Healthy Tip # 216

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Healthy tips courtesy of Lisa McClellan

girljogRunning in races is no longer just for elite athletes. If you are trying to live a healthier lifestyle, try signing up for a local 5K a few month’s from now. You can create a schedule or seek the services of a running coach to come up with a plan. There are many programs, some that even include a run/walk regime to get you started. Sometimes the hardest part about running is putting your foot out the door, generally speaking, you will never regret going for a run, but you may regret not going. Having the race that you’ve paid for and invested in is always a good motivator and, there is no better feeling than crossing the finish line after all of the hard work you’ve put into accomplishing that goal.

Lisa McClellan, RRCA Certified Running Coach, author of

Healthy Tip # 213

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Healthy tips courtesy of Joni Rampolla

water1. Drink calorie free beverages as your body doesn’t recognize liquid without protein or fiber as calories so you don’t eat less or feel full even if you drink a large amount of calories from sugary drinks.

2. Get at least 7 hours of sleep each night. Research shows when we are sleepy, our hormones that make us hungry are elevated and we usually raid the refrigerator for higher calorie fatty foods not broccoli .

3. Make a plan to sit less. During commercial breaks on TV, every time you take a sip of a beverage, w hen talking on the phone, make it a point to stand and move your body. Research has shown you can decrease your risk of disease, just by walking for a couple minutes each hour and being seated less time during the day. This is great news for those that dislike going to the gym because changing simple behaviors such as standing more is easy to fit in your daily life.

4. Separate the emotion from eating. Many eat when they are stressed, bored, lonely, depressed, tired. Be conscience of your feelings and find a non-food outlet for your emotion. Notice it, and change the behavior. Take a walk, sing a song, dance, move, call a friend, play with the dog, etc. just find your outlet that can replace one behavior for another that is healthier.

Joni Rampolla, RD, LDN, Registered Dietitian, Certified Health Coach, Take Shape For Life

Healthy Tip # 215

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Healthy tips courtesy of Farnoosh Brock

fruitswhiteThe one thing you can do every day to get one step closer to a healthier lifestyle is to drink fresh juices of fruits and vegetables. Green juicing, or juicing fresh fruits and vegetables, is the most natural and effective way to detox and cleanse your body without any medication and also a fantastic way to shed the stubborn pounds. Green juicing is not the same as green smoothies as you cannot cleanse or detox on green smoothies because your digestive system has to work hard to break down the fiber whereas with juices, you are just consuming the juice. Green juices get immediately absorbed into your blood stream and cleanse your system from the inside out, flushing out waste and purifying your organs and skin as a result.

Farnoosh Brock, author, speaker and life coach with a best-selling book on Green Juicing.

Healthy Tip # 207

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Another healthy tip courtesy of Drs. Mira and Jayson Calton

healthywords“Make a Perfect Plate to Oust Osteoporosis! Try having organic Greek yogurt and a few dried prunes for breakfast, Salad with canned salmon and gouda cheese, avocado and sunflower seeds for lunch and Steak with sautéed onions and sweet potato for Dinner,” says, Mira and Jayson Calton, PhD from their latest book, Rich Food, Poor Food: readers get a unique Grocery Purchasing System (GPS) to navigate the grocery store aisles with ease, identifying micronutrient-Rich Foods (those that contain higher amounts of the vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids that the body needs to perform all the functions of healthy living.), while avoiding over 150 Poor Food ingredients such as pesticides, carcinogens, hormones, and genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Here’s why:

Breakfast: Yogurt and Dried Prunes.

Your bones require many micronutrients to stay strong. And you can’t absorb micronutrients without good strong gut bacteria. Start with an organic Greek yogurt and a few dried prunes. The yogurt gives you healthy bacteria to keep your gut ready to absorb vitamins and minerals. Purchase organic to ensure the dairy cows were not treated with rGBH (synthetic hormones). A Florida State University study proved that eating a serving of prunes every day stopped bone loss and increased bone density in post-menopausal women. The high fiber content in these wrinkled wonders also reduced hunger in study participants. Osteoporosis is the pits. To reduce your risk for it, enjoy these pitted delights.

Lunch: Salad with canned salmon and gouda cheese, avocado and sunflower seeds.

Don’t choose a spinach salad. Spinach has too much oxalic acid, which depletes magnesium and calcium. Opt for romaine and load it up with an array of brightly colored vegetables. Then add Gouda cheese to the top. This cheese of Dutch origin is the third-highest source of the elusive vitamin K2. Only natto, a Japanese fermented soybean dish, and goose liver pate surpass it. There are two natural forms of vitamin K—K1, which comes from plants and is essential for blood clotting, and K2, which comes from bacterial/animal sources and may reduce the risk of osteoporosis, arterial calcification, rheumatoid arthritis, and even certain types of cancer. Chop up 3 ounces to be eaten over the day or dice into your salad here.

Add salmon: This fatty fish is a delicious source of vitamin D, which helps the body metabolize and absorb the calcium in food. Vitamin D is converted to its active form in the kidneys, enabling it to help with calcium absorption. Additionally, omega-3 in the salmon also helps absorb and retain calcium. The bones in the canned salmon are nearly impossible to see or taste but they add in a large dose of calcium to your meal.

The sunflower seeds and avocado are loaded with healthy fats, and also vitamin E, which aids in the utilization of that elusive vitamin K.

Dinner: Steak with sautéed onions and sweet potato

Beef: Don’t be cared of earlier reports that protein is bad for your bones. According to a systematic review including 61 studies from the past three decades published in Amer. Journal of Clinical Nutrition indicates that despite common misconceptions protein doesn’t negatively impact bone health. Choose your meat wisely. Purchase grass-fed organic beef for its higher levels of healthy fats like CLA and omega-3, and lower amounts of omega-6 and saturated fat than grain-fed cows.

Onions are loaded with numerous bone-building compounds. First, they contain something called F-L-glutamyl-trans- S-1-propenyl-L-cysteine sulfoxide that may inhibit the activity of cells responsible for breaking down bones. Onions also contain quercetin and kaempferol, two phytochemicals that may increase bone density. These white bone builders also promote bone health because they contain inulin, a plant fiber that has been shown to increase calcium absorption by 33 percent. So serving onions in a cream sauce may be a prescription for an osteoporosis free future. These numerous nutrients may help to explain why the women of Turkey, who have the highest consumption of onions in the world, also have the lowest osteoporosis fracture rate in Europe.

Sweet potato: Sweet potatoes are a fabulous source of potassium, which research suggests may boost bone health. Studies have found that people whose diet contains plenty of potassium have denser bones. They also lose less calcium in their urine.

– Mira and Jayson Calton, PhD

Healthy Tip # 202

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Another healthy tip courtesy of Dr. Perry Chinn

applevectorsmallThe tremendous amount of research as to the importance to the simple molecule nitric oxide (not too long ago thought of as a useless by-product of metabolism and combustion, even a toxic pollutant) has gotten even more relevant with the understanding of the secondary pathway in the mouth for normal production of the heart protective substance. We get many of the nutritional precursors in our diet from green leafy vegetables in the form of nitrates. Interestingly, we as humans have not evolved to effectively metabolize these nitrates and must rely on the normal population of bacteria in our mouth to do this for us. A truly life saving symbiosis that can be devastated by our war on “germs”. By over-utilizing antiseptic rinses, tooth paste and other tools of bacterial warfare, we can effectively destroy one of the most important primary sources of nitric oxide, thereby laying us open to cardiovascular disorders including hypertension, atherosclerosis,
diabetic vascular disorder and much more.

You CAN keep your breath fresh AND keep your heart healthy..

Perry Chinn, D.C.

Healthy Tip # 197

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Another healthy tip courtesy of Sunny Seward

applevectorsmallSnack smart with super foods. Super foods are superior sources of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and essential nutrients. They provide nutrients that the body needs, but cannot make itself. This new year rev up your metabolism and burn fat by adding these foods to your diet. They taste great, balance your blood sugar and are a convenient way to eat on the run. Examples: goji berries, acai berries, cacao, raw nuts, seeds, quinoa, edamame and many more.

– Sunny Seward, MS, CNS, Masters in Nutrition, Certified Nutrition Specialist, Integrated Medicine & Nutrition

Oh, You Gotta To Have Friends

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By Kac Young PhD, ND, DCH

saladheartsmallA close friend or relative has just had a heart attack or a cardio vascular incident. You try to be helpful. You want them to start making changes so they live a longer and healthier life. Do you tell them?

• You shouldn’t eat that; it causes heart disease.

• You should have more willpower and resist eating unhealthy foods.

• If you don’t change your lifestyle, you’ll die.

• You have to give up your favorite foods and eat only vegetables and beans.

What they hear is that you are trying to parent them. They feel failure and guilt. They become resistant and even defiant. However, your concern can have the opposite effect on them to actually inspire and encourage them. What if you said:

• Eating more healthfully will give you more energy and vitality to support better heart health.

• Healthy eating is a pleasurable and exciting way to experience life.

• You are your own best doctor. You’re the one in charge of making heart-healthy eating decisions for yourself.

• Physical activity raises your heart rate and exercises your heart muscles making you strong and resistant to cardio incidents. You’ll feel great when you exercise.

• You deserve a vibrant, heart-healthy life and you have all the power you need to reverse this condition.

• You don’t have to be perfect to be heart-healthy, just conscientious.

• Let me help you find the information you need to begin your new life.

Using the second approach you offer your loved one a partnership in healing that will help them become more heart aware and to make choices that will support and nurture their health. We all respond more favorably to a helping hand offered with a generous spirit. Be the friend you would want to have in your corner if you were the one on the other side of the fence. Two heart-healthy minds are always better than one.

Kac Young , a former television director and producer, has earned a Ph.D. in Natural Health and is a Doctor of both Clinical Hypnotherapy and Naturopathy. She is the author 10 books. Heart Easy is a system of nutritionally sound, delicious meals that promote heart health, long life and taste great. Traditional recipes are turned into heart healthy meals that anyone can make. The health results are outstanding.

Healthy Tip # 190

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Another healthy tip courtesy of Ameer Rosic

applevectorsmallDid you know that eating two slices of whole wheat bread could increase your blood sugar more than 2 tablespoons of pure sugar?

Wheat is highly processed, and contains high amounts of sugar. People on a wheat free diet naturally consume 350 to 400 fewer calories, therefore consuming less sugar therefore losing weight fast. One of the best things you can do for your health and to lose weight fast is drop the Wheat.

– Ameer Rosic, Optimal Vitality Specialist,

Healthy Tip # 189

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Another healthy tip courtesy of Karen Welby

Making time for exercise becomes a New Year’s resolution for many people as January 1st rolls around. However, many people lose this motivation after a few weeks.

Here are two tips to stick with an exercise routine.

womancurlupPick a race or challenge to participate in. Consider what you’d like to accomplish in 2013. A 5k? A Triathlon? The Tough Mudder? 25 push-ups in a row? In January, designate one fitness goal for the year. Then, write it down, find people to do it with, and tell everyone about your big challenge. This will create accountability and be your motivation. Then set specific monthly goals, write them down, and track your progress. Create a spreadsheet, or handwritten journal, with your workout goals. Keep track of how many miles you ran, mornings you went to boot camp, nights you took a spin class, etc. Tally everything up at the end of the month and see if you hit your goals.

Creating an exercise routine is the first step towards a healthy new lifestyle. Once your schedule is in place and you begin following a workout schedule, you’ll start to plan your days around exercise and eliminate excuses. Set goals, track progress and plan for success!

Karen Welby and I am a certified holistic health coach, personal trainer and running coach. Here are my health tips.

Healthy Tip # 187

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Another healthy tip courtesy of Charles Platkin

saladheartsmallWhy experts say “don’t diet; make it a lifestyle.” What in the world do they mean? They mean that you need to hange behaviors (diet and exercise) to lose weight, but to keep the weight off for good you must choose behaviors you can live with forever. You need to consistently question and ask yourself ­ is this “change” I just made (read: exercising at 5 a.m. every morning) something I can do forever? Can I eat celery for breakfast every day? (That’s a joke by the way, to highlight the silly things we often do to lose weight.) You need to form patterns: Make your new eating behaviors automatic by doing them over and over again. You shouldn’t need to take breaks from your “diet.” If you have to take a break, you made too many compromises in the first place and your diet will not last. New eating
and activity behaviors need to be comfortable and not too restrictive.

Be Prepared: It is important to recognize that preparation will help you make better choices. Ever heard the expression, “chance favors the prepared mind?” Think about this scenario: You’ve been so “good” on your diet: You’ve lost weight, exercised every day for months ­ it’s all going so well. Then it happens. You’re completely stressed out; you just had an argument with your 14-year-old daughter; your boss is breathing down your neck about that report that’s late; your phone’s been ringing off the hook ­you’re at the end of your rope. Then, to top it all off, your co-worker is having a birthday celebration with the works, including lasagna, cake and ice cream. You have it all, and you don’t just stop there ­ you continue this slide, and you relapse. The reality is that weight loss and maintenance have lots of ups and downs, and plenty of curve-balls. Think about the difficult choices you face most often, and make sure to figure out the best outcomes before you face them ­ not during.

– Charles Platkin, PhD, MPH, nutrition professor at the CUNY School of Public Health at HUNTER College in NYC and editor of