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8 Types Of Content That Increase Engagement On Facebook

By Diana Barsan

facebookWant to boost your Facebook page engagement? The key is sharing valuable content. Typically a Facebook user has 140 friends, is connected to 80 pages, groups and events and has created 90 pieces of content. The more people that interact with your page, the more your page will show up on their Facebook homepage and on their friends’ news feed. This is a great opportunity to reach out beyond just your fans. When writing content for Facebook keep it personable and stick to the formula of 80% value-added content and 20% pitch and marketing.

Here are eight types of content that will get “likes” and comments:

1. Post like a friend, not a dental practice. Humanized language gets better feedback. Press release, rigid-styled writing destroys the potential of patient interaction and risks turning off your fans. Think of ways you can make the content stand out and reach your target audience. Make sure the content you provide is relevant and distinct, and try to avoid complicated words and phrases.

2. Like other pages as a page. Find pages that are related to your practice, even if they are your competition. In order to encourage cross promotion partnerships, share content from these pages, use mentions and tags, and thank these other pages.

3. Use eye-catching images. Visual content is key to increasing interaction on Facebook. Share pictures of office events, conferences, staff, and patients (if they give their consent) accompanied by a short description. Do not post groups of photos all at once. Publish images one at a time or three at a time to get feedback over multiple days or weeks.

4. Celebrate milestones. Make sure you thank your patients and your staff for their support. People like celebrating accomplishments. If you’re celebrating your Facebook fan following, add the milestone to Facebook timeline. To show appreciation to your followers, make a collage, post a video, give away free stuff, or create an exclusive offer. The more creative you get, the better.

5. Best caption contests. This is a fun way to engage your patients to respond to a Facebook post. Choose an intriguing image and ask your fans to give it a title. Announce a winner and give out prizes. Make it a tradition.

6. Talk about Facebook. According to HubSpot research, Facebook is the number one most shareable topic on Facebook. Try to include Facebook mentions that are relevant to the health care industry instead of just posting about Facebook.

7. Celebrate official awareness months. Find creative ways to celebrate commemorative months like National Children’s Dental Health Month, Heart Health Month, Black History Month, Autism Awareness Month, and more.

8. Ask questions. Every time you share something on Facebook, end the post with a simple question. You can use Yes or No, multiple choice, or generate debates with questions. Ask your fans to pick their favorite things, to choose whether a statement is true or false, or to encourage them to rate something from 1 to 10.

– Author Diana Barsan give examples on how to generate more “likeable” content on the Facebook page of a pediatric dentist in Denver!

Tech Tools – Diana Barsan

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5 Reasons Why You Should Have A Facebook Page

By Diana Barsan

facebookAre you using Facebook but think it’s a waste of time because you are not getting any new leads? Are you debating whether to start, or use additional resources to improve your Facebook business page? It’s easy for you to understand how you can use Facebook to interact with your family and friends, but you question the viability of Facebook as main form of professional communication. It’s well known that Facebook is the largest social network on the planet with over 1 billion active monthly users. Just think about it for a second… if you can get your content in front of so many people, isn’t that worth considering?

Here are some convincing facts that will help you shape your decision.

1. Search – Search is an essential reason why businesses have a presence on Facebook. Pages are public and accessible to Search Engines. This is a great opportunity to drive action or traffic to your website. Remember that Google is not the only search engine. Search is fracturing. Facebook, Yelp, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn have become powerful agents of data and user searches. Custom URLs, page names, information about you company and events are all considered as part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

2. Reach – Reach is how far you are able to spread your content. The average person has 130 Facebook friends. Your customers are on Facebook, but don’t forget that their friends are there too. So think about how it really works… For example, when you comment on or like an article on a company’s Facebook Page, that comment, as well as the article from that business, may be shown to other people in your network. This means that your reach goes beyond your network of friends. By sharing valuable content and encouraging readers to comment on or like it, you can increase your rates of engagement.

socialnetwork3. Target – Facebook is a great tool to discover who your true target audience is. Facebook can also develop niche markets. Since you don’t explore niche marketing on your main website, Facebook content that speaks to that niche can have a powerful impact. People like your page because they are aware of your company, and want to learn more. While they get familiar with your business, you can collect useful information about their participation. Facebook Insights provides useful information about your fans and their interactions on your page. Through your fans interaction, comments and feedback, you can make better decisions about your business.

4. Humanize your brand – The way businesses communicate with consumers and prospects is rapidly changing. Facebook allows you to engage your customers and get real-time feedback that could improve your business. For this you need to stop selling your products or services and share captivating content. Facebook also helps organizations to build trust and a sense of community.

5. Competition – Are you still debating whether to create a Facebook page for your business? Remember, your competition is one step ahead of you! They realized the benefits of the new ways of customer interaction. While you are struggling with traditional marketing techniques, your competition discovered that the more “likes” your page has, the greater the chance of it ranking high in the search engines for your specific field and keywords. Facebook is an essential tool in spreading the word about your company and most importantly it’s free and it’s easy. What’s stopping you from using Facebook to grow your business?

– Guest Author Diana Barsan has written articles for Your Health Journal in the past. She is connected to Prosthetic Illusions, a medical office that uses Facebook to grow their business.

Facebook Usage Tied To Obesity

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From Your Health Journal…..”I found this story from a Miami local CBS affiliate very interesting, as it discusses how Facebook can contribute to obesity. Researchers at Columbia University found that using Facebook may be tied to obesity due to the negative eating habits that could result from frequently visiting social networking sites. The combination of sedentary lifestyle and binge eating contributed to the results. But, the truth is, technology in general plays a large role in sedentary lifestyle, associated with poor eating habits. Even in children where ‘play’ meant going outside to get physical activity, now ‘play’ can also mean some form of technology. So, the lesson is to reduce the technology, and increase the physical activity associated with healthy eating. I encourage you to visit the CBS site (link below) to view to complete article.”

From the article…..

If you’re like millions of Americans, checking out Facebook may be second nature to you. But, it turns out that using Facebook may be tied to the ever growing battle of the bulge for Americans.

Researchers at Columbia University found that using Facebook may be tied to obesity due to the negative eating habits that could result from frequently visiting social networking sites.

The study, led by Keith Wilcox, Ph.D., surveyed almost 500 people about their Internet use, specifically as it pertained to Facebook, Men’s Health reported.

Of the 470 participants asked, those who used Facebook the most had reportedly higher body mass indexes than those who were not as frequently engaged.

Researchers additionally learned that binge eating was commonly associated with high involvement with the social networking site.

To read the full article…..Click here