How To Cut Orthodontic Braces Time In Half For Adults And Children

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Submitted by Dr. Michael Stosich

dentistIs it possible for both children and adults to cut the time spent wearing braces by half?

It seems it would be easier for children to lessen the time spent in braces than that of adults: Is it?

Dr. Michael Stosich with iDentity Orthodontics believes in covering all the bases with his patients from initial consultation to post-braces removal and care. The cornerstone of his orthodontic practice was set with the principles of educating his patients, caring for his patients, and providing the best possible services available to them.

He carefully listens to your concerns and takes time with you to ensure you are comfortable with the treatment, and that you fully understand his role (and yours) throughout your professional relationship. Dr. Stosich will not be put off by questions—in fact, he welcomes them and acknowledges that this is the best way to feel comfortable and confident in choosing him as your orthodontist.

When it comes to asking questions about wearing braces, it’s true that children’s bones are not fully developed until around the age of 18; teeth are more easily moved through the application of braces due to that fact. However, it is still possible to lessen time in braces for adults of any age, as well. Each individual will have his or her own set of circumstances which Dr. Stosich will address with you, and this will determine the length of time needed to correct your specific problems.

Orthodontic treatment in many cases consists of brackets, wire, and elastics which exert gentle forces on teeth to move in a certain direction to straighten teeth and to correct an occlusion. Most people want the process to be over as soon as possible, and by following the very specific plan designed by Dr. Stosich, results can be achieved faster than you think.

As a children’s and adult orthodontist, Dr. Stosich and his staff will be glad to share important information with you on how to cut braces wear time if you will just follow some very basic instructions:

• Always keep your appointments
• Brush after every meal and floss daily
• Do not eat foods or drink beverages that can harm your braces or get trapped in them
• Wear your elastics (if applicable) at all times and do not be tempted to remove them
• If you are wearing Invisalign braces, keep them on for the proper amount of time each day

As a republe orthodontist, Dr. Michael Stosich with iDentity Orthodontics in the Grayslake and Kenilworth, Illinois areas can provide you with all the information you need for your child’s orthodontic treatment or for ortho treatment for adults. Dr. Stosich believes a good smile is a lifetime investment. He says, “Smiles are like diamonds: they last forever.”

He also believes that taking time to do the research it takes to find a good orthodontist for yourself or for your family should be a priority. Set up a consult appointment and make sure all of your questions are answered. Although everyone wants braces wear time to be as short as possible, when it comes to having straight, healthy teeth, there is no magic wand and your orthodontist will be your best guide for your particular set of needs.

Fact is, the best results take time, and they are usually worth waiting for, but you can shorten it by working with Dr. Stosich and his staff. Once your braces are removed, you will still need to plan on visiting iDentity Orthodontics to ensure your newly straightened teeth will remain straight. You will be fitted with a retainer, and will be wearing the retainer for as long as recommended.

– Dr. Michael Stosich, who has served the Grayslake community for many years, has recently opened his second office in Wilmette/Kenilworth area. Dr. Stosich and his staff at iDentity Orthodontics look forward to helping you to have a better life and a healthier, happier smile through good orthodontics. To learn more about Dr. Stosich or to schedule a complimentary consultation visit iDentity Orthodontics.

Managing Pain The First Few Days After Braces

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By Dr. Nima Hajibaik

dentistWhat are the best methods of managing pain and discomfort from the application of new braces?

The application of braces can sometimes cause minor sensitivity, and discomfort for your teeth, and irritation to the lips and tongue for the first several days, but there are ways to ease into the transition.

You have scheduled your appointment and discussed the different types of braces available, and now you are ready to have them placed. Is there anything you can do to prepare beforehand? Yes, there is. Take some time to be prepared for your orthodontic braces by purchasing a few items you will need for the first few days such as:

• Salt

• Over-the-counter-pain medications like Tylenol or Ibuprofen

• Dental wax (This is also provided by your orthodontist.)

• Ice pack

• Soft foods like soup, mashed potatoes, yogurt, ice cream, etc.

• Smoothies or protein drinks

• Purchase oral hygiene implements such as toothbrush, floss, etc., as recommended by your orthodontist

Braces, day one: Take the recommended age-appropriate dose of an over-the-counter pain meds such as Tylenol or Ibuprofen 30 minutes before your visit to the orthodontist to have your braces applied. This can help to lessen any discomfort you may experience during and after you get your braces. This applies to children or to those who are having adult braces applied.

Once you get home, you can resume normal activity but you will want to stick to a soft food regime over the course of the next few days until you become adjusted to the new appliance. Taking sips of ice-cold water or eating frozen popsicles or ice cream can help to ease the discomfort. If you experience any sores on your tongue or lips, gargle with a mild salt water rinse to help heal the irritated areas.

Try to avoid citrus fruits or drinks at this time as they can cause further discomfort. Do not attempt to remove any bands or wires from your braces if they give you trouble; apply dental wax to the area to help alleviate any irritation.

After a week or so: you will become used to your new braces and they should not bother you as much. Continue to rinse with mild salt water and use your dental wax as needed. All of these tips can apply to the application of all types of dental braces. It is always a good idea to sit down and talk with a professional, your orthodontist has years of experience in this field, and will help you to make this transition as easy and painless as possible.

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Dr. Nima Hajibaik works at Newpark Orthodontics, located in Alpharetta, Ga. To learn more about Dr. Nima Hajibaik or Newpark Orthodontics visit or call (678) 389-9400.

The Orthodontist Is Best For Your Child’s Braces

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By Tina Anthony

groupkidswbgThe actual American Organization of Orthodontists suggests evaluation as well as orthodontic therapy in years as a child, ideally from about the age of seven, it’s never too past due to have that beautiful grin you’ve usually wanted. Obtaining orthodontic therapy as a grownup can provide a dramatic enhancement in the way you look as nicely as one’s self-confidence. On this competitive globe, both which vibrant, wholesome smile as well as high personal-respect is important to some life-time of options as well as success.

The Methods

Orthodontic treatment methods are more compared to about elegance, however. It’s also about increasing the health of your gums and teeth. Bad attacks or malocclusions are an outcome of the jaw or even tooth imbalance and in the event that left without treatment can result in a variety of problems. Whenever teeth are crowded, it’s harder properly starting flossing and clean, potentially resulting in gun illness and cavities. Abnormal teeth wear of the teeth enamel and areas can derive from cross bites. A poor bite can lead to headaches as well as debilitating mouth joint discomfort or TMJ/TMD.

The Current Ways

The current orthodontic methods permit for the option of several choices. The rate of recurrence of visits continues to be decreased as well as treatment for the years have been decreased making this possible for the most popular schedule to support. Depending on the severity of problems, treatments may consist of metal braces for your teeth or clear braces and several adults are able to select invisible, clear aligners.

Make Urgent Cure with Calls

Call an orthodontist to create a visit for a totally free consultation to find out your treatments and the anticipated duration of treatment period.

Call an orthodontist to create a visit for a totally free consultation to find out your treatments and the anticipated duration of treatment period. You’ve got nothing to shed and an attractive, healthy grin to acquire. Orthodontists focus on the styling of each tooth. While teenagers make in the bulk of their sufferers, adults of all age ranges also choose for straightening. The current braces are available in a range of appearances. .. Modern machines may end up being clear or even brightly colored to produce a cool and inventive look. If an individual is likely to have their own teeth straightened out, they may as well have a little of fun whilst they’re from it.

Braces for your teeth have already been common for decades. Possibly you’ve experienced them, or even you’ve recognized somebody who has all of them. They’re the actual pieces of metal which fill the actual mouths of teens almost everywhere in purchase to provide them with straighter huge smiles. The braces are still utilized today; however thanks in order to advancements created orthodontists, presently there are new possibilities.

Advances through orthodontists possess even produced alternatives in order to conventional braces for your teeth. It can be done now to obtain clear containers to put on over your own teeth in order to straighten all of them over a period. These containers will have a long time for you to fix main problems, however for small realignments they may be very handy. You may wear the actual tray the majority of your day time, but nevertheless remove this for images, to consume, or to clean your tooth.

– Tina is a freelance writer who writes on different topics such as traveling, beaches and social media. Her famous articles includes article on denver orthodontist. She loves to travel and make new friends.

Guest Post – Richard Keane, Do Children Really Need Braces?

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Guest Author, Richard Keane Discusses “Do Children Really Need Braces?”

Many parents dread the moment their dentist informs them that their child will need braces. Not just for financial reasons, but also because wearing braces is not regarded as the coolest thing in the world, and many children worry about being bullied if they have to wear braces. The truth is, if your dentist recommends braces, this is probably for the best and although orthodontic treatment can take a long time, the results of treatment are well worth it and your child will thank you in the long-run—even if it takes them a few years to realise this.

Why are braces important?

Orthodontic problems are common and can have a profound effect on one’s oral health.

Orthodontic problems are common and can have a profound effect on one’s oral health. Unfortunately, most of us do not have perfect teeth and although you may think your child will be able to muddle through without a perfect set of pearly whites, there are risks associated with orthodontic problems.

A Healthy Mouth Equals A Healthy Lifestyle[/caption]If your child has crooked, crowded or twisted teeth this can make it difficult for them to clean their teeth properly, which means that bacteria and food deposits will start to collect in hard to reach areas, such as the cracks between the teeth. This can eventually turn into plaque and tartar, both of which are difficult to shift. Once plaque and tartar are clinging to the teeth and gum line, there is a high risk of decay and gum disease, which can cause pain, soreness and potential tooth loss.

Also, children are becomingly increasingly concerned with how they look and a wonky, crowded or gappy smile will not do wonders for their confidence.

Also, children are becomingly increasingly concerned with how they look and a wonky, crowded or gappy smile will not do wonders for their confidence. If they are bullied at school for their uneven smile or they are constantly drawn to flaws when they look in the mirror, this is likely to affect their confidence and self-esteem. Braces may not be the most attractive fashion accessory but after a year or two, your child will have a straighter smile they can take into their adult life. People who are happy with their smile are more likely to succeed in both their social and professional lives, as they are confident and able to make positive first impressions.

Early treatment

Orthodontic problems do not heal themselves and they are likely to get worse over time. Early intervention is recommended by most dentists and orthodontists. If your child is advised to have treatment it is probably best to have braces as soon as possible. Younger children may also not be quite as conscious about their appearance as older children, which may make them less reluctant to have important treatment.

smileKids are aware of the way they look and this has only been made more obvious by the increasing popularity of social media. Teenagers spend hours taking photographs and uploading them onto their online profiles, and if your child has a healthy, straight smile, they are much more likely to feel happy and confident when they see photographs of themselves. Braces are common among teenagers and they will probably be more inclined to have treatment during their teenage years than their adult years, when most of their friends will have already undergone treatment.

You may be disappointed when your dentist mentions orthodontic treatment for your child, but wearing braces really does make a difference and your child will thank you for making them have treatment while they are young, especially when they reach adulthood and everyone remarks on what a lovely smile they have.

– Richard comes to you today from the site and has been writing and guest blogging about health and all it encompasses for a long time. If you have any questions feel free to address them to him @thefreshhealth on Twitter.