Summer Doesn’t Mean Fitness Goals Have To End

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joggerKeep track of fitness goals this summer with newly released, easy-to-use templates from

The majority of fitness goals are created around January 1st of every year. Some may reach their goals by summer and some may not. Some goals are set a year or two out. Whatever the goal or deadline, has created a variety of documents to help keep the goal in sight and track progress.

Measuring everything at the start of a fitness journey is imperative to tracking progress over time. offers a few different types of calculators to help identify measurements such as body fat percentage and Body Mass Index. Once these calculations have been made and all other necessary measurements are taken, any of the fitness plan templates can be used to track everything from workouts to diet.

“Some of our templates help with one specific area such as workouts,” says Ben Davidson, spokesperson for “We know some people already have a diet or meal plan in place so they may only need to track exercise. Others need the whole package so we also offer templates that cover measurements over time, diet, and exercise.”

joggersFor those looking to work out with a partner and track dual progress, offers a Partner Weight Loss template as well. They also offer calculators and trackers that take into account gender so that men and women can see how they compare to average benchmarks for their gender, height, and beginning weight.

“We did our best to think of various scenarios and types of information consumers would need to help track their fitness progress,” adds Davidson. “We know a lot of people want to meet their goals before summer starts, but there is a large group of people still working on their goals or maintaining the progress they achieved before summer began. We’re here to help everyone.”

To download fitness log and tracker templates, visit

80 Percent Of Americans Fail To Meet Fitness Goals

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obesityCosts related to obesity continue to rise with health care costs soaring as a results, announces…..

According to the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition, more than 80 percent of adults in the United States fail to meet the guidelines for both muscle-strengthening and fitness activities, and this trend extends to adolescents. Figures such as this help to explain rising obesity statistics within the country, yet many are working to change these statistics. With the help of bodybuilding and fitness tips, like those found at, individuals find getting healthy becomes an easier task.

“ provides training articles covering a wide range of topics. Visitors to the site learn about nutrition, popular workout programs, staying motivated, and more. Individuals often find they become a victim of fitness scams, and the purpose of this site it to weed out those scams, leaving only products that actually do as they claim and help users achieve their personal health and fitness goals,” Tom Hofman, founder of, declares.

Nutrition plays a role in one’s overall health, yet Americans typically fail to eat a balanced diet. The council found that the average American diet typically exceeds the recommended amounts of refined grains, saturated fat, sodium, and solid fats and added sugars. Americans also fail to eat the suggested amounts of fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and whole grains. Individuals often find they struggle to make healthy food choices, and can be of aid in this area also.

“ provides information on foods which burn fat, eating habits of professional bodybuilders, and more. Everything that goes into one’s mouth affects their overall health and fitness. With the right foods, achieving one’s fitness goals becomes an easier task. The site strives to provide the information consumers need to make healthy eating choices,” Hofman states.

The cost of obesity continues to rise. The council estimates Americans spend approximately $190.2 billion every year on illnesses related to obesity, including disability, chronic disease, and death. They project Americans will spend $344 billion a year on obesity related costs, or 21 percent of total health care costs, by 2018. With the help of training articles and tips on getting into shape, Americans can reverse these trends, saving money and their health in the process. Many turn to workout programs for assistance in achieving their fitness goals.

Hofman provides workout program reviews on the site to assist consumers in making informed choices as to which program is right for them. Visit the site to learn about popular programs, such as Burn the Fat-Feed the Muscle and the Turbulence Training Program. With the information found on the site, one can not only choose the best workout program for their needs, but also get into shape and stay that way for life, a goal everyone should strive for.

About Muscle And Fitness Tips:

Tom Hofman founded to share insights on fitness and bodybuilding. Individuals often fall for scams in these two industries, and Tom Hofman hopes to help consumers avoid these scams, providing information on the best diet and workout programs offered today. With the help of valuable training articles as well as advice and tips, consumers know they can learn about the best when it comes to fitness and bodybuilding with the help of this site.

Seven Reasons Why We Fail To Achieve Our Life Goals

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By Larry F. Waldman Ph.D., ABPP

theroadupDespite our dreams many of us fail to achieve our life ambitions. Many of my clients talk about starting a business, becoming financially independent, writing a novel, traveling, furthering their education, getting physically fit, or becoming a nurse, teacher, or lawyer. Most of the time their objectives go unfulfilled. Oliver Wendell Holmes said: “Most people go to their graves with their music still within them.” Why?

1) The need for immediate gratification

A primary reason why people get “stuck in their rut” and fail to achieve their goals is that they “want it now.” They cannot delay their reward. Individuals who become financially successful invest their money, rather than immediately spend it, and reap a larger long-term reward. They use much of their time to study to learn their craft, rather than to play or loaf. They often choose exercise over lounging. They frequently make healthy food choices rather than succumb to the lures of comfort food.

2) Fear

Fear of change blocks many people from their goals. While being “stuck” is unsatisfying, at least it is familiar. Thus: “If we always do what we always did, we will always get what we already got.”

Fear of failure also prevents people from succeeding. Fear of failure often trumps the desire to achieve. To reach new goals the risks of change and failure must be confronted. Psychologists teach the best way to combat fear is to face it, not avoid it.

3) Our negative financial blueprint

The values we learned about money as children—our financial blueprint—like the blueprint for a house, determines the dimensions of our financial success. If we grow up regularly hearing, “Only the rich get richer,” “It takes money to make money,” “All rich people are snobs,” People are “filthy rich” or “dirt poor,”–thus money is unclean–it is unlikely we will become wealthy. Unless you “were born with a silver spoon in your mouth,” achieving financial independence requires that you revise your financial blueprint.

4) We don’t deserve it

We all know “life isn’t fair.” We don’t get what we deserve; we get what we believe we deserve. Many people fail to achieve their dreams because they believe they aren’t capable of or deserve such a dream. Reaching your goal requires that you truly believe you are worthy of doing so.

5) Don’t know what to do

seniormanMany folks have dreams but they don’t know how to accomplish them. Thus, they quit or don’t even try. Individuals who reach their objectives ask questions, read, study, get educated, experiment, even fail at times, but they don’t stop.

6) Not enough time

Many of us are “too busy just earning a living to make our fortune.” We invest all our time and energy doing what we don’t want which leaves us no time, energy, or money to do what we do want. To be successful we must stop “spinning our wheels” and make time to do what moves us forward.

7) Not enough money

Again, many of us continue to spend our limited funds on things that do not help us grow. To evade this rut we must save some money, or even take on a part-time job, to glean the necessary income to invest in our future.

– Larry F. Waldman, Ph.D., ABPP is a licensed psychologist who has practiced in the Paradise Valley area of Phoenix for over 35 years. He works with children, adolescents, parents, adults, and couples. He also provides forensic consultations in the areas of family law, personal injury, and estate planning. He speaks professionally to laypersons, educators, corporations, and fellow mental health professionals. He teaches graduate courses for the Educational Psychology Department for Northern Arizona University. He is the author of “Who’s Raising Whom? A Parent’s Guide to Effective Child Discipline;” “Coping with Your Adolescent;” “How Come I Love Him But Can’t Live with Him? Making Your Marriage Work Better;” “The Graduate Course You Never Had: How to Develop, Manage, Market a Flourishing Private Practice—With and Without Managed Care;” and “Too Busy Earning a Living to Make Your Fortune? Discover the Psychology of Achieving Your Life Goals.” His contact information is: 602-996-8619; 11020 N. Tatum Blvd., Bldg. E, Suite 100, Phoenix, AZ 85028; email:; website: