WordPress Plus Google Opens Portals to 1.2 Million Cities Through Travel Site

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googleA new tool for exploring the businesses of 1.2 million cities around the world has launched. Street View Maps .City is a worldwide geographical website application with 1,200,000 cities in its database.

The website incorporates establishments recognized by Google Maps API and then applies a sophisticated level of detail for each location. The website, developed on the WordPress platform has recently launched and, already being enjoyed by thousands of users.

With Street View Maps City users are able to enter a city and immediately begin exploring all its nooks and crannies. To begin, just type in the city to explore, or select one from the worldwide directory built into the site. Vector icons displayed along the right side of the screen display different categories of locations to explore, such as: Airports, banks, bakeries, car rentals, doctors, fast food, gas stations, grocery or supermarket, hair care, hotels, lodging, restaurants, pizza, shopping malls, spas, train stations, travel agencies, embassies, police stations, computer stores, fitness, places of worship, photos, playgrounds, parking, and universities.

The site has a very slick, intuitive design, and it’s exceptionally fun and easy to use. Just click on an icon on the right sidebar, and immediately see matching icons appear on the map. Click an icon on the map and the selection will appear in Google street view (where available). Users also have the option to see the surrounding area, get directions, or click a link to visit local businesses, or establishments selected.

Click and drag the map to quickly start exploring other places nearby. While moving around the map, new matching criteria will appear, giving instant, convenient access to whatever type of establishment searching for.
The website’s functionality also includes fully searchable locations if an existing location already known, or enter a specific address or area to learn more about it.

Google Place Types APIs (application program interface) is a set of APIs developed by Google which allow communication with Google Services, for developers and their integration to other services. As a result of opening APIs to third-parties, developers are creating apps which use these APIs to build upon the functionality of pre-existing services.

WordPress was created out as an alternative personal publishing software system built on PHP and MySQL. It’s licensed under the GPLv2 (or later). WordPress is an open source project, which means there are hundreds of people all over the world working on its progressive development. Currently WordPress powers 23% of the websites populating the internet.

Whether traveling, or to see the world from a desktop computer, iPad, tablet, notebook, or mobile device, Street View Maps .City gives users a better perspective of the cities that cover the world. Developed by Jason T. Shortes.

Tech Tools – Guillermo Ortiz

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More Tips From The Experts:

Stay Ahead of the Game by Utilizing Google Trends

googleGoogle trends is a great, free tool from Google that allows you to visually see trends based on google searches. Wondering if there is an increase of searches for a particular natural supplement or health related term? Just do a search and you’ll not only see the historical volume for that keyword, but Google will even predict future search volume! Google will also show keywords related to your searched keyword that are on the rise. This is a great way to find keywords to target with blog posts and capitalize on trending keywords.

– Guillermo Ortiz, Founder of Geek Powered Studios. Geek Powered Studios is an Internet Marketing company based in Austin, TX. They provide search engine optimization services, Pay-Per-Click management, and web design.

Tech Tools – Steve Phillips

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More Tips From The Experts:

seoCreate a blog for your company’s website and try to publish at least two posts per week. Each post should be helpful, informative and/or entertaining and be at least 300 words. Publish blog posts on a regular basis helps improve traffic, readership, search engine rankings and establishes you as the expert in your industry.

Steve Phillips, Purple Trout, LLC

Tech Tools – Steve Mehr

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Internet Marketing 101 For Health And Fitness Brands

By Steve Mehr, CEO of WebShark360, http://webshark360.com

successWhen it comes to marketing your health and fitness brand, many business owners get excited and jump right in. We love the spirit and that can do attitude! However, marketing is something you need to sit down and strategize. If you jump in without a plan, you could be wasting good money pursuing tactics that don’t work. Or you could be undermining your marketing efforts with poor choices. Instead of marketing your health and fitness brand blindly, learn the strategies that will get you ahead. In this blog post, we’ll examine the basics of internet marketing for your health and fitness brand.

Internet Marketing 101 for Your Health and Fitness Business

Internet marketing offers health and fitness brands just like yours the opportunity to reach millions of users across the globe. Wouldn’t you love to put your brand front and center on a global stage? If you’re struggling with where to spend your money and to focus your efforts, consider the following tactics:

Start a health and fitness blog! Blogs are very popular draws for consumers. When you write a blog, you have the ability to appeal to a wide variety of consumers across the globe. Try highlighting your products and the healthy lifestyle that goes with them. By writing a blog, business owners are able to attract consumers to their website, increasing their traffic and potential for conversions. Keep those blog posts rolling to support your internet marketing.

Get social! Social media is an excellent way to connect with consumers and to tell the visual story of your health and fitness brand. Some of the top internet marketing traffic sources are social media networks such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and review sites like Yelp. Start your page today and start connecting to your consumers. Use the platform as a space to share your blog posts and pictures of your product in action. Using social media platforms, you’ll be able to reach potentially millions of consumers who may be interested in your health and fitness products.

Engage in email marketing. Email marketing isn’t necessarily intuitive, but it can provide the impetus for consumers to log onto your site and buy buy buy. Generally, businesses collect email addresses on their own or they pay other businesses which provide the leads for them. Using a tool like Constant Contact, business owners plug in all the information to make their email marketing simple. Programs like Constant Contact allow business owners to compose email marketing mailers, newsletters, and daily deals to draw consumers in and encourage them to purchase. Email marketing is all about personally reaching out to people and encouraging them to buy in language that speaks to the consumer personally.

Use pay per click advertising wisely. Many businesses think that pay per click advertising is what’s going to get them the customers. According to Google, pay per click advertising only accounts for 25% of the clicks on their search engine. Instead of investing all your money in advertising, use it as a supplement to your other internet marketing strategies. This way, you can support each arm of your campaign to gain new customers.

guestblogGuest post! Looking for a great way to spread the word about your business to new crowds of people? Guest post! Guest posting can be an excellent way to gain new traffic to your website and to gain valuable back links that can boost your website’s page ranking in search engines. Additionally, it’s a great way to develop relationships within your industry. Take advantage of these opportunities and reach out to a blogger whose site you admire.

Internet marketing can be an overwhelming experience for business owners at times. But it can also pay off with huge gains in customers and sales. Strategize where you’ll expend your efforts for your health and fitness brand to accomplish your internet marketing goals.

– Steve Mehr is CEO of WebShark360, a premiere internet marketing resource for attorneys and other professional businesses. Based out of Irvine, CA, WebShark360 offers its clients a wide variety of resources including website design, SEO, public relations, content marketing, and advertising. This world class firm caters to its clients and delivers undeniable gains. For more information, visit: http://webshark360.com or call (800) 939-4850

Tech Tools – Chris Huse

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More Tips From The Experts:

alexalogoMy tips for publishers trying to improve their Alexa ranking would be to find Tech based sites where the vast majority of users work in IT or programming. Alexa uses browser based tracking to determine a site’s traffic ranking. So the more browsers that come across your property, the higher your ranking will be. Sites like Reddit are great to post articles and videos because this site’s core demographic is much more likely to have an Alexa toolbar on their browser. The more you can make your site aware to the online tech community, the better you will fair in Alexa’s eyes.

– Chris Huse, CEO – Media-Strike.com

Tech Tools – Mik Pam

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Tips From The Experts:

seoOur tip would be to for health related websites it would be great to establish authorship so your search engine listings get a nice boost and establishes you as an expert in the niche. This can be done by associating your Google Plus profile with content on your site by adding this snippet your listings will have a thumbnail image which will improve click through rates.

– Mik Pam, pinagency.com, Online Marketing Director/CEO

Tech Tools – Dino Baskovic

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Tips From The Experts:

seoHealth and fitness club website managers should include share buttons alongside priority content such as new class offerings, deals and promotions, event calendar entries and hi-res, action-shot photography–rights permitting, of course. Better yet, make it trackable, as current and prospective members will market your club to their social networks if you give them proper incentive to do so.

– Dino Baskovic (@ProfessorDino), digital strategist, Metro Detroit

Tech Tools – Victor Pan

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Tips From The Experts:

seoI’m an SEO expert with an unhealthy appetite for understanding rankings work. If I really had to choose something for aspiring health/fitness websites, it’s the application of keyword research. Too many ‘just blog’ or ‘write the stuff’ that everyone writes, but using their own words.

SEO Tip: Write in the words that your visitors would use to find your website content.

1. Let’s say I have a web page on “How to keep a diabetes journal.” Start with a broad search term that a visitor may type that web page- for example, someone might type only type “diabetes journal”.

SEO’s like to call this search a query, what a person is searching on the internet, and the search term (diabetes journal) is what we call keyword. Then, under “Search tools,” and “All results,” select “Related searches”.

2. These related searches are what Google believes is related to your keyword. By using these keywords, you can help Google understand what your website/web page is about, and therefore help you bring more web traffic. SEO’s call Google’s action of grouping related terms latent semantic indexing (LSI) – and it just so happens that you can help Google know exactly what your website is about.

Incorporate relevant related terms to your website/web page in your writing naturally and you’ll see improved web page ranking and traffic. Note I said relevant and natural. Doing anything else would be considered spamming and you’ll have negative results.

3. Not finding the right terms? Maybe pressing the down arrow key in the search box will help. These are actual queries people use – and like the related searches keywords from (2), you want to only use the ones that are relevant and natural to your existing web content.

Congrats! You’re on the first step of understanding real queries people search for. By writing in the words and related phrases people use to find your content, you’ll be getting more website visitors. Incidentally, if these visitors have the Alexa toolbar installed, you’ll be seeing Alexa rank improve! If your article was already well-written and insightful to begin with, you’ll have broadened the types of keywords people can search to reach your website – and should these new visitors link to your website from the web, you’ll even bee seeing improvements on your Google PageRank!

Victor Pan, SEO & SoMe Expert at www.wordstream.com, the experts in online paid advertising

Tech Tools – Ken Deutsch

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Tips From The Experts:

Improving SEO and Google Rank

seoSEO is more than just keywords on a website. It’s about weaving the same messages and themes throughout campaigns, so that every media placement, every blog post, every newsletter, interview and press release is contributing positively to your overall online positioning.

Remember that Google recently shifted its search engine algorithm, so just inserting key words throughout a website won’t cut it. It is about developing messages to tell a story and then leveraging your online platforms, e.g.. your website, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ to reinforce those messages, improve search rank and amplify the identity of your brand.

Ken Deutsch, JPA: Maximize Your Key Messages. Ken has more than 20+ years educating nonprofits and health associations about how to optimize their online presence and has been published on the impact of social media a few times over the past year, including being featured in: The Foundation for Public Affairs: How Social Media and Mobile Communication Are Changing Public Affairs, and being quoted twice in Search Engine Watch.

Tech Tools – Diana Barsan

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6 Easy Examples Of Successful Blog Content

By Diana Barsan

seoBlogging is a powerful search engine optimization (SEO) tool to pop an organization’s name to the top of the search engine results pages listing. Blogging gives the company a human face, and putting a human face (or many faces) on an organization builds empathy and trust. Studies have shown that consumers are more likely to buy from organizations that put a human face on their website, blog and other social media networks.

Blogging demonstrate customer service in full view. Lack of trust is a barrier for many first-time patients. Blogging allows your practice to demonstrate its commitment to customer service by establishing yourself as an educator, leader, expert and innovator.

Blogging can also develop niche markets. We can look at the blog as a micro-site targeted to that niche. Watching traffic or comments in this area can develop that niche into a stronger business.

Are you looking for ideas for your next blog posts?

Here are 6 types of blog content that will inform, engage and inspire your audience!

1. Traditional blog articles – one-page articles on topics related to your specific industry (general dentistry, pediatrics, oral, facial and implant surgery). Explain to your patients what every procedure involves and how to properly prepare for it.

2. Captivating presentation – describe in a catchy way your practice’s products, services and events. This is your chance to showcase the best of what your practice offers and why your patients should trust you.

3. Engaging stories – be personal! What inspired you to start your own practice? What is its mission? How are you inspiring and helping others? What it is your source of daily inspiration?

4. Case studies – don’t be afraid to show your approach to solving problems, offering innovative, creative solutions. Case studies are also sometimes called success stories; these will help you raise awareness about your practice’s values and principles. Case studies work throughout the buying process but especially during the early stages when the patient is still trying to define their problem and the service and solutions that can solve them. Using keywords, make search engine optimization a priority when it comes to case studies.

5. Reviews (testimonials) – the best reviews are objective and show what patients value besides the service, including little things like allowing your patients to bring their own music, or comfortable interior designs. Details like these will set you apart from your competition. Place excerpts from the best reviews on landing pages (e.g. new patient sign-in form). Testing shows that this placement lifts responses by as much as a full percentage point.

6. Pictures + Videos – it’s great to add more visual content to your practice’s blog. Simply share pictures of events, staff, and happy patients accompanied by a short, intriguing description. Share 2-3 min videos about the industry or about your products. The secret is to stop selling and start engaging!

– Guest Author Diana Barsan has written articles for Your Health Journal in the past. For examples on quality blog content, visit the website of a Colorado Springs dentist, Dr. James Kearney.