Disabled Athletes Excel At World T.E.A.M. Sports’ Adventure Team Challenge

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newsTen teams of disabled and able-bodied athletes rafted the Colorado River, rode mountain bikes and hand cycles, and completed a ropes course at the September 12-14 Adventure Team Challenge from national non-profit World T.E.A.M. Sports.

High in the rugged Gore Range northwest of Vail, Colorado, ten teams of disabled and able-bodied athletes rafted the Colorado River, rode mountain bikes and hand cycles, and completed a ropes course in pursuit of outdoor adventure. At the September 12-14 Adventure Team Challenge from national non-profit World T.E.A.M. Sports, disabilities proved to be no more than an inconvenience to participating athletes who successfully completed the three stage event.

Each participating team of five athletes included two with disabilities, one being a wheelchair user. Since 2007, the annual team event offers an inclusive adventure for disabled and able-bodied participants. The athletes with disabilities not only experience the excitement of outdoor sports, but also are a moving inspiration to other participants and to the public, who see that the disabled can meet challenges beyond anyone’s imagination.

The Challenge returned to the remote Rancho del Rio resort this year, following two years in the high desert near Grand Junction. Although many participants for the Challenge came from Colorado, other athletes traveled from Massachusetts, Virginia, Illinois, Florida, Texas, Minnesota, California and New Brunswick, Canada. Athlete disabilities included amputees, paralysis, blindness, post traumatic stress and other injuries, with several participants being injured veterans.

At the event’s conclusion, the Boulder, Colorado-based Berserkers managed to hold off the surging Bootleggers and claimed their second victory in as many years. The Bootleggers nearly overcame a 12 minute deficit on Sunday in a remarkable effort to deny the Berserkers of their championship, but fell one minute short.

Two other teams – the Green Machines and Purple Rain – tied in their timing between the two days of competition, arriving about 25 minutes after the top two teams. The last place Mercenaries completed the competition at more than two hours behind the top teams.

This year’s Challenge began with a Friday afternoon prologue at Rancho del Rio along the south bank of the Colorado River. On Saturday, teams were transported 1,600 vertical feet above Radium for a fast-paced downhill start on bicycles and hand cycles. Beginning at 8,550 feet above sea level on a sunny ridge overlooking the shadowy canyon, teams descended nearly six miles on a rocky dirt road at blinding speeds to the river crossing at 6,870 feet.

Following the descent, teams ascended a steep incline, than began a cross-country journey along confusing tracks and trails. By early afternoon, teams were descending again to the Colorado River, where waiting rafts guided them to their next challenge, a ropes course set on the granite bluffs overlooking Radium Hot Springs. Here, the paraplegic athletes were sent across the river on a high zip line before teams returned to camp.

On Sunday, teams began on rafts, stopping for check points along the Colorado River. At the Piney River, teams headed south, reaching an old homestead and another check point. Returning to the launching ramp at State Bridge, the teams climbed onto their waiting bicycles and hand cycles for the ride back to camp.

At Rancho del Rio, teams arrived to cheers. At the finish line, friends, family and staff welcomed the athletes to a well-deserved celebratory lunch.

The 2014 Adventure Team Challenge Colorado was supported through sponsorships and partnerships from Pearl Meyer & Partners, Benson Botsford LLC, Devens Recycling Center, Front Street Re, The Independence Fund, INTEGRATED Healthcare Strategies, Oregon Adaptive Sports and Timberline Tours. Additional support was provided by James Benson and George Puskar. Van Brinson, World T.E.A.M. Sports CEO and President, announced September 14 that the Challenge will return to Rancho del Rio in September, 2015.

– Courtesy of PRWeb

Woodloch Pines Family Resort Amps Up The Adventure

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Award-winning family resort adds a level of intensity to its Active Vacations Program starting this May

familyjogFamily travel trends have started to take an interesting swing toward the adventurous. In order to meet those needs, Woodloch Pines Family Resort is ready to roll out its VENTURE program this spring. Showcasing new adventure partners, expanded locations and extended hours, the Woodloch Pines team is ready to help families rise to the challenge this family-travel season.

“We have been seeing an increase in families wanting to take advantage of our adventure sports,” stated John Kiesendahl, owner and general manager of Woodloch Pines. “Beaches are for wimps! Families want adventure, challenge and unique ways to bond and reconnect. Of course we also offer a sandy lakeside beach for post-adventure relaxation,” continued Kiesendahl.

With strong support and loyal followers, the Active Vacations Program will be gaining intensity this May, just in time for National Family Wellness Month as it adds new activities and offerings to help vacationing families become more aware of how fun and easy it can be to keep an active lifestyle. The VENTURE program will be available beginning in April and will include the following:

· An expanded Archery Course to include evening archery

· New Stand-Up Paddle Boards available beginning Memorial Day Weekend for private lake experiences or group-led challenging exercises.

· Delaware River White-Water Kayaking Excursions with new partner Northeast Wilderness Experience*

· Hot Air Balloon Adventures for couples and families with new adventure partner Endless Mountains Hot Air Balloons*

· Challenging forest Paint Ball course*

· Zip-lining

· Climbing Wall

family· Nature Trails

· Trap Shooting

· Mountain Biking

· Water Skiing

· Lake Kayaking, Paddle Boats and Sail Boats

The Active Vacation Program takes a three-pronged approach to family wellness and awareness. Physical, emotional and nutritional components need to be addressed when aiming for integrated family wellness. The program includes:

Physical activities:

· Family Fitness Classes

· Family Fitness Exercises (done individually), developed by kids fitness expert, Steve Ettinger.

· In addition, there is a Passport to Fitness which highlights all of the social and physical activities that promote an active lifestyle. Passport holders will get “stamped” after participating and will potentially win a “Woodloch Medal” when the passport is full.

Emotional activities:

· Keep it simple, spend time with family

· Reconnect in meaningful ways with loved ones

· Bond-building games designed to reconnect and encourage families to unite together
Nutritional options:

· Woodloch Pines has partnered with Greener Fields Together™ to create a program that provides local meats and produce and promotes sustainable food sourcing.

· The family-style meals now feature kid favorites that are revamped to pack in nutrition. For example, macaroni and cheese and spaghetti entrees feature a vegetable-infused whole-grain pasta. Apples are options instead of French fries, and sugar-free desserts are now on the menu.

Designed to be informative and educational, the Active Vacations Program has been blanketed throughout the Woodloch Pines experience. New resources have been added to the website as well as to collateral materials and will continue to be added as the program evolves. The new VENTURE offerings and enhanced Active Vacations Program will kick-off in May 2014 during National Family Wellness Month.

All Active Vacation programming is included within the all-inclusive vacation price. Special May rates offer packages starting from $149 per person per night.
*Certain VENTURE program activities require a minimum age/height to participate and may have limits on the number of people participating. Those marked with an asterisk *also have additional fees that apply, and advance reservations are required.

About Woodloch Pines Resort:

Creating a magical experience for families since 1958, Woodloch Pines Resort’s signature warm hospitality keeps guests returning year after year and offers a truly unique all-inclusive family vacation experience fitting for everyone’s taste. An award-winning family resort, championship golf course and sister property featuring a luxury destination spa are just 95 scenic and convenient miles from New York City nestled in the Pocono Mountains Lake Region.