It Easy

If you’re experiencing flu-like symptoms – high fever, cough, muscle aches or chills – stay home from work/school to avoid creating more misery for yourself and others. Eat a well-balanced diet, get lots of sleep, and anti-viral medications as prescribed. If you use a nebulizer, make sure you have extra neb-kits and supplies on hand.

If you have chronic respiratory issues and would like more information on how to stay safe this flu season, check out the CDC’s online resources. May your fall be fun and flu-free!

– Zoe Camp is an avid blogger for and a student at Columbia University who spends her time researching and writing about pulmonary health issues, specifically asthma.

How To Have Happy Heart Healthy Kids

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By Kac Young Ph.D, ND, DCH

groupkidsChildren are notoriously picky eaters. Take me, for example. I once sat at the kitchen table until 3 AM because my mother told me I couldn’t go to bed if I didn’t eat my broccoli. (My dad rescued me!) Yet today, broccoli is my favorite vegetable. Go figure!

Over the years I’ve watched many parents handle their children and chow. Here are my best tips for successfully managing your child’s nutrition and heart health:

1) Add Fun To The Food.
Use colors, create a festive-looking plate. Veggies come in all shapes , colors and sizes. Place them like a rainbow and serve them with information about what each vegetable brings to the table in the form of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and nutrition. You can also have them make a chart listing the benefits of each vegetable.

2) It’s Dinner, Not Combat.
No need to give your kids a “time out” or punish them for food they don’t want to eat. Open a conversation with them about taste, texture and let them explain what it is that turns them off. Keep them in the loop, suggest alternatives that you might try and don’t make them wrong for their preferences. Negotiate with them for foods that are nutritious but suit their palate. By giving them respect and consideration you’ll have better chances getting them to eventually incorporate some of the good eating habits into their lives by choice.

3) Don’t Baby Them
As soon as your children start eating solid foods, feed them the food you eat. Use a blender or a food processor to purée foods so they can consume them easily. Gradually, make their foods chunkier until they are eating what you eat. Don’t feed them cheese sandwiches, or Mac & Cheese just because it’s easier. Get them to eat adult food as soon as possible so the good habits will last a long lifetime.

4) Killer Snacks
cutekidsOne of the best things you can do is to feed your kids healthy snacks after school. Left to their own devices, most kids will choose something sweet, gooey, cheesy or comfort-type food. If you provide cut up veggies, trail mix, home- baked tortilla chips, guacamole, salsa, hummus, yogurt or healthy snack bars you bake, kids will feel much better if they snack on those than a candy bar. Try to stave off hungry tummies with good snacks and allow them to wait for the bigger meal with the whole family.

Your refrigerator should be a haven of fresh foods so your kids are tempted to eat only the good stuff. (Dump the frozen pizza pops!) Let kids help you clean the veggies and prepare the snacks so they feel they are part of their own healthy living choices.

5) Walk The Talk
The buck stops with you. Kids learn more from what you do than by what you say. If you’re tempted to grab a cupcake instead of a fresh fruit, then don’t be surprised if your kids roll their eyes when you tell them to eat healthy. Set an example so they’ll see firsthand how eating well pays off in terms of health, stamina, energy and well-being.

– Kac Young, a former television director and producer, earned a PhD in Natural Health and is a Doctor of both Clinical Hypnotherapy and Naturopathy. She is the author of 10 books. Heart Easy is a system of nutritionally sound, delicious meals that promote heart health, long life and taste great. In the Heart Easy Cook Book sound nutritional advice is followed by family favorites that have been turned into heart healthy meals that anyone can make and everyone will love. Learn more…..

Have You Lost Your Laugh? – Part 2

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By Kac Young PhD, ND, DCH

Continued from part 1 of this article…..

womantwisting4) Get a new haircut, change your hair color…unless of course, that’s what brought you to the brink in the first place. Don’t just walk in and say, “Hey, change my look,” unless you know the stylist and the salon and are confident about their work. Flip through some hairstyle magazines or look online and bring the picture to the stylist. Pick a color you’ve always wanted to try and go for it. Abandon expectations and let the new locks roll. Find out for yourself if blondes really do have more fun, if that has always been your secret desire. (For the record, I looked like a polar bear in a blizzard with blond hair – but at least now I know.)

5) Don’t consume a hot fudge sundae, indulge in a whole cheesecake, an entire box of Girl Scout cookies, a pint of Hagen Das, or a half-gallon of cheap burgundy. Instead, go to a frozen yogurt shop, add the fresh berries, skip the candy bar sprinkles and use a sugar free topping. There! You’re having a treat, but not one that will spike your insulin rate, add inches to your thighs and make you feel worse for having indulged. Caloric punishment will only add to your negative feelings and your physical lethargy. Treat yourself, but make it healthy.

6) Journey outside yourself and leave five messages for old friends that let them know you are thinking about them. If you want to avoid potentially getting into a long conversation, send them an online card or mail them a “thinking of you” physical card. Tell them what they mean to you and then pop it in the post.

7) Go to the bank and withdraw $50 or $100 from your account (unless lack of funds is what lost your laugh – then withdraw a little less, but still do it!) Have the teller count it out in one dollar bills for you. Spend each dollar with intention and thoughtfulness. Indulge yourself if you like, or pass the money around in creative ways. This activity will take your mind off your situation and boost your internal energy rockets as you become more and more creative with your stash of $1’s. You’ll feel the fun return right down to your toes.

8) What’s in town? Check out local listings and get yourself to the park for some music, a coffeehouse for a reading, a theater for a play, a school for a recital, a college for a dramatic presentation, a dance company for a performance, anything, anywhere that emanates from the heart and soul of an artist. If you’re in a rural area, check on the Internet for a lavish performance that will mesmerize and enchant you. Great sports events and competitions can do the same thing for you, if you are so inclined.

Move. If you get physical, take a brisk walk, climb a few flights of stairs, visit a gym, take part in yoga or Tai Chi, you will find you “feel better” right away.

9) Move. If you get physical, take a brisk walk, climb a few flights of stairs, visit a gym, take part in yoga or Tai Chi, you will find you “feel better” right away. When you do something physical your brain releases the “feel good chemicals” – neurotransmitters and endorphins – that can ease your anxiety or stress. Physical exercise also reduces the immune system chemicals that can worsen your mood. Finally, exercise elevates your body temperature which has calming effect on your body. When you feel relaxed, then you are able to cope with life’s little demands and interruptions more easily. This is the easiest and simplest way to start feeling better right away. It cleans out the chemicals that are dragging you down and replaces them with the same ones that chocolate stimulates. Don’t think you can substitute chocolate for exercise… you’ll not achieve the same result.

10) Food for thought: “Primal laughter evolved as a signaling device to highlight readiness for friendly interaction,” Professor Panksepp, a neuroscientist at Washington State University states: “Occasionally we’re surprised into laughing at something funny, but most laughter has little to do with humor. It’s an instinctual survival tool for social animals, not an intellectual response to wit. It’s not about getting the joke. It’s about getting along.” This tells us that we might not have lost our inner laugh, we may have lost an intimate connection to others. We may need to find some better ways to get along with those around us. Write down 5 things you need in your life that would make it better. And, write down five things you could do to make someone else’s life better. Then make a date and go talk to them. Share your thoughts and see what happens when you are open, cooperative and expressive. I’d be willing to bet that you’re going to feel more relaxed, more tolerant, more trusting and less annoyed with life and the people in it.

Okay, now that we’re on the same track, I’ve got to give my friend Karen – my LRK- a call. I could use a big dose of inappropriate and uncontrollable laughter. How about you?

Kac Young , a former television director and producer, has earned a Ph.D. in Natural Health and is a Doctor of both Clinical Hypnotherapy and Naturopathy. She is the author of 10 books. Heart Easy is a system of nutritionally sound, delicious meals that promote heart health, long life and taste great. Traditional recipes have been turned into heart healthy meals that anyone can make. The health results are outstanding.

Have You Lost Your Laugh? – Part 1

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By Kac Young PhD, ND, DCH

friendsRemember when you could laugh just for the fun of it? How about the time when you and your friend couldn’t stop laughing, your sides hurt and tears streamed down your face? I have a friend like that. Her name is Karen Cadle. We can be at the opera and she’ll lean over and make a comment that, for some reason, my brain thinks is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard. Next thing I know, I am holding my face, burying my head in my lap and trying desperately not to interrupt the show. My reaction dominoes and sends Karen into spasms of swallowed laughter and, more than once, we’ve had to step outside an event in order to preserve the sanctity of the performance. I don’t know what it is, but she can decimate me with one sentence. I have to admit it; she owns my funny bone.

But what about those times when we don’t have a single laugh in us? We’re stressed, trying to meet deadlines, overworked, over-committed, over-tired, overdrawn and probably overweight. Life seems like a hammer not a thrill ride and it’s all we can do to put one foot in front of the other to make it through the day. You find yourself wanting to tell everyone, “Go away and leave me alone,” or, “You might think that’s funny, but it isn’t funny to me.”

What do you need at this time? A pill? A massage? A friend? An hour by yourself? Professional help? Whatever you need, it can’t be subtle. You’re in a rut, your soul is dehydrated and you need a jolt. You desperately need to restore your inner laugher and here are some ideas you can try.

You might just need a dose of LRK – The Laughter Retrieval Kit.

10 Suggestions from The Laughter Retrieval Kit:

1) Do something just a little bit naughty. Skip out on a meeting – apologize before hand, but skip it. Drop out for an afternoon. Alert those who might be affected with a simple, “I’m so sorry but something just came up. I’ll fill you in later. Please forgive me.” I’m not suggesting that you don’t show up on the day you are supposed to give your sister a kidney, but anything that is non-critical and “duty bound” you can miss. You’ll probably feel energized simply because you’ve bent the rules and gone slightly rogue. Enjoy the moment and do something just for yourself. (I can still recall the naughty feeling I had when I took a clandestine sip of beer while wearing my girl scout uniform. Smile.)

2) Take a nap. Find a park, a friend’s couch or a safe place and just snooze for an hour or two. Really. What you might need is some stolen sleep in the middle of the day. Choose a quiet venue and just take a nap. It’s miraculous what 90 minutes or more of pure rest will do for you.

Go ice skating. Fall on your butt. Unless that’s what put you in the dumps to begin with.

3) Go ice skating. Fall on your butt. Unless that’s what put you in the dumps to begin with. Pick a sport that challenges you and go take a lesson, take a spin, find a mentor and have a go at it. You will be able to shift your focus and concentrate on the physical which will ultimately lift your spirits whether you qualify for the Olympics or not. (We have the Olympics and The Special Olympics, but what about an Olympics for wanna-be’s? We could call it the No-Chance-In -Hell-Olympics, or the What-Were-You-Thinking Olympics – a special event for those who are not so good at sports and don’t give a rat’s patutti about the prize only the fun of participation. ) Get your play on.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this article shortly…..

Kac Young , a former television director and producer, has earned a Ph.D. in Natural Health and is a Doctor of both Clinical Hypnotherapy and Naturopathy. She is the author of 10 books. Heart Easy is a system of nutritionally sound, delicious meals that promote heart health, long life and taste great. Traditional recipes have been turned into heart healthy meals that anyone can make. The health results are outstanding.

5 Steps You Have Never Tried To Release Your Weight For Good – Part 2

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By Michelle Hastie

Continued from part 1 of this article…..

scaleThree: Your Relationship with Weight:

How would you describe your relationship with your body, as a loving BFF or the worst kind of enemy you can have? My body is my BFF, my companion. If it were a person she would totally support me and allow me to do whatever I want, whenever I want. She would be strong and flexible, flowing through each and every day. I show up as BFF to my body as well. I always listen to her and say loving things when she feels down. I tell her how much I love and appreciate her. I accept her as she is today without asking her to change. Can you imagine how my body would react if I was constantly putting her down? Or ignoring her? What if I beat her up everyday and told her she was not ok? It’s time to let go of losing weight and turn your attention to how you relate to your body.

Start by checking out my healing ebooks to learn how to have a healthy relationship with food, exercise and your body and then begin transforming how you relate to each of them. It’s time to begin an intimate, loving friendship with each of them. Let go of losing weight, or changing how you eat or exercise, it’s irrelevant. Your relationship to each of these is what the universe is asking you to heal.

Four: Getting Down to the WHY Of It All:

Once you start healthy relationships with these areas, take inventory of why you want to lose weight. What do you want to get from it? Do you want more ease and strength? More confidence and personal power? The ability to wear different clothes? Having your ideal body is only part of the equation and the truth is you only perceive it to be part of the equation. It may or may not be involved with the end result. But the only way to find out is to let go of the how and when and simply focus on what you really want.

For example, 2 years ago I really wanted to take NLP. All 3 levels of NLP cost around $10,000 and I didn’t even have $50 in my bank account and a mound of debt. I didn’t beat myself up, I just stated in my mind that it was something that I really wanted and then I let it go. I had a free ticket to attend an event taught by an NLP teacher and went ahead and registered for it, excited for the opportunity to grow. A couple days later I logged on to Facebook and saw that I was tagged in a video. Turns out everyone that registered for a ticket (free or paid) was entered in a drawing and he was giving away stuff each day. And one day he was giving out all 3 levels of NLP for free. Guess whose name came out of the hat? That’s right, me. Notice that I didn’t focus on the $10,000 it would take to get NLP, I simply focused on what I really wanted. I didn’t care how I got it. I also didn’t attach myself to it. I truly let it go and said this is something I want and I don’t know how to make it happen. And so it was delivered.

Let go of losing weight and get clear about what you want from weight loss specifically.

Five: Uncover Hidden Fears Buried Deep in Your Subconscious:

The last thing you want to do is look at all the things you wrote that you want. A smaller size, more confidence, etc. Then write out what will happen if you got it. We are looking to see if there are any hidden fears inside of these wants.

An example of this could be, “I want to be a smaller size. If I was a smaller size I would get a lot more male attention which I don’t want”. Now you see that even though you want to be a smaller size you have a conflict buried in your subconscious. So it won’t happen. Begin uncovering any and all fears behind actually getting what you want and expose the truth.

– Michelle Hastie, President/Founder, As Seen In Shape Magazine, Total Body Health Solutions

5 Steps You Have Never Tried To Release Your Weight For Good – Part 1

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By Michelle Hastie

mirrorThe revelations continue from the book I finished yesterday by Nick Pfennigwerth. He stated that you will only manifest the amount of money that you are not overly excited about. And then I looked at what I was doing when using visualizations or vision boards. We are taught to cultivate the feeling of already having that we desire…. well I thought about how excited I would be, how incredible I would feel, how I would be jumping up and down and doing the money dance… because that is what financially free people do right? Uh.. wrong! People who are not struggling with money don’t do the money dance every time they get money because it’s normal. Of course they get money, of course they have excess… duh!

One: Accurate Visualization Techniques:

So let’s look at this from the perspective of weight. How are you doing your visualizing when you imagine your ideal body? Are you jumping up and down because you moved down a size? Are you shocked that you were able to lose weight while enjoying all the foods you love? Is it a miracle that you skipped a week of exercise and lost weight? Well if so, then it will never be your every day normalcy. I don’t get excited because I ate food and didn’t gain weight, I expect that to happen. I would be shocked if my weight ever went up not down. Can you see how important this is?

Two: Expectation:

On a scale of 1-10, 1 being it would be a miracle if I lost weight and 10 being it would be a miracle if I didn’t… where would you rate yourself? How expectant are you of losing weight in a manner that doesn’t suck? If you really devoted your life to only focusing on making this present moment as amazing as possible (and dieting has no part in that) can you expect that to be enough to release the weight for good?

If you are low on the scale start with small steps. If believing that weight loss will happen simply from living an incredible life is too far fetched, start with the idea that if you are truly listening and honoring your body then you definitely won’t gain weight because it has no reason to communicate to you through excess weight. Weight is just a way to get you to wake up, pay attention and change something. So if you are already in the process of doing that, it doesn’t need to continue to climb.

Once you see those results you can move to, of course my body would release weight because I am creating an ideal life for myself. Excess weight doesn’t fit in with this new inner world I am creating so I don’t need to hold on to it anymore.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this article shortly…..

– Michelle Hastie, President/Founder, As Seen In Shape Magazine, Total Body Health Solutions

Have A Heart Healthy Mother’s Day – Part 2

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By Kac Young PhD, ND, DCH

Continued from part 1 of this article…..

saladheartsmallPart Two: Ordering Heart Healthy in a Restaurant:
It’s Mom’s day so you want her to enjoy her outing. But remember that you’ll keep Mom around a lot longer if you follow a few heart healthy eating guidelines.

One excellent idea is to eat a healthy soup or salad before the entree. Healthy soups and salads can be filling and a good start for the meal. Avoid chowders such as clam, corn, split pea or potato and cheese. These are heavy on the butter and cream. Ask the waiter to describe what’s in the soup before ordering to check for saturated fats. Order a one cup serving and not a bowl.

If you’re choosing a salad remember that the salad isn’t usually the problem; the dressing is! Ask for a vegetable-heavy salad and the dressing on the side to control the amount you eat. Skip the creamy, fat-laden dressings and opt for the oil and vinegar, balsamic or fat free if they offer it. Stay away from sugary Asian dressings, unless you can check the ingredients, and avoid the staples like French, Blue Cheese, Thousand Island, or Ranch. You can also be heart-smart by mixing a small amount of olive oil and lemon juice yourself. Definitely skip the croutons, cheese toppings, crumbled bacon or tortilla chips.

If you are at a salad buffet choose lettuce and greens, such as spinach and vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, celery, bean sprouts, fresh peppers, a sprinkle of peas or corn, and a handful or red or black beans.

Taking Mom out for international cuisine? Try these heart healthy ordering tips:

riceWhen eating Chinese food you want to avoid dishes with gravies, items that are fried or deep fried and dishes that are coated and then fried or wok fried. Avoid fried rice and order brown rice instead. Do not pour the sodium-heavy sauces over the rice. If you want to taste the sauces (Hoisin, plum, sweet and sour or soy) dip your fork or chopstick into the sauce then collect a portion of rice with it to achieve just a taste. This will help you to avoid ingesting too much sodium.

Don’t order the egg rolls, the fried won tons, or any deep fried appetizers. Order a Chinese chicken salad, dressing on the side and ask them to hold the crispy won tons. Skip dishes that feature fatty nuts like cashew, macadamia or sugared walnuts. Order all other dishes with nuts on the side and add only a small portion of the almonds, peanuts or walnuts.

Avoid dishes like Sweet and Sour Pork, Pork Ribs, Kung Pao Chicken, Moo Shu Pork, fried or coated shrimp items and dishes heavy with gravies or sauces. Order dishes with lean meats (preferably white meat chicken) or fish (not fried) make sure there are lots of vegetables in the dish and ask them to cook it or sauté with “light oil.” Always ask for your sauces on the side!
If you are taking Mom out for Mexican food, skip all cheeses, sour cream and tortilla chips.

Order chicken, fish or shrimp fajitas, ask for “light oil” and order only corn tortillas. Limit yourself to one or two tortillas because most commercial varieties contain lard and saturated fat.

Avoid flour tortillas and the creamy sauces such as enchiladas, burritos or chimichangas. Skip the refried beans because they are usually high in fat. (Fat free refried beans are available in the grocery store so you can enjoy them at home.) Enjoy the salsa (no chips please!) and the fresh verde and salsa fresco sauces. These contain simple ingredients with low or no fat.

Treat Mom to fish with a light, fresh sauce – a great way to enjoy Mexican cuisine. Be careful of the rice because it might be loaded with lard, butter and salt. The best advice is to ask your waiter what’s in a dish before ordering it. A light beer is a better alcoholic beverage choice than a sugar-packed, salt-rimmed margarita. Have beer or wine to avoid the high calories and high fructose corn syrup in the party drinks.

If Mom is craving Indian food there are many ways to eat healthy. When dining out order chicken or shrimp tandoori to avoid fatty marinades and sauces. You can also order dishes with half the sauce or simply ask for the sauce on the side. Avoid the ghee-drenched breads such as paratha or chapati and order your naan without the ghee.

Raita makes a great dip with yoghurt and spices for your meal, and the rice dishes, if you ask for light oil or reduced ghee, ought to be okay. Order vegetable-heavy dishes and avoid the deep fried appetizers such as onion bhaji, papadums, pakoros and samosas. Dal is a good side dish and sauce because it is lentil-based and made with tomatoes, onions and spices. Curries can be made with ghee and coconut milk, ask about the sauce ingredients before ordering. You can request the kitchen to cook your dish with half the sauce or ask for the sauce on the side. Skip the deep fried desserts and stick with fruit.

If Mom loves Italian food, the Mediterranean Diet provides foods that are heart healthy. Avoid the creamy, cheesey sauces like Alfredo and stick with the sauces made with fresh tomatoes and vegetables. Make sure to skip the fried, stuffed or “parmesaned” selections and stay away from the four-cheese ravioli and baked ziti. Your best bet is to order grilled chicken breast, baked fish or a pasta dish with marinara (no meat) sauce or go for the linguini and clams.
In general stay away from the steak houses and meat-oriented grills. Choose a restaurant that offers fish and chicken dishes or go vegetarian for a change.

Red wine or light beer is a good choice if you are celebrating with an alcoholic beverage. Otherwise stick with club soda.

fruitswhiteDesserts can be a downfall if you’re not careful. Choose fresh berries and skip the cream or topping. If you want a taste, have a fork full of someone else’s desert. Avoid ordering your own unless it’s fresh fruit, berries or low fat heart healthy. It may be tough to pass up the desserts, but you can usually enjoy sharing a nice sorbet even though it contains sugar.

The words on menus you should definitely avoid are: fried, deep fried, sautéed, basted, breaded, coated, floured, fricassee, gratin, dusted, dredged, bisque, marinated * pan fried, wok fried, au jus, creamed, creamy, cream, cheesy, smothered**, mousse, chowder, buttered, encrusted, pastry. Commit those to memory and you’ll be on your way to eating heart-healthy.
* Marinated could mean high in oil, fat or sodium.
** Could mean smothered in anything. Be careful of what the item is smothered in!

Heart Disease is 90% preventable according to the American Heart Association. What a wonderful way to tell Mom you care. Get more information about your heart health at:

Have A Heart Healthy Mother’s Day – Part 1

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By Kac Young PhD, ND, DCH

recipeskacyoungFor fun, I Googled “Mother’s Day Menus” and discovered that most of the recipes were highly unsupported of heart health. One of the nicest things we can do to honor our mothers, and be honored if we are a mother, is to cook a heart healthy meal to show how much we value “Mom.”

Say “I love you,” with a meal that promotes heart health and tells her you want her to be around for a long, long time.

Part one of this article is filled with ideas for cooking for mom. Part Two contains suggestions for ordering heart healthy in a restaurant or at a brunch buffet. They can help you stay healthy.

Part One: Cooking with Love for Mom:

If you are making dinner or a brunch for Mom then please choose a meal that features a low fat main dish and sides that will keep her heart healthy.

Suggested menu: Heart Easy ™Roasted Citrus Chicken; Heart Easy™ Roasted Garlic, Grilled Avocado Mashed Potatoes; Heart Easy™ Fast & Easy Corn Pudding with Veggies. You’ll be too full for dessert, but if you insist, stick to fresh berries without the whipped cream.

Heart Easy ™Roasted Citrus Chicken

This entree roasts up beautifully moist and tenderly infused with four citrus flavors and garlic.


1, 5 lb whole, low sodium, hormone free, chicken.
1 lemon, cut into 8 pieces
1 lime, cut into 8 pieces
1 orange cut into 8 pieces
6 cloves of garlic, crushed
Tangerine infused olive oil*
Fresh ground black pepper


Wash chicken and remove giblets. Pat dry.

Using a chopstick or a small spatula gently lift and separate the chicken skin from the raw breast meat.

Carefully spread 1/2 of the crushed garlic under the skin and then repeat for the other chicken breast.
Press the garlic evenly under the skin.

Mix the lemon, lime and orange pieces together and push them into the chicken cavity. Close the cavity and secure with a small skewer or a couple of toothpicks.

Rub the exterior of the chicken with 1 T of the tangerine olive oil.

Place in a roasting pan. Cover the chicken breast, wing tips and drumstick tips with foil. Bake at 375˚ for 90 minutes or until chicken reaches 165˚. Remove foil coverings after 1 hour and allow chicken to continue cooking for another 1/2 hour. Remove from heat and allow chicken to rest for 10 minutes. Carve and place on a platter for serving.

Pasolivo™ makes the Tangerine Olive Oil.

You can also create your own version by grating the rind of a tangerine, adding 2 T of cold pressed virgin olive oil and let stand overnight. Drain the rind from the oil and use as directed.

Heart Easy™ Roasted Garlic, Grilled Avocado Mashed Potatoes
Inspired by David Larkworthy

This amazing side dish is fresh, festive and delicious. It adds flair to any meal and becomes a topic of conversation immediately. Dazzle your guests with this one.

Yields: 4 servings


1/2 lime,
1 1/2 Tablespoons of Smart Balance Light or I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Light
1 1/4 pounds Yukon or honey gold potatoes, scrubbed
1/2 cup non-fat milk
1 tablespoon olive or avocado oil
1/2 – 1 teaspoon white pepper
2 ripe avocados
1/2 teaspoon kosher salt
Fresh cilantro or parsley


Scrub potatoes and cut them into 2″ pieces. Place in a microwave-safe dish and microwave 7-10 minutes until potatoes are cooked through. Set aside to cool. When cooled, peel the potatoes and place them in a bowl.

Cut avocadoes in half, remove the seed. Brush the avocado face with avocado or olive oil and place face down on a grill pan. (Pan with raised grill ribs.) Place lime face down on grill pan. Cook the avocados on medium low heat for 3-5 minutes until heated through. Cook the lime half for 2-3 minutes. Remove from heat and set aside. When the avocados are cooled enough to handle safely, scoop out the flesh and add to the potatoes.

Heat the milk and butter substitute in the microwave for: 30-1:00 until butter is melted and milk is warmed. Squeeze the lime over the potato and avocado mixture, add milk, butter substitute, pepper and salt. Whip with a hand mixer or food processor. When fully blended and fluffy, turn into a bowl and serve. Top with parsley or cilantro.

Heart Easy ™ Fast & Easy Corn Pudding With Veggies

This dish is a one bowl wonder. Fix it and give yourself and your family the treat of comfort food without paying a high health price.


Non-fat butter spray
3 cups canned yellow corn, drained (or 16 oz. frozen and thawed roasted corn)
1 egg plus 2 egg whites, beaten well or 1/2 cup Reddi Egg
1 cup chopped broccoli florets
1/2 cup chopped onion
2/3 cup seeded and chopped multi-colored peppers
2 Tbs. raw sugar
1/2 cup non-fat milk
1/4 tsp. ground nutmeg
2 packages of powdered butter substitute – Butter Buds
1/4 cup SoySation® 3 Cheese Blend, or The Original Almond® Mozzarella Shreds, half reserved
1/4 tsp. fresh ground pepper
1/8 tsp. Kosher salt
For a little southwest flavor add one 6 oz. can green chilies.


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Spray an oven-proof casserole dish with non-fat butter spray. Beat the egg whites or Reddi Egg until fluffy (about 1 minute). Mix the rest of the ingredients together in a medium bowl and pour into prepared casserole dish.

Bake for 30 to 40 minutes or until casserole is firm. Top with the remainder of SoySation® 3 blend cheese or your choice of Lisanatti RiceCheeze® flavors or The Original Almond® Shreds. Allow cheese to melt for 1 minute before serving. Cut and enjoy.

kacbookBest Tip: You can order Heart Easy, The Food Lover’s Guide to Heart Healthy Eating online at: and give Mom the gift of heart health. Over 300 delicious recipes to help her stay young, healthy and fit.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this article…..

Heart Disease is 90% preventable according to the American Heart Association. What a wonderful way to tell Mom you care. Get more information about your heart health at: