How To Keep Your Medical Practice Free Of Infectious Pathogens

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By Veselina Dzhingarova

didyouknow?Maintain a state of the art waiting area for your patients featuring chairs with non-porous surfaces and plenty of trash receptacles to keep your office cleaner. Instruct your workers to wipe down all areas with antibacterial wipes to help prevent germs from replicating and spreading to other areas. Unfortunately, some illnesses spread quickly, even in the cleanest of medical facilities. Working with an infection control consultant will aid you in identifying potential hazards within your workplace as well as managing outbreaks before they become detrimental to your business. Remember that hiring a team of healthcare professionals who know how to treat patients is one thing but keeping your medical practice free of pathogens requires a different type of expert.

Analyzing the Risk of an Outbreak

Your medical practice may have signs posted to help inform patients and staff of their duty to clean up after themselves, but it only takes one person being infected for an outbreak to emerge. Consider how quickly pathogens can spread after someone uses the facilities and fails to wash their hands. Those germs can be spread to the furniture and even your examination rooms over the course of just one or two hours. Infection control consultants can help you in identifying how bad a potential outbreak would be at your medical facility given your current practices. That information can also be used to prevent future contamination and the spread of dangerous pathogens.

Preventing Contamination

Installing equipment such as touch-less paper towel dispensers and toilets that automatically flush could be the key to stopping contaminants from being spread at your medical facilities. The suggestions that are given to you by an infection control consultant will be personalized and based on the size and specific structure of your practice. Medical facilities that are used to treat and care for pregnant women or the elderly, for example, may be urged to take additional precautions as the people they serve are more at risk.

Monitoring the Cleanliness of Your Facilities

After getting an assessment, you will need to have your facility checked to ensure that there is little risk of a serious outbreak. Cultures may be taken from various surfaces to check for pathogens and your staff may even be surveyed on the level of cleanliness at your business. Whether assessments are continuous or infrequent, it is vital that your medical facility is looked after by someone who specializes in infectious disease risk factors. One particularly bad flu season could lead to an outbreak in your practice, sickening your staff and causing you to temporarily shut down. Whenever you have questions about pathogens and infectious diseases you should go to a consulting firm that can give you specialized advice.

No amount of hand sanitizer is going to rid your medical facilities of all germs and pathogens, but you can still keep the risk of outbreak very low. Keep up to date on the spread of diseases in your region so that you can act fast before a crisis develops. Most importantly, maintain good cleaning habits that are streamlined to work with your particular medical specialty.

Recognize The Intuition And Live Free

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By Jennifer Martin

yogaposeThe holistic path of yoga is a practice in which physical, mental and spiritual peace is attained. The union of transcendental self and physical psyche is yoga. Vedic knowledge is integrated in yoga practice; hence there is a great significance of Veda in yoga practice. It connects the body and the mind with its soul.

The prior decision of starting yoga classes

The ultimate goal of practicing Yoga is liberation. When the lucidity of spirit and the material nature is in equilibrium freedom is achieved. Apart from the peace of mind, the physical postures of yoga also as a healing effect on various health problems. It can be practiced as a complete exercise routine or program on a daily basis for healthy body and mind.

Practicing yoga as a daily routine is suggested by yoga teacher Zurich. This is the best way to start a day and continue with positive energy throughout. When health issues are the concern not only as an ailment, it is also adopted as a healthy weight loss program.

Yoga studios in Zurich give the healing touch

Yoga studios in Zurich focus on all the above mentioned benefits of yoga. If you’re stressed out after the long day at your workplace, then defines yoga comes to your help. Students who are not able to concentrate on their studies can practice the yoga for better concentration and memory power. It is believed that in earlier times the yoga was practiced from the childhood itself and it comes under the daily life chores. The people of that era used to heal themselves from various diseases by practicing yoga, which is the best way of self-healing. The yoga poses actually activates the parasympathetic nervous system of our body. This directly helps in proper hormonal functioning. All these factors help in distress your body with a more concentrating power.

3 reasons to console your mind

yogaposeIn the Zurich yoga studio, we serve our best to serve your mind body and soul. In a serene environment, we offer yoga of various purposes:

• Yoga classes for the students. The students often suffer from mood swing, emotional depression, and less concentration power. Yoga and meditations help a lot to recover from such problems.

• Yoga practices for working individuals. Distressing and other symptoms, like blood pressure, diabetes and many more can be overcome with this method.

• Get beautiful with a glowing skin. Yoga helps to detoxify your body and makes it more glowing and beautiful from inside without any king of dermatological medications or doctors helps.

Every session in our studio is about 60 minutes. Each of these training processes is accompanied by experienced teachers. Every trainer takes individual care to each member. The classes consist small mass maximum of 10 students per sessions. All the classes are in the lap of nature, with greenery all around you. Your eyes, mind and body will attain the purity and feel peaceful.

So still if you’re doubting to find other reasons to join with us, then you may be lagging behind. Thinking will make you more stressful. Join us and live your life the fullest.

– After a long, stressful life, yoga has gifted Jennifer with a lease of life. Yoga teacher comes to the help in getting back the refreshing new birth.

13 Tips For Stress-Free New Year’s Eve

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From Your Health Journal…..”Two of my favorite publications teamed up for the article being reviewed ‘here’ today – The Huffington Post and The Times Of India – please visit both sites for some amazing health articles. Today’s review discussed relieving stress on New Year’s Eve. The give 13 tips to help you out – from not worrying if you do not have plans, how to handle being alone. staying up too late, or even gaining some extra weight during the holidays. New Year’s eve for many is a time to reflect – on the bad and good times of the year, and changes you should potentially make for the following year. There are many who feel a lot of pressure on New Year’s socially, when in fact, you don’t need to. Having great plans or quiet plans should not impact your life so much causing you stress or aggravation…..and all those things that disappointed you in 2012 should be a thing of the past, and move on forward. Of course, there are some things we have a hard time letting go, that do cause us stress – but hopefully over time, we heal to some extent. To all the readers of Your Health Journal, I hope you have a stress free New Year’s Eve. Please visit the Huffington Post and Times Of India web pages to read this complete article, and other great stories.”

From the article…..

For many people, New Year’s Eve is one of the most stressful nights of the year as they are under the pressure to execute out-of-the-ordinary, over-the-top plans, find the perfect person to kiss at midnight and welcome the new year with an enthusiasm that we hope will foreshadow the next 364 days.

The HuffPost Healthy Living editors have pointed out 13 things that just aren’t worth stressing about this New Year’s Eve, so that people can welcome 2013 with less stress.

1. Not having plans – You don’t need to plan to enjoy. Ordering takeout, buying champagne and watching the ball drop in your warm living room can actually be fun, especially if it’s with the people you love, they said.

2. Being alone – Just because you’re solo for one night doesn’t mean you’re doomed to a lifetime of loneliness. Don’t give New Year’s Eve any more significance than any other night of the year.

3. Staying up past midnight – Sleep early so that when you wake up you can send all your loved ones happy New Year texts in the morning.

4. The extra few pounds you’re carrying from the holidays – Don’t think much about it because everyone has it. Let it go, then resolve to resume your healthy lifestyle in 2013.

5. Having no one to kiss at midnight – It’s better than having the wrong person.

6. Spending hundreds of dollars – If money’s tight, don’t blow a month’s (or more) worth of going-out money on one night. It’ll be over in a few hours.

7. Drinking champagne – Pick a drink you actually like, and enjoy.

To read the full article…..Click here

Free Milk Program For Children

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From Your Health Journal…..”What a nice story about some primary schools in New Zealand will be receiving free milk next year at school. Many children do not drink enough healthy liquids – filling up with empty calories from ‘liquid candy’ consumption. After age 2, it is important for children to consumer about 3 cups of non or low fat milk each day. Milk contains all of the macro-nutrients – carbohydrates, protein, and fat. It is important to supply children with vitamins A & D, riboflavin, phosphorus, calcium, and potassium. Dairy is rich in many vitamins and minerals, great for strengthening bones and muscles. A very heart warming article helping children lead healthier lifestyles.”

From the article…..

Otago primary school children can expect to receive a free daily serving of milk next year, as part of a national bid to become ”the dairy nutrition capital of the world”.

Fonterra’s ”Milk for Schools” programme will be rolled out in Southland primary schools first, at the start of term 1, January 28, and will then spread through the country during the year.

By the middle of term 2, all areas of the South Island are expected to be receiving school milk.

In launching Milk for Schools yesterday, Fonterra chief executive Theo Spierings said he hoped all New Zealand schools wishing to take part would be receiving the low-fat 180ml servings by the end of term 1, 2014.

Fonterra would also provide fridges to keep supplies cool.

A previous government-backed free school milk scheme in New Zealand was stopped in 1967.

Otago Primary Principals’ Association president and Bathgate School principal Whetu Cormick said Milk for Schools was a positive initiative for children across the country. Many lower-decile schools already had access to other health initiatives, such as Kick Start Breakfast and Fruit in Schools, and the milk scheme would provide some equity across all New Zealand schools, he said.

The programme was trialled in Northland this year, and University of Auckland research showed Northland children’s milk consumption at school and at home had increased significantly since the pilot began.

To read the full article…..Click here

Guest Post – Dr. Jillian Finker, 5 Ways To Be Anxiety Free

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stressAnxiety has become a very common health problem that is often treated with various medications. Although pharmaceuticals can be effective, they are not treating the underlying cause of the problem which can be as simple as sleep deprivation.

Here are 5 simple steps that you can take to help decrease anxiety:

1) First, sleep between 8 and 9 hours in order to help balance your stress hormones.

2) Keep the bedroom completely dark to ensure a good night’s sleep which elevates feel good hormones like melatonin.

3) Eat during the day every three to four hours; a snack or meal that contains protein. This will help to maintain optimum blood sugar levels which will help to balance stress hormones.

4) It is important to avoid stimulants such as chocolate and coffee especially after 3:00 pm because it will increase stress hormones and disrupt the circadian rhythm.

stretch5) Most importantly incorporate some kind of exercise into your daily routine. Exercise helps to normalize the stress response and can be very effective in treating anxiety. It is important to include some kind of daily moving relaxation techniques such as yoga or tai chi that also help to decrease anxiety levels.

In addition to the above techniques, the underlying causes of anxiety can be helped with nutrition, herbs, and vitamins to bring the body back into balance allowing us to relax and once again have a sense of well being. There are various blood tests and other assessment methods that can determine what deficiencies your body has. Your doctor can then prescribe supplements to help heal the underlying causes of your anxiety.

Note: Please seek the guidance from your doctor to determine which supplements would be appropriate for you.

– Dr. Jillian Finker, Naturopathic Physician has medical clinics in Connecticut and Vermont along with a private practice in Bellmore, New York. She specializes in women’s health and is an expert in natural medicine. Dr. Finker has been selected as the best Alternative Doctor on Long Island for 2011 and 2012. She has appeared on various television programs and acts as a consultant for a several international companies. Her work has been featured in various books and major magazines nationwide. It’s About Wellness Naturally, her latest publication will be available soon on Amazon.