Summer Doesn’t Mean Fitness Goals Have To End

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joggerKeep track of fitness goals this summer with newly released, easy-to-use templates from

The majority of fitness goals are created around January 1st of every year. Some may reach their goals by summer and some may not. Some goals are set a year or two out. Whatever the goal or deadline, has created a variety of documents to help keep the goal in sight and track progress.

Measuring everything at the start of a fitness journey is imperative to tracking progress over time. offers a few different types of calculators to help identify measurements such as body fat percentage and Body Mass Index. Once these calculations have been made and all other necessary measurements are taken, any of the fitness plan templates can be used to track everything from workouts to diet.

“Some of our templates help with one specific area such as workouts,” says Ben Davidson, spokesperson for “We know some people already have a diet or meal plan in place so they may only need to track exercise. Others need the whole package so we also offer templates that cover measurements over time, diet, and exercise.”

joggersFor those looking to work out with a partner and track dual progress, offers a Partner Weight Loss template as well. They also offer calculators and trackers that take into account gender so that men and women can see how they compare to average benchmarks for their gender, height, and beginning weight.

“We did our best to think of various scenarios and types of information consumers would need to help track their fitness progress,” adds Davidson. “We know a lot of people want to meet their goals before summer starts, but there is a large group of people still working on their goals or maintaining the progress they achieved before summer began. We’re here to help everyone.”

To download fitness log and tracker templates, visit

Lighting Tips For Surviving The End Of Daylight Savings

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sunThe end of daylight savings arrives at 2 a.m. on November 2, 2014, throughout most of the United States and Canada. For many, it’s more than just setting the clock back an hour. It can come as a shock to leave work at the usual time, only to return home after the sun has set. Interior and exterior lighting is a great way to offset this sudden shift in light and prepare for the longer evenings to come.

For starters, a comprehensive landscape lighting plan brightens the yard during the winter months, when daylight hours are limited. “Our Super Duty brand of LED landscape lighting was developed specifically to endure the rigors of lighting the yard all year long,” explains Dennis Swanson, Lamps Plus founder and CEO. Featuring sturdy construction and energy-efficient LED light sources, this collection includes tall landscape lights and post lights for general outdoor illumination, spot and flood lights for accent lighting, and landscape lighting sets combining a range of types for an all-in-one yard solution. “A variety of flood, spot and tall lights artfully illuminates your property while simultaneously increasing safety and security.”

There are a number of other fuss-free ways to light the home’s exterior and eliminate the worry of running the electrical bill up too much. Dusk-to-dawn lighting, for instance, uses an internal light sensor to turn the unit off and on with the rising and falling of the sun. For an even more specific option, motion sensor security lights turn on only when they sense movement nearby. Motion sensor lights are best-suited for deterring would-be burglars and illuminating high-traffic locations such as garages and back doors.

Indoors, similar technology makes it easy to keep the lights on during the winter months. Motion sensors can also be installed to trigger lights each time a person enters the room. To avoid returning home to a dark house, consumers can use timers for table and floor lamps. Installed directly into the outlet, these timers can be easily set to turn lamps on and off at regular intervals. And new wireless remotes make it easier than ever to operate lights throughout the home. Able to operate up to three outlets at once, the latest remote control designs allow a person to control lamps and other appliances with the single touch from a handheld remote.

Despite the increased convenience of many new lighting products, longer evenings still require homeowners to keep lights on longer. Luckily LED lighting – which is up to 10x times as energy-efficient as standard incandescent lighting – can make up for those extra hours on the electrical bill. And it looks great too. “The quality of LED light has increased dramatically over the years,” says Swanson. “For the ‘warm’ look that people used to associate with standard bulbs, consumers should look for LEDs with low color temperatures in the 2700K-3000K range.” Higher color temperatures provide a clear and “cool” white light that’s ideal for reading and other tasks around the house.

From safety and security in the yard to fresh new style indoors, LED and other new technologies offer easy and energy-efficient ways to keep the home bright all winter long. As a reminder, don’t forget to set clocks back one hour before going to bed on Saturday, November 1st.

About Lamps Plus

For more than 30 years, Lamps Plus has been synonymous with excellence in the retail lighting industry. Established in 1976, Lamps Plus is the nation’s largest specialty lighting store, with more than 40 superstores throughout the western United States. was named a 2014 Top 10 Housewares/Home Furnishings e-tailer and a 2013 “Hot 100″ world’s best retail website by Internet Retailer Magazine. Together with its retail locations, the company serves customers nationwide with the largest selection of functional and decorative lighting fixtures, accessories, furniture and home decor. This selection includes hundreds of products, ranging from traditional chandeliers to the latest in home decor, available exclusively from Lamps Plus. The company also holds several patents for innovative lighting. Services offered include in-home lighting consultations, in-store workshops and installation from expert, licensed electricians. American Lighting Association certified designers are available to offer product recommendations and advice in all our stores, by phone or online at The Lamps Plus family of websites also includes 55 Downing Street, Builders Discount Lighting and Lamps Plus Open Box. Visit the official Lamps Plus website:

Can Insomnia Be Cured? Putting An End To Sleeplessness

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By Ethan Chong

SleepingWomanCan insomnia be cured? Many people struggle at night tossing and turning until their alarm goes off in the morning. When a person finally wakes up, they feel tired and unable to take on the day without feeling exhausted. This sleeplessness leads to less productivity and can cause adverse side effects as well. A person simply needs to get a good night’s rest to be ready to take on the day. While there are several remedies of insomnia, the right remedy will be dependent on the root cause of the problem.

Common Causes of Insomnia

Insomnia is on the rise and it is no coincidence with the amount of technology at a person’s disposal. While insomnia can be linked to a medical issue, many people are now suffering with sleeplessness because of our technology driven world. Televisions, cell phones, tablets and computers are running around the clock. A person that cannot sleep often finds themselves watching television or checking their text messages on their phone. However, this is not the only cause of insomnia. The following are common amongst those suffering with the condition:

• Stress, depression and traumatic experiences

• Asthma, cancer, various diseases and medications

• Sleep apnea and various other sleep disorders

sleepRemedies of Insomnia

The question of “can insomnia be cured?” is truly dependent on the root cause of the problem. The following can be done to finally achieve a good night’s sleep:

• Those suffering from depression or other psychological problems will want to seek professional help. Oftentimes, medication can be prescribed so that a person can finally get a good night’s sleep.

• Medical-related causes, such as asthma or medications, will also need medical advice. Medications can be changed and conditions can be dealt with so that sleeping is never an issue. This is the same for sleep disorders that may require medical attention, such as sleep apnea.

• Exercising not only keeps a person’s body in shape, but it will result in a better night of sleep. Engaging in exercise may allow you to sleep better at night and put a halt to tossing and turning.

• Dark rooms that are quiet produce the best sleeping environment. Shut off all unnecessary electronics and buy blackout curtains. This will remove distractions and keep the room dark and quiet.

• Caffeine consumption may lead to a difficult time sleeping. Stopping any caffeine consumption before 4 pm is typically a wise choice and will lead to a better sleep.

• Scheduled sleep cycles are best. Instead of taking an afternoon nap, stay awake and enjoy a full night’s sleep.

Unless a person has a medical issue, they will be able to cure insomnia naturally. All too often, we let stress get in the way of sleeping. Unwind, relax and put the day’s troubles behind you. If pain or medications simply will not allow you to get a decent night’s sleep, it is time to consult a doctor. There are medications which will allow a person to be able to sleep soundly at night and not have to struggle through the day.

– Ethan Chong is a past insomniac who has always been on the lookout for new insomnia cures. Recently, he has found a cure that can end his insomnia instantly and permanently and he would like to share it with all of you. For more information about this new insomnia cure he has discovered, please visit this website now at