Automated Lap Counter For Mileage Club And School Walk-A-Thons With Tablet Control

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kidsunningtogetherSchool Mileage Programs and Walk-A-Thon fund raisers just got easier with new Tablets and hands free RFID technology. Using state of the art technology that allows communication via Wi-Fi and cellular, Orbiter Lap Counter / Timer is easy to use. No wires or cables and 3 minute set up.

New embellishments include:

Tablet Operation: Allows Teachers to easily command their class and see real time results on the tablet. Easy to move around on the playground and provide immediate feedback to

Teacher Tag with no batteries: Allows remote control of mileage programs so that students may trade tags between class periods, and individual student effort still tracked. This allows
economy and ease of operation as the entire school does not need a tracking tag for each student.

Optional: Dual Cellular and Wi-Fi Modem Operation, . Other modems required either Wi-Fi
to operate or the cellular modem but not both. Orbiter’s unique modem allows posting of immediate results to cell phones, and the Teacher control tablet. Family and friends now can enjoy seeing immediate results and encourage student progress.

Back Ground: Orbiter is an RFID company that started business in 2006. It is comprised
hardware and software engineers with RFID experience since the mid 90’s. They have produced easy to use software that is specifically designed for physical education teachers. Orbiter is now on version 4. Orbiter partners with Zebra and Motorola. By tracking students rather than RFID tags, lost tags are easily replaced and continuity of past effort retained. The Orbiter system has been tested and used on playgrounds for many years. Tablet operation, Teacher Tag, and dual modems are new for 2015.

Orbiter will be shown at the SHAPE Seattle Convention, at the Washington Athletic Club,
1325 6th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101 (2 ½ city blocks from the SHAPE Convention Center) between March 17 – 21. Call 866-938-3587 for more information.

How To Improve Your Control Over Troubled Teens

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By Katrin Deres

teensAdolescence is considered to be a time of both discovery and disorientation. An average child goes through a lot of physiological and psychological changes as he journeys through teenage years. Oftentimes adolescents go through serious problems owing to certain internal or external pressures, which may take the form of poverty, parental issues, failed relationships, bullying, child abuse, pornography addiction, teenage pregnancies or drugs. Parents are mostly unable to appreciate the mental anguish their child might be going through. This is mostly because after entering teenage, children hardly share any of their personal issues with their parents, fearing possible consequences or their parents’ inability to understand their situation.

All kids, teenagers especially, deserve a certain level of privacy, and parents need to appreciate this when dealing with their children’s problems. Many a time children seek independence, while parents demand obedience, which can lead to serious consequences including verbal abuse and even violence. This is a difficult and emotionally traumatizing situation for both of them, especially the parents since they find themselves responsible for their shortcomings in raising their children.

Finding the cause

Instead of fretting over it and not doing something about it, try to find out the reason for this abnormal behavior of your child. Take him/her out for a walk or to a restaurant and try to bring up the subject. Be frank with your kids. Is he/she tense about academics, being bullied at school, having a fight with his/her best friend, mourning over a lost crush, keeping bad companies, etc? Do not be alarmed by your child’s response if it is in the affirmative or if he/she simply refuses to accept that something is amiss. As parents you need to be extra patient and forbearing.

You need to be there for your kids when they are going through troubling times, and do your best to help them find a way out. Teenage is a time when kids start to feel like grown-ups and in some instances might go out of the way to prove that they are. By reprimanding them for not taking care of their own affairs, you will only be provoking them into such immature behavior.
How to deal with it

girlapple• Try to counsel your children yourself, by taking the help of a relative whom your kids trust, or by referring to a specialist. You may also try to approach your child’s friends and ask them about whatever issue he/she is going through.

• Let your children know you love them and their happiness is more important to you than anything else. Make them realize you are only trying to help them out.

• Try to look for some healthy pastimes for your child, like going to a library, joining a sports club or gym, doing some social work etc.

• Praise them for their achievements, be it academic success or helping with household chores. Let them feel appreciated and not give them the chance to complain about their deeds going uncredited.

• To keep an eye on your child in order to ensure he/she is not taking part in suspicious activities, keeping bad companies or associating with potentially dangerous people, install some spyware like mSpy on his/her cell phone and keep track of his call logs, text messages, internet usage, and where he/she likes to hang out. If you sense anything noteworthy that is out of the ordinary, try to talk to your child by approaching the subject indirectly, without revealing the presence of your spy software (that could lead to more trouble). Having your child voice his own concerns to you is the best way to deal with it, instead of having a direct confrontation.

– Katrin has two years experience in blogging. Writes mainly about mobile spy software such as mSpy and cell phone security features. She has been contributor to many magazines and blogs.

5 Ways To Control Calorie Intake At Holiday Parties

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By Helen Agresti

salads1. Be a smarty before you party. When we go all day without eating or skip lunch prior to a party, this usually leads to unhealthy choices throughout the remainder of the day. Make time for a cup of soup, small salad with vegetables and black beans or a few whole grain pita slices with hummus.

2. Choose foods with power! Foods that contain a high content of protein, fiber and water (fish, lean meats, beans, whole grains, fruits and vegetables) have the highest satiating power. Simple carbohydrates and high fat foods (cookies, cakes, breads, and cheeses) have a lesser effect on our sense of “fullness.”

3. Give yourself 20. Practice good portion control by waiting 20 minutes in between visits to the buffet table. This gives our bodies time to recognize the satiating power of the food we just ingested.

4. Hydrate and deflate. Beer, wine, and sugar-laden drinks are high in calories and have zero nutritional value. Naturally, the more we drink the more we visit the restroom. For every alcoholic beverage, drink one glass of water. Staying hydrated will decrease the likelihood of headaches, fatigue, and feeling bloated the next day.

5. Do yourself a favor and enjoy the flavors. Socialize away from the food. Mindless eating often occurs when we’re engaged in conversion and food is close at hand. Always eat sitting down and enjoy your holiday meal.

~ Healthy and Happy Holiday Eating!

– Helen Agresti is a Registered Dietitian with Professional Nutrition Consulting, LLC. She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and 5 children. For more Nutrition advice and healthy recipes follow her on twitter @HelenAgresti and on the web

Weight Training For Weight Control

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By Jeff Hauswirth

weightsWeight lifting and resistance exercise have many awesome health benefits, but losing weight? In a word, yes. Most people think that by lifting weights, “bigger muscles equals a bigger scale reading”. Not true. Think about it like this. If all you do is cardio, you will lose weight fat, but your shape will basically stay the same. Imagine a pear. If all the pear did was cardio exercise, it would basically become a smaller size pear. To change your actual shape, you need weight lifting.

I am not at all knocking cardio activities, as they are just as necessary as weight training for total health. What I am saying is that weight training is also a great way to lose weight. More so than cardio, adding weight training to your routine will help you burn calories 24 hours a day. I have mentioned before, and will mention again, that for every pound of lean muscle you add to your body, you will burn about 70 extra calories per day. Even when you sleep! Even when you are watching TV! Cardio, on the other hand, will boost your metabolism, but only temporarily after a workout (up to 3 hours after, depending on the intensity of the workout).

scaleOne of the first thoughts that some people have when they start weight training is that “the number on the scale isn’t dropping as fast”. This can, if you don’t look at the whole situation, cause a person to give up weigh training, because “lifting might make me fat”. Cardio does burn fat, but doesn’t really tone or build muscle. When you are lifting weights, you are not only adding adding muscle, but also burning fat. Muscle being 3x’s more dense than fat, it may seem as though you aren’t losing as much, but what’s happening is that you are actually replacing that fat loss with lean muscle, changing your shape, and boosting your metabolism. Although the number may not drop as fast, you will notice that your clothes are much looser. All this from simply adding some weight training to your world! Try it for yourself. If all you have done to maintain or help to lose weight is cardio, add some resistance exercise to your routine, and see how much better you feel, and how much easier it is to maintain a healthy weight.

– Contributed by guest author, Jeff Hauswirth

More Government Control To Curb Obesity?

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From Your Health Journal…..”The Globe and Mail is one of my favorite overseas online newspapers, as they always have some great health and fitness related stories. I strongly urge my visitors to go to their site and read the full version of this article as well as other powerful articles (link below). According to this article, it states that poor diet is responsible for more deaths that car or gun accidents, yet many people do not try eat healthier. There will soon be a debate over how people should eat, whether the government has more control opposed to those who feel everyone should make their own decisions on diet. The bottom line, obesity contributes to many health issues from diabetes, heart disease, or even low self esteem. Would government intervention make a difference? Please visit the Globe and Mail site to read more on this topic. Happy holidays.”

From the article…..

Poor diets are responsible for more deaths than car accidents or gun violence, yet most people ignore this urgent public health crisis. For that reason, New York Times food journalist Mark Bittman argues, we need the equivalent of “dietary seat belts.”

In a piece this week that is gaining traction online, Bittman makes the case for greater controls over the food supply to prevent overconsumption of sugary drinks and processed food products that are high in salt, fat and calories.

Cue the critics who will say Bittman is calling for the creation of a nanny state and that individuals should have the freedom to make their own choices about their diets.

But he makes an interesting argument for why restrictions on the types of food and the quantity that is available are not only important, but necessary.

Consider how many lives are saved by public health initiatives such as seat belts and vaccinations. Then consider that the majority of adults in countries such as Canada are overweight or obese, while the same is true for about 30 per cent of children in this country.

Carrying excess weight increases a person’s risk for numerous health problems, from high blood pressure to diabetes to cardiovascular problems. Heart disease and stroke are among the leading killers in Canada, but as public health experts have pointed out, many of those deaths are premature. Countless lives could be saved if the rates of obesity went down and more people adopted healthier lifestyles.

To read the full article…..Click here