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Tips From The Experts:

seoHealth and fitness club website managers should include share buttons alongside priority content such as new class offerings, deals and promotions, event calendar entries and hi-res, action-shot photography–rights permitting, of course. Better yet, make it trackable, as current and prospective members will market your club to their social networks if you give them proper incentive to do so.

– Dino Baskovic (@ProfessorDino), digital strategist, Metro Detroit

Tech Tools – Victor Pan

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Tips From The Experts:

seoI’m an SEO expert with an unhealthy appetite for understanding rankings work. If I really had to choose something for aspiring health/fitness websites, it’s the application of keyword research. Too many ‘just blog’ or ‘write the stuff’ that everyone writes, but using their own words.

SEO Tip: Write in the words that your visitors would use to find your website content.

1. Let’s say I have a web page on “How to keep a diabetes journal.” Start with a broad search term that a visitor may type that web page- for example, someone might type only type “diabetes journal”.

SEO’s like to call this search a query, what a person is searching on the internet, and the search term (diabetes journal) is what we call keyword. Then, under “Search tools,” and “All results,” select “Related searches”.

2. These related searches are what Google believes is related to your keyword. By using these keywords, you can help Google understand what your website/web page is about, and therefore help you bring more web traffic. SEO’s call Google’s action of grouping related terms latent semantic indexing (LSI) – and it just so happens that you can help Google know exactly what your website is about.

Incorporate relevant related terms to your website/web page in your writing naturally and you’ll see improved web page ranking and traffic. Note I said relevant and natural. Doing anything else would be considered spamming and you’ll have negative results.

3. Not finding the right terms? Maybe pressing the down arrow key in the search box will help. These are actual queries people use – and like the related searches keywords from (2), you want to only use the ones that are relevant and natural to your existing web content.

Congrats! You’re on the first step of understanding real queries people search for. By writing in the words and related phrases people use to find your content, you’ll be getting more website visitors. Incidentally, if these visitors have the Alexa toolbar installed, you’ll be seeing Alexa rank improve! If your article was already well-written and insightful to begin with, you’ll have broadened the types of keywords people can search to reach your website – and should these new visitors link to your website from the web, you’ll even bee seeing improvements on your Google PageRank!

Victor Pan, SEO & SoMe Expert at, the experts in online paid advertising

Tech Tools – Ken Deutsch

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Tips From The Experts:

Improving SEO and Google Rank

seoSEO is more than just keywords on a website. It’s about weaving the same messages and themes throughout campaigns, so that every media placement, every blog post, every newsletter, interview and press release is contributing positively to your overall online positioning.

Remember that Google recently shifted its search engine algorithm, so just inserting key words throughout a website won’t cut it. It is about developing messages to tell a story and then leveraging your online platforms, e.g.. your website, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ to reinforce those messages, improve search rank and amplify the identity of your brand.

Ken Deutsch, JPA: Maximize Your Key Messages. Ken has more than 20+ years educating nonprofits and health associations about how to optimize their online presence and has been published on the impact of social media a few times over the past year, including being featured in: The Foundation for Public Affairs: How Social Media and Mobile Communication Are Changing Public Affairs, and being quoted twice in Search Engine Watch.

Tech Tools – Diana Barsan

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6 Easy Examples Of Successful Blog Content

By Diana Barsan

seoBlogging is a powerful search engine optimization (SEO) tool to pop an organization’s name to the top of the search engine results pages listing. Blogging gives the company a human face, and putting a human face (or many faces) on an organization builds empathy and trust. Studies have shown that consumers are more likely to buy from organizations that put a human face on their website, blog and other social media networks.

Blogging demonstrate customer service in full view. Lack of trust is a barrier for many first-time patients. Blogging allows your practice to demonstrate its commitment to customer service by establishing yourself as an educator, leader, expert and innovator.

Blogging can also develop niche markets. We can look at the blog as a micro-site targeted to that niche. Watching traffic or comments in this area can develop that niche into a stronger business.

Are you looking for ideas for your next blog posts?

Here are 6 types of blog content that will inform, engage and inspire your audience!

1. Traditional blog articles – one-page articles on topics related to your specific industry (general dentistry, pediatrics, oral, facial and implant surgery). Explain to your patients what every procedure involves and how to properly prepare for it.

2. Captivating presentation – describe in a catchy way your practice’s products, services and events. This is your chance to showcase the best of what your practice offers and why your patients should trust you.

3. Engaging stories – be personal! What inspired you to start your own practice? What is its mission? How are you inspiring and helping others? What it is your source of daily inspiration?

4. Case studies – don’t be afraid to show your approach to solving problems, offering innovative, creative solutions. Case studies are also sometimes called success stories; these will help you raise awareness about your practice’s values and principles. Case studies work throughout the buying process but especially during the early stages when the patient is still trying to define their problem and the service and solutions that can solve them. Using keywords, make search engine optimization a priority when it comes to case studies.

5. Reviews (testimonials) – the best reviews are objective and show what patients value besides the service, including little things like allowing your patients to bring their own music, or comfortable interior designs. Details like these will set you apart from your competition. Place excerpts from the best reviews on landing pages (e.g. new patient sign-in form). Testing shows that this placement lifts responses by as much as a full percentage point.

6. Pictures + Videos – it’s great to add more visual content to your practice’s blog. Simply share pictures of events, staff, and happy patients accompanied by a short, intriguing description. Share 2-3 min videos about the industry or about your products. The secret is to stop selling and start engaging!

– Guest Author Diana Barsan has written articles for Your Health Journal in the past. For examples on quality blog content, visit the website of a Colorado Springs dentist, Dr. James Kearney.

Tech Tools – Kyle Wilson

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Tech Tips From The Experts:

socialnetworkSocial Media
The best strategy is to be consistent, be authentic, be engaging. Post at least once a day and two or three times if you can. Share links related to your field, consider what your target audience is interested in and share information on it. Be authentic and casual, don’t write posts as if they are formal corporate memos, give the poster a name. Ask questions of your audience, use that information to fuel future posts. When somebody comments or writes a message: always, always, always respond.

Consider having your website done or re-done with WordPress. It’s very user friendly and has some of the SEO built in already! You can add to that by installing free SEO plugins like WordPress SEO by Yoast or All In One SEO Pack. The best way to boost traffic to your website is to maintain a consistent blog and engage with other bloggers. It’s very much like social media! Post regularly (once a week) and with valuable information that your target audience would be interested in reading. Ask your readers to share your articles on Facebook/Twitter (this is called a Call To Action or CTA). Reach out to other bloggers and offer them to guest post on your website, and offer to write guest posts for them as well. Find related blogs on the same topic and post honest, thoughtful comments. You will generate a community in no time!

About Me
Artist Sync, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering creativity through business, marketing, and technology. We provide training, consulting, and professional service in fields like web design, social media, blogging, and many others.

Kyle Wilson
Executive Director
Artist Sync, Incorporated

Tech Tools – Marty Martin

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Tech Tips From The Experts:

seoMy number one tip would be to ignore all of the items you specifically mention (Google page rank, Alexa page rank, SEO) and rely on good, well written, unique content that is relevant to your reader. By creating compelling content you can increase the chance of getting mentions, social media shares, and incoming links to your content by doing what you do best and rely less on artificial methods. And if you do need to hire a professional search marketer, choose an agency who understands the creation of compelling content and the subsequent promotion.

Marty Martin, Managing Partner, Adapt Partners

Tech Tools – Avraham Cohn

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Tech Tips From The Experts:

seoMy name is Avraham Cohn and I am the founder and CEO of Digital Development Consulting, a website development and search engine optimization company. An incredibly effective strategy for improving Google Page Rank and gaining online publicity consists of several easy steps that ultimately allows the entrepreneur to follow the digital foot print left by other well established companies and target the same media outlets that they have used to promote their brand.

First, search for popular websites that are both relevant and influential in the entrepreneur’s field of interest. Then go to and type in the URL of these competitor sites. The entrepreneur will now have access to the linking profile of these sites and thus, a roadmap, of effective online properties to target and build connections with. Email the editor/webmaster of these new found sites to request a brief chat to connect and offer some insights. Finally, follow up several days later with another email affirming your interest in building a connection with the site’s community members. Once your article/interview is posted, you will gain powerful back links that will gradually but certainly increase your site’s legitimacy, and thus rank, in Search Engine Pages.

– Avraham Cohn, CEO, Digital Development Consulting LLC

Tech Tips – Diana Barsan

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5 Easy Tools That Help Grow Your Medical Office

by Diana Barsan

seoResearch indicates that small business owners and employees are becoming more dependent on mobile, tablet and desktop apps. Some of these savvy applications have the power to keep you organized, increase your visibility and contribute to your success. As you keep track of new healthcare technology, embrace that having a successful medical office often requires you to go beyond your comfort zone and start using some essential marketing tools. Here are five tools that can help you to grow your medical office:

1. Google Drive
Google’s new Drive app lets users create, access and edit documents on the web, at the office, at home or on the go. Google Drive is a full-featured office suite that guarantees that all of your files are safely stored. The software also acts as a full cloud drive, with 5GB of free storage. You can also upgrade to 25 GB for less than $2.50 a month, which means you can store practically everything for minimal cost. Google Drive lets you share files with exactly who you want and edit them together, in real-time, from any device.

2. Yammer
Yammer is a secure social media network for businesses. The application connects employees and allows them to collaborate, exchange ideas, ask questions and increase productivity. Research shows that 83% of Yammer users are more connected with their team. Over 150,000 organizations and millions of users have adapted the network. Yammer can help you to communicate efficiently with your staff.

3. Cardmunch
Are you looking for an app that keeps your contacts organized? Developed by LinkedIn, this amazing iPhone app digitizes paper business cards with a single scan. It’s simple! Take a photo of a business card and convert the information to an address book contact on your iPhone. The app allows you to view a contact’s LinkedIn profile, shared connections, and work and educational history.

4. Hootsuite
Keeping track of all your social network accounts can be difficult and quite intimidating. Hootsuite is a fabulous tool that helps you manage multiple Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, monitoring the mentions of your name, direct messages and feedback from your followers. It also enables you to schedule updates and get analytic reports on the number of people that share your posts.

5. MailChimp
MailChimp is a convenient and simple way to send effective email newsletters with great visual appeal. MailChimp also helps you share newsletters and email blasts on social networks, integrate them with services you already use and track your results. You can use pre-designed templates or create one from scratch. If you have fewer than 2,000 subscribers, you can send up to 12,000 emails per month absolutely free.

– Guest Author Diana Barsan has written this article teaming up with Prosthetic Illusions, a medical office that offers custom and non-custom breast prostheses, and is benefiting from tools like this.

Tech Tips – Rens van der Windt

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Tech Tips From The Experts:

seoMy name is Rens van der Windt. I’m a digital marketing executive from London currently working on data loss prevention for intralinks:
This is my tip:

When you want your website to rank higher in the search engine results it is a good idea to start with the most important feature. You can focus on off site SEO but before you do that you need to get the basics right and focus on your website itself. (You call this on site SEO.) Therefore, let’s have a look at the title of your website:

In your top bar/ browser you’ll find the title of your website. This is also called the title tag. Google uses these title tags for their search results. It is the most important tag to make your website visible to the Google search engine. It is therefore important that you come up with a unique title tag. Make sure that the character length of your title tag is not more than 68 (including spaces) as this is the number of characters Google will display in its search engine results page. Because the Google search engine sees the title tags as a primary source of information it is important to create a unique title tag for each page on the website. Also make sure that the title tag is relevant to the content displayed on the page.

Tech Tools – Jim Devitt

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Tech Tips From The Experts:

seocloudI am a consultant in social media, helping companies build a following and increase customers/patients/members.

The days of having a website and being “set” are all but gone. The key today is to get in front of the people who are looking for what you have. This is getting easier now with social media.

In the past, SEO was the primary driver for search engines like Google, but now Social Search is playing more of a role. Search engines have begun to include social context into their search results. Social media platforms are growing at such an astounding rate that it’s only natural that they should be considered as a search term resource.

So what does this mean for a small business? It means that Tweets, posts and videos are now playing as big a role in search as keywords. Google+ is the ugly stepsister of the social networks, but it might pack the biggest punch.

Since Google is the largest search engine, it only makes sense that they give precedence to posts that actively use Google+. With that in mind, it is very important to sign up and share your posts with Google+. If you post something on your Facebook page, share it with Google+. Got a Blog? Make sure you share the link of each new post on Google+. Did you add a new class or program to your facility? Be sure to get it on Google+.

With this simple change in your social media posting, you will see your business ranking higher on Google search and your potential customers/members will be able to see at a glance that you are the best.

Jim Devitt, Devitt Consulting