How To Get Your Kids To Eat Healthy

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By Haleh Rabizadeh Resnick

kidseatinghealthyOkay, this is a battle we all wage. How do we get our kids to eat healthy? Junk is marketed to them. Junk tastes good. Junk is easy. But let’s face it . . . it’s junk. So, how do we stop the cycle? Here are five easy tips:

1. Take Out The Junk

A no brainer- If it’s not there, it can’t get eaten. What’s the worse that will happen? Your kid will go on a food strike for a few days? Don’t worry he won’t starve. Dealing with a spouse who loves the junk- now that’s a different battle (for another article).

2. Feed Them When They Are Hungry

When kids are starving, feed them the good stuff. They’ll take it because they are desperate and their brains will send out signals of satisfaction. I love it when chemistry works in our favor. Okay, they may throw a fit- just wait them out. Leave the food there and move on to something else.

3. Make It Easy

Don’t make them peel an orange- peel, section and put it in front of them. Don’t give them a big cucumber- but popping little red and cherry tomatoes is easy. Put the good stuff in small packages- it looks cuter and more appealing.

4. Find a Crowd

kidsrunningEveryone needs a group. Find a friend or two who is doing the same thing that you are and get together with them. Better yet- invite kids over who eat healthy. When one kid sees another eating, that’s sometimes all they need.

5. Don’t Make A Fuss

I can’t stress how important this is. Stop talking about how poor your child eats. Stop talking about what your child eats. Stop talking about your child. You wouldn’t want someone commenting on everything you do- unless it’s a legitimate compliment. Your comments become self-fulfilling. From here on, say zip and just do your thing.

Eat Healthy. Enjoy!

– Haleh Rabizadeh Resnick, Esq. is mom to a crew of eaters (let’s not make a fuss), author of Little Patient Big Doctor and a national speaker- speaking about parenting and health advocacy. Connect with her at your community –

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