Exploring The Big Benefits Of A Standing Desk

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By Steven Walker

deskNew research and science are increasingly showing the negative impact of a sedentary lifestyle, and this includes spending many hours seated at a desk while you’re in the workplace. Some of the risks of long periods of sitting include weight gain and obesity, an increased risk of diabetes, and a higher likelihood of developing heart disease. According to the Guide to Sitting Disease from Beyond the Office Door, 50 to 70 percent of people spend at least six hours sitting every day.

To combat these issues, more and more workers are opting for a standing desk over the traditional office setup where they’re seated for the majority of their workday.

If you’re considering the use of a standing desk, you may be wondering what the benefits are, specifically, of this type of setup.

Below are a few of the biggest standing desk benefits that can have a positive impact on almost anyone.

Preventing Weight Gain and Increasing the Number of Calories Burned

When you’re seated, you’re burning very few calories, which can lead to weight gain and an increased risk of obesity. Consider these figures, based on the use of the Calorie Calculator from JustStand.org, which show that a 150-pound person who works seven hours a day would burn 788 calories while sitting, as compared to 1050 calories if they stand while working. That’s an additional 262 calories a day just from moving from sitting to standing at work.

Reduction in Back Pain

Many of us have significant back pain, and this can lead to more serious injuries and chronic suffering. Back pain can hinder our lifestyles and our productivity, but a lot of workers find that standing for at least a portion of this work day can help them alleviate some of their back and also neck discomfort. Much of this comes from the fact that sitting at a desk can lead to poor posture and slumping, which isn’t going to occur with a standing desk, particularly if you focus on standing up straight and maintaining good alignment.

More Alert and Productive

It’s not just physical improvements that you might see from making a move from a sitting to a standing desk. It can also lead to mental improvements that can make you more alert and productive throughout the day. When you’re sitting for long periods, you may tend to get drowsy which can lead to declines in your energy and productivity level. When you’re standing you’re naturally more energized, so you may find that in addition to feeling better, you can get more done in a shorter amount of time.

Improved Mood and Energy

According to research conducted by the Take a Stand Project, after a seven-week study, participants who used a standing desk said they had less fatigue and stress than the participants who were seated during their entire work day.

Also interesting was the fact that 87% of the people who used a standing desk said they felt like their vigor and energy levels were improved.

As part of the study participants went back to the original seated desks, and mood levels seemed to go back to their previous levels.

These are just a few of the many advantages of standing at the workplace, rather than remaining seated, and all of which can be good not just at the office, but for health and mental wellness outside of work as well.

Summer Diet Plans For Big Results

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By Michelle George

sunSummer means short shorts, bikinis and lots of skin. The hot weather dictates that you shed the extra layers to stay cool and comfortable. However, for some this also brings dread and thoughts of hiding from the sun. This does not have to be you. There are several healthy eating plans that you can incorporate into your daily routine to shed the extra weight and stay looking great all summer long.

One of the most important things you can do is to stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water, especially if you are spending a lot of time in the sun. Use the following summer diet suggestions to look and feel great for the warm days ahead.

Eat Light

Instead of eating three big, heavy meals focus on lighter selections when you eat. For example, have a yogurt with granola for breakfast, a chicken Cesar salad for lunch and fish or chicken for dinner. This will keep you from packing on extra pounds and help you stay active all summer long.

Revamp your Desserts

While that chocolate molten cake may be tempting, opt for a seasonal selection instead. Take advantage of all the fresh summer fruits and make delicious desserts that will still satisfy your sweet tooth. One example would be to make a strawberry dish with a light whipped topping. You can substitute the ice cream for a frozen yogurt. This is a great way to keep your weight down and enjoy summer favorites.

Focus on Healthy Snacks

Instead of grabbing a handful of greasy potato chips, opt for pita chips or pretzels. There are several healthy options you can choose for summer that will help you keep the weight off. Also try to incorporate several smaller snacks throughout the day instead of three big meals. These smaller meals will help to keep your metabolism up and give you energy to enjoy your summer.

Avoid Alcohol

Sugary alcoholic drinks can quickly lead to dehydration in the summer. They also lead to excessive weight gain. You should avoid all of these drinks is possible and opt for light selections if you just have to have a drink. There are a world of light beers to choose from that can help you beat summer weight gain.

Grill Smart Selections

scaleThere is no doubt that you will be breaking out the grill this summer. Instead of eating fatty hamburgers and hotdogs, opt for healthy turkey franks or turkey burgers. These taste practically the same and save hundreds of unneeded calories that make you fat. The summer is the perfect time to grill, making smart selections can help you keep extra pounds at bay.

Do not Eat Directly before Bedtime

You should eat your last meal or snack at least two to three hours before bedtime. If you choose to eat right before you go to sleep, chances are that you will pack on the pounds fairly quickly. When your body is at rest you do not burn as many calories, which means that they are stored as fat leading to extra layers of fat on your body.

There is no doubt that you will want to spend a lot of time outdoors this summer. However, the hot weather may make you hesitant to wear the skimpy clothes of the season. With the tips found here and diet suggestions you can lose unwanted pounds and ensure that you look and feel great all summer long. Be sure you also implement some type of exercise in your regimen. When you do, it helps to have the right clothing. There are countless Fabletics Coupons to help you save money on your fitness apparel so be sure to take advantage of these.

– Michelle George has been writing for us for several months now, always providing great insight and useful tips for our readers on everything relating to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, keeping active, and staying fit! Don’t forget to check out her author profile to see more of her great contributions to our blog.

Changing Little Things In Your Life To Make A Big Impact

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By Stephanie Green

womanarmupWhen it comes to making changes in your life sometimes it can feel overwhelming. You know that you need to change certain things about your behaviors and habits that negatively impact your life but getting started seems like too big of a hurdle to cross. Instead of looking at the big picture, however, it is much easier to start small and work your way up. Just like you would not expect to be able to run a marathon without working up to it you can’t expect to make huge life changes all at once. Here are some little things you can change to improve your life in big ways:

1. Getting fit – When most of us think about getting fit we picture hours at the gym and spending time we don’t have to do hard work we don’t want to do. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Getting fit can start as simply as five minutes a day. Just five minutes. For me that means before I go to lunch I shut my office door and do some sit-ups, push-ups and leg lifts. That’s it. Just five minutes of that and I move on to lunch. No one notices and it doesn’t make an impact on my schedule, but it has started to make an impact on my waistline. Another thing you can do is go for a walk after dinner. Instead of plopping down on the couch try to work off some of that food on a casual twenty minute walk around the neighborhood. It will be done in no time and you can get back to your night.

2. Planning ahead – Getting organized and staying on top of things seems overwhelming. There is so much to do and so little time to do it. When I don’t plan ahead and prioritize I find myself getting overwhelmed. However I though planning ahead was too much to add to my plate. Gradually I learned that if you stop and take care of the small things immediately and write down a list of the big things it really helps. Once I have a list I can prioritize what needs to get done by level of urgency and time constraints. Then things just seem to fall into place. I can take care of what needs to be done now and already have a plan for what is going on later. It takes off a lot of stress, worry and wasted effort.

womantwisting3. Being in the now – Last but not least focus on being in the now. I was always so worried about the future or feeling guilty about the past that I never existed in the present. By shifting my focus to now I can deal with things in a timely manner and not be held back by my previous mistakes. I can also make a plan for the future and then set it aside because it is already taken care of. Whew, what a relief!

These are just a few suggestions for small things you can do to make a big impact on your life. Start small and simply and do one thing at a time. You will find that everything gets done and with far less stress.

– Stephanie has many years of experience as a nanny. She has always loved children and has continuously been involved in childcare activities. Currently she is one of the writers for houstonnanny.com. If you want to get in touch with her, you can email her at – stephanie.Houstonnanny@gmail.com.